15 Games That Are Way More Dangerous Than Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the newest game craze. It’s fun and it’s addictive – but that isn’t why it’s making headlines. Pokemon Go is in the news because of how dangerous it is! And people are clamoring to play it because now it has an added thrill.

It’s only been out for a little over a week, and already plenty of injuries have been reported. They started out with people bumping into each other while playing the game due to distracted walking. Now, people have gotten so into it that they are ignoring all common sense and natural instinct. One girl apparently got so wrapped up in it that she walked right into a moving car. And two dopes were so intent on capturing the little creatures that they walked right off a cliff… and fell over 50 feet. Players are even being lured by criminals to special locations, only to get robbed. We don’t even want to think about what catastrophe could ensue with people playing Pokemon Go while driving. Even people who aren’t playing the mobile game are getting into dangerous situations since their homes and businesses are being over-run by fans. One man got so mad at fans that were congregating near his home that he opened fire. Doctors and police officers are already warning the public to play it safe.

While Pokemon Go may be touted as being really harmful, it’s hardly the first game to cause serious injury or have a potential for death. In fact, there are a lot of games out there that are way more dangerous. Read on for our countdown… we promise it’s more serious than getting the “Go to Jail” card in Monopoly.

15 Five Finger Fillet


14 Drinking Games

13 Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a video game that critics hold up as the quintessential reason why video games are destructive to society. It glamorizes crime; it encourages gang violence; it encourages disrespect of women; it makes you a couch potato. We’ve heard it all a zillion times, going back to 1997. Back then, video games seemed like harmless fun. But that was in a time before rampant childhood obesity and the beginning of what many are calling a new race war. And it was certainly before the advent of SmartPhones and iPads – which meant that the game couldn’t be played anywhere, anytime.

12 Gambling

Who doesn’t enjoy a little gambling now and then? The music of the slot machines gives us a jolt of happiness, playing online poker can be an incredible way to spice up an otherwise boring day, and participating in a football pool can help you bond with co-workers. But gambling is one of the most dangerous things to do – for your wallet! Gaming in America is a $40 billion industry. This is bad news for gamblers’ bank accounts, because the house always wins! Studies show that a player can lose up to $1500 in an hour on a high stakes poker machine. That money adds up, because gambling addicts will often spend at least five percent of their family’s income on gaming. The result is that they go into debt, and have physical and emotional problems. With easy access to gambling, it is becoming a problem for twenty-somethings and high school students.

11 The Choking Game


The choking game is a vile, risky game that sounds exactly like what it is: players take turns choking each other to decrease oxygen to the brain in an effort to bring on a temporary high. It’s unnatural, and totally discouraged. This game is most popular for youths, who perceive it to be a harmless rite of passage. They couldn’t be more wrong. Of course lack of oxygen can lead to death, but a danger most people don’t take into account is the permanent brain damage that can occur which is a fate worse than death. Players can suffer from neurological damage which will forever impair their memory and motor skills. Less serious consequences involve hemorrhaging of the eyes and tongue biting. This is one game you never want to play.

10 Online Challenges


Our parents’ generation would tell stories about how teachers would discourage them from emulating the antics of the Three Stooges. The equivalent today would be participating in online challenges. There’s no difference between the cinnamon challenge, the Kylie Jenner challenge or the chubby bunny challenge – because they are all foolhardy. Swallowing copious amounts of cinnamon can actually lead to pneumonia and collapsed lungs. Putting a suction cup on your lips for a plumper look can lead to broken blood vessels and scarring. And stuffing marshmallows in your cheeks like an animal runs you the risk of choking, or at least diabetes.

9 Drag Racing

8 Football

If Dennis Byrd’s spinal cord injury didn’t convince you that football is a dangerous game, then the movie Concussion with Will Smith, probably did. Football is a game that many think is barbaric. We’re not going to argue semantics, but the statistics show that there is a great risk of injury in playing this game. Aside from danger to the central nervous system, players run the risk of broken bones; torn ligaments, tendons and muscles; and ruptured organs. The game has taken a lot of heat recently. Critics argue that it’s too dangerous – especially for children. Some theorize that the NFL is deliberately sweeping injuries under the rug. The most conservative have called for football to be banned.

7 Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is actually a dangerous game. Seriously! It carries with it the obvious danger of being viewed as a sexless nerd, but there is something more insidious going on with D&D. It has been plagued with rumors of its players going too far and committing suicide due to getting caught up in the game. Some of the more notorious allegations include teens trying to emulate characters, as well as getting mixed up in Satanic rituals as a result of being too immersed.

6 Cheese-Rolling


Cheese-rolling has become an international phenomenon. Popularized near Glouchester, England, it is a game whereby people roll a nine-pound round of cheese down a hill and chase after it. This sounds like good, clean fun. Most of the time it is – except for when it isn’t! These cheese rounds can gain speeds of up to 70 mph while going down the hill. This gives them a lot o

f force, and players and spectators alike are often knocked down. People have broken limbs, and have suffered head injuries.

5 Sharpshooting

4 Bullfighting

3 The Stock Market

Have you ever played the Stock Market Rock? First, you invest your life savings in the stock market. Then, you watch your money go down the crapper while singing “Stock Market Rock” as your bank account hits rock bottom. The song is basically “Jingle Bell Rock” with “stock market” substituted for “jingle bell.” It’s quite catchy, and you can sing it all the way to bankruptcy court.

2 Jousting

1 Russian Roulette

Russian roulette is a lethal game that only the Ruskies could think up. It involves players loading one chamber of a revolver, spinning it, and then pulling the trigger of the gun while aiming it at one’s head. Basically, you have a one in six chance of being blown to smithereens. It’s a blood-curdling game that is often depicted in movies like 13 and The Deer Hunter. The media is blamed for promoting this sick game, and this assertion seems to be true. The game was first written about in a novella in the 1840s, and the term Russian roulette is believed to have been coined in a short story in the 1930s. “Russian” refers to the country of origin, and “roulette” refers to the risk taking and spinning.

There isn’t any concrete data on how often this practice is actually performed – in Russia or otherwise. But we do know that people have been unfortunate enough to try. A boy in Pennsylvania was convicted of manslaughter due to killing a friend in Russian roulette gone wrong. A Finnish man also killed himself in front of a crowd while playing the game.

So you are probably wondering what sort of a person would play this devil-game. Not surprisingly, Lindsay Lohan was alleged to have participated in a few rounds during a night of heavy drinking. Writer Graham Greene (The Power and the Glory) admitted to having played the game alone as a teenager. And Malcolm X claimed in his autobiography that he willingly used the technique to prove to his partners in crime that he wasn’t afraid to die. This is one disparate group, which goes to show that you never can tell with people.

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15 Games That Are Way More Dangerous Than Pokemon Go