15 Hidden Secrets You Never Knew About Brothels

Prostitution may be the world’s oldest profession, but little is known about the business of brothels. By their very nature, brothels are hush-hush places. What goes on behind closed doors stays there – and only those who are daring or lucky enough to enter know the ins and outs. The more mysterious they are, the more people want to know about them. After all, curiosity is part of the allure.

The sex industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year, but with more people fulfilling their pleasures via digital means, good old fashioned fun seems to be harder and harder to find. Still, there’s no substitute for the real thing, which is why brothels will always be in existence. Over the years, they’ve had to spice things up in order to stay alive and well. New formats have been introduced and old mores have been thrown out the window. Contemporary styles have been balanced with conventional practices. The taboo happens right alongside the traditional. Thus, brothels have evolved recently, which means that they are more enigmatic ever.

Every man (and woman) has secret fantasies about what brothels are like. And why wouldn’t they? Brothels cater to dreams, wishes and make-believe for adults. Knowing that most of us won’t ever set foot in a brothel since they are so few and far between, we’re going to do the next best thing: explore the hidden secrets about brothels. From the titillating gems to the cold, hard facts, we’ve got it all covered.

15 Germany's Flat-Rate Brothels

Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, and it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The brothels don’t all operate like those in the U.S., though. In Nevada, there is a very “a la carte” system, whereby the patron chooses a girl that will fulfill his desires for an agreed upon price. In Germany, there are “flat-rate” brothels which are basically like an all you can eat buffet! A patron pays an established amount of money, and he is free to partake in as much as he’d like with as many ladies as he would like. It’s Germany’s answer to the recession. Establishments that offer this service prefer to call themselves “all-inclusives.”

14 Twenty Brothels In The U.S.

13 Mentor Programs For New Hires

Brothels have a revolving door when it comes to their staff. Like any business, the owners want to make sure that their employees are well-trained and comfortable in their positions. Thus, they have mentor programs. The mentor is known as the “big sister,” and the newbie is known as the “little sister.” Yes, it’s just like a sorority. The mentor teaches the newbie how to operate legally, as well as customer service. Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada even goes a step further, and offers education to potential clients. It has sex-ed classes, and its girls (called courtesans) even offer fitness tips on its blogs.

12 The House Doesn’t Supply Everything

11 Formats Vary For Each Establishment


10 Women Are Welcome As Customers

Brothels would be stupid to limit themselves to male clientele, because then they would only be servicing half the population. Thus, brothels welcome female clients as well. It is up to the particular girl if she will service women, but many do. Some girls patronize brothels alone, because they are lesbians or because they are straight and curious. Many girls also accompany their male partners, and engage in a menage-a-trois.

9 Prices Are Not Listed

Women that work in brothels are employed as independent contractors. This means that they set their own prices. So, while brothels offer up a “menu” of services, you will not see prices listed in the U.S. By law, prices are negotiated with each particular girl. And we do mean negotiated – the girls don’t get paid if they don’t work, so they are usually agreeable to offering reasonable deals.

8 They Have Extensive Websites

7 Safety Is Enforced

In Nevada brothels, the workers are tested weekly for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and monthly for HIV and syphilis. Condoms are mandated by law during sex acts, and recent healthcare studies in Nevada have found that brothels consistently adhere to this. Potential clients must also pass testing – for a fee, of course. Prominent brothels even have their own designated medical facilities.

6 There Are Also “Prosti-Dudes”

A “prosti-dude” is slang for a male prostitute. Brothels in the state of Nevada have employed them, with little success. The Shady Lady was reported to have hired the first one. He was an ex-marine that went by the name of “Markus.” Although he received a lot of media attention, it was reported that he had less than 10 appointments in two months. Markus only catered to female clients. He quit, apparently to pursue a career in the adult film industry. It has been reported that he was replaced by another pro, a man by the name “Y. Not.”

5 Kissing Is Negotiated

Apparently Julia Roberts was right in Pretty Woman when she said that she doesn’t kiss her clients, because many brothels report that most of their girls prefer not to kiss the men they service. The brothels report that the girls find it very intimate to kiss a client, so kissing is negotiated per each girl’s preference. Just how some girls will not perform certain sex acts, some girls will not kiss – or they will, but for a price.

4 Military Discounts

3 They Serve More Than Activity...

2 Girls Can Apply Online

Girls from all walks of life are interested in being prostitutes. Their reasons vary from wanting quick cash to wanting a little excitement in their lives. The brothel owners make it really easy for girls to get their foot in the door, as most have websites which allow girls to apply online. After an online application is accepted, a phone interview is usually conducted, followed by a face-to-face meeting. One brothel in Nevada insists on a one week trial period to make sure the girls understand the nature of the job before officially signing on. Brothels in Europe find that the easiest way to find new girls to hire is by word of mouth and networking.

1 Why Are Blue Lights In The Red Light District?

The Red Light District in Amsterdam has quite the reputation – and deservedly so. It has something for every taste, and is titillating just to walk through. It is most famous for its red windows. These “windows” feature a girl inside who rents the space, and pays for the rent by servicing clients. However, many people have been perplexed by the “blue light windows.” What are they? How did they get there? How can I get in? Well, hold your horses, because you might not like the answers. The blue light boxes are meant to signify that the girls inside are not girls at all, but are rather transgendered/transvestites. If that’s what you’re into then that’s fine, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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15 Hidden Secrets You Never Knew About Brothels