15 Haunting Images Of Children That Will Make You Never Want Kids

Having children is supposed to be one of the most magical things we experience as human beings. Our bodies are basically biologically built for survival and more importantly, reproduction. Some people’s lives revolve around having children and raising their cute little kids. Others run at the thought of procreating and avoid children as much as possible. Regardless what your stance on child bearing is, most people can’t help but feel their hearts melt when looking into the innocent face of a precious child.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. Kids can be pretty creepy. Most would argue that hearing a child’s laugh is one of the most joyous sounds one can experience. But hearing a child laugh when you’re home alone at midnight can be pretty scary; especially if you don’t have any kids... The mind of a child is endlessly creative, and kids no doubt have amazing imaginations. Their imaginations are so vast that sometimes they can inadvertently scare you senseless without even trying.

Plenty of horror movies use children as a subject with which to scare, and there are endless movies in existence that might make you think, “I’m never having kids.” Kids have the ability to go from cute and cuddly to murderous and terrifying in a matter of seconds. I mean, has there ever been a scary movie about a creepy ghost puppy or kitten? I don’t think so.

Whether it’s a horror movie subject or a Halloween costume, here are 15 pictures of children that might make you second guess whether or not you want to reproduce.

15 Is That A Ghost?


When this photograph first began making the rounds on the Internet, many believed it to be actual photographic evidence of the existence of ghosts. Original posters stated that it was someone taking photographs of a supposed haunted house when they snapped this haunting image. It makes sense, as the picture really serves no purpose, and the house is dark and eerie.

However, the picture was eventually exposed as a fake, and it turns out it was staged to make it look as though someone had actually found a ghost in their house. Regardless of whether it's real or fake, the image is still pretty spooky. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night for someone calling out for their parents. You open your bedroom door and see this little guy staring right at you. Not only is the image itself scary, but the potential reason why the boy might be in the house is spine-tingling.

14 The Brood


The Brood is a 1979 horror movie, directed by David Cronenberg. If you’re not familiar with Cronenberg, he directed horror movie classics like The Fly, Videodrome, and Scanners. If you still don’t know who he is, his movies are definitely worth checking out if you’re into scary children and scarier monsters.

The Brood is about a mother with deep psychological issues. She’s subjected to a doctor’s unorthodox psychological practices and experiments, resulting in some disturbing aftermath that the woman’s husband attempts to uncover. Without giving away too many spoilers, the children, like the one pictured above, are very present throughout the movie, and are very, very disturbing. If you’re into movies about murderous and evil children, the movie is definitely one that's worth checking out. If you’re deeply disturbed by the above image and aren’t into that kind of thing, it’s probably best to stay far, far away.

13  13. A Terrifying Costume. Or Is It?


Luckily, the little girl pictured above is only wearing a costume. At least that’s what she says. However, if this little child came running up to our door steps on Halloween night, we might still run inside, terrified of her potential demon abilities. As an adult, the picture might not be so scary. But when children wear such creepy masks, the horror seems to multiply. Not only are kids faster and full of more energy, but it’s easier for them to hide and disappear into the background than it is for adults. As if the mask isn’t scary enough, pairing it with the innocent looking dress and desolate background makes us twice as spooked. We’re not sure where she got the mask, but whoever created such a terror has to be slightly disturbed. The only thing missing from the picture is her dad, Slenderman.

12 Tea Time?


Imagine walking alone through the forest on a chilly autumn afternoon. Suddenly, you run into these two and they ask you if you’d like to join them for a quiet tea time. Ummm, no thank you!

This photo comes from a gruesome series by photographer Brittany Bentine. She runs the studio Locked Illusions, which is one of America’s first Gothic and Alternative photography studios. Not only does she specialize in children’s photography, but she also takes pictures for maternity and whole families as well. Bentine’s photos have been much criticized, as many people feel the images are too disturbing, especially when they include children. But haters only helped grow her name, as she’s still thriving and taking gory photos in her Houston-based business.

Even though the photos are faked, it would still be extremely unsettling to go through the makeup process and follow these creepy kids around while photographing them.

11  11. Happy Halloween


The above picture is a vintage photograph of children all dressed up for Halloween. Why they chose these costumes is a mystery. Halloween used to be more about actually scaring each other and dressing up creepily in order to mask your identity for a night. It’s gotten a lot less creepy over the years, and now seems to be about dressing up as an obscure pop culture character or a sexy version of a profession.

Most would probably be OK with this transition, however, as costumes like the ones these children are wearing are downright terrifying. Imagine if this was all that came running up to your porch on Halloween night instead of cute little versions of animals and mythological creatures. Every single child is wearing a mask, leaving extreme mystery as to whether or not those  are even actual children behind the costumes. Let’s not think about that too much, though.

10 You Might Want To Listen To Him


The above image comes from the photography of Mary Ellen Mark. She’s an artist known for her photojournalism and documentary photography. You’ve probably seen a ton of her work, one of her most famous photographs being a child smoking a cigarette in a kiddy pool.

This photograph was taken at a pro-Vietnam demonstration in New York in 1968. To be honest, it could be an image from a Trump rally today. Aside from the extreme patriotism, there’s something else a little eerie about the picture. Maybe it’s the child’s death stare, or perhaps his Miss Umbridge looking sidekick.

Regardless of the political message behind the photograph, if you saw this kid with his sign walking alone at night, you’d probably wave your American flag and pledge allegiance harder than you ever have before.

9  9. A Very Flexible Girl


This picture just screams a whole lot of “nope!” It looks like a still from the opening credits of American Horror Story. And, well, it easily could have been. The girl in the picture is Ella Harper, a girl born with a very rare orthopedic condition that allowed her knees to bend backward.

She chose to walk on all fours which earned her the nickname “Camel Girl.” She also willingly joined the circus, earning herself $200.00 a week, a hefty salary for a young girl in the 1880s. After traveling with the circus for several years, Ella decided to quit and get an education. She ended up marrying, gave birth to one child, and adopted another. Unfortunately, both children died before the age of three. She eventually passed herself in the early 1900s of colon cancer. Her legacy and eerie pictures live on for us today.

8 The Girl With Two Reflections


The above photo is supposedly of a little girl visiting the grave site of her deceased twin sister. The reflection in the pool is said to be her deceased twin standing beside her. Not many sources for the photo exist, with many speculating that it might be real evidence of the paranormal.

Others doubt the possibility, however. If it is a historic photograph, chances are that the little girl might have moved around during the picture-taking process, which in the early days of photography could be a very long process. It’s also something that could very easily be Photoshopped.

The scariest part, however, is the possibility that it could be real. The two girls in the reflection are in different poses, and there’s not much next to the little girl standing on the ground that would suggest someone was Photoshopped out. Either way, it’s still a pretty disturbing image, especially how the second girl in the reflection has a dark face.

7  7. Innocent Children Making Halloween Crafts


Halloween is a great time, and especially one that's fun for kids. Everyone remembers doing fall crafts in school; whether it was making cornucopias or carving pumpkins. But these kids take it to a whole new level of scary. Whoever decided it was a good idea to have a bunch of kids create masks that look like something from the movie The Strangers was seriously mistaken.

Not only was it scary enough to make the masks in multiples in the first place, but to then decide to take a picture of everyone together was twice as creepy. At the time, it was probably intended to be a sweet memory of children celebrating a fun holiday. However, there’s just something about vintage photography that sends extra chills down our spine today. There’s also just something creepy about kids in masks, so pairing the two together makes it hard to sleep at night. This one definitely gives us the Heebie Jeebies!

6  6. This Seemingly Normal Baby


This baby is adorable isn’t it? Nothing creepy about the picture, just a normal little baby posing cute for the camera. What’s most disturbing about this image is the fact that this little baby will grow up to be Adolf Hitler.

That’s right, you just thought Hitler was cute. The disturbing part about this photo is that such a precious little child would grow up to be such a horrifying monster. If only we could go back in time to when Hitler was this little baby. What would you do if you had the chance to go back in time when Hitler was just a tiny baby? Would you kidnap him and raise him to be good, or would you kill him to prevent even the slightest chance of repeating such a horrible time?

Regardless of what you’d do, we can’t help but feel a little skeptical about having kids knowing that our sweet, little, angel babies have the chance to grow up to be crazed dictators.

5  5. Kids In Gas Masks


Unfortunately, the above photo is not of children in costumes; it’s a realistic portrayal of children subjected to war zones and toxic environments. Wearing gas masks is something that children have had to do, along with adults, at many times in the 20th and 21st centuries. Many areas involved in wars that emit toxic gases for various reasons subject their civilians to having to wear the masks to prevent harmful illnesses and diseases as a result from poisonous gasses.

Imagine walking through a city, however, with children roaming the streets in these little gas masks. They look like a bunch of creepy tiny flies, something straight from a Cronenberg film. Not only is the picture tragic, but it’s downright scary. Just like the Halloween masks from earlier, you never quite know if it actually is a child under the mask, or something more demonic.

4  4. The Black Eyed Kids


The picture above isn’t all that scary itself, as this is a look that's easily Photoshopped. However, the story behind it is the spine tingling part. It’s about an urban legend known as “The Black Eyed Children.”

You’ve heard of the Black Eyed Peas, a terrifying pop group that’s been producing ear wrenching music for over a decade. But even scarier than that are the Black Eyed Children, creepy little demons meant to terrorize adults. The story goes that the Black Eyed Children are seemingly normal at first and approach unsuspecting civilians by hitchhiking, panhandling, and even approaching their doorstep. After getting people alone, the Black Eyed Children...well, no one actually knows what happens then because no one has lived to tell the tale.

Many simply report running into the children, and after noticing their black eyes, they quickly leave and ignore the children. The children usually are in groups, and at first ask for a place to stay, a ride home, or use of a phone. If you don’t comply, the children grow angry and demanding, and some believe they have the ability to control your thoughts and actions.

3  3. As If Dolls Weren't Creepy Enough


This photograph is another from the Zombie Kid series by Brittany, like the one above. She takes it to a whole new level with this photograph by pairing it with the use of creepy dolls. Everyone knows dolls are spine-tingling scary, but turning a little girl into a doll takes it to a whole new level of creepy.

These aren’t just any normal dolls either- they’re dirty and have distorted faces, giving us extra chills. Brittany also lowers the color in the photo, giving it a Gothic and dark touch. Imagine walking into a room and this little girl asks if you’d like to play dolls with her.

Which would you rather do, play dolls with this little girl or have tea with the children pictured above?

2 A Friendly Child On The Playground


We already know that kids in masks are just plain scary. But this kid has the extra bonus of wielding a weapon. Just grand. He’s also walking across what appears to be a school playground, a place that’s supposed to be full of fun and excitement. But this place looks like anything but that.

Perhaps it’s not a school playground, but rather the yard of some sort of institution? Regardless of what horror you choose to create from the photograph, the image is eerie either way. Pretty much every aspect of the image alone would be enough, and we’d still get chills if the kid wasn’t even wearing a mask. It looks as though it was taken straight from a horror movie. But instead, it was just an innocent child in his Halloween costume.

1 The Exorcist


The Exorcist is and will always be one of the scariest movies ever made. If you’ve never seen the film, it’s definitely a requirement if you’re interested in anything scary. Throughout the entire movie, Regan never fails to terrify us and make us scared to sleep alone at night. Everything from the way she looks, to her voice, and even the nightgown she wears, is enough to make us never want to leave our house again.

She is definitely a perfect example of a child that reminds everyone to take their birth control. Regan was just an innocent child who got possessed by a demon, and her poor mother had to deal with the aftermath. During every additional viewing of the movie, something else stands out as scary, and this image alone will be enough to make it hard to fall asleep tonight. So, still want to have kids after seeing all of these?

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15 Haunting Images Of Children That Will Make You Never Want Kids