15 Former TV Beauties that Haven't Aged Well

It’s always a good night when you can turn on the tube and find a beautiful woman on a show to watch. Of course, it helps if the show is a good one, but a sexy actress can make even the worst of shows bearable. As we grow older, it’s also interesting to see how those former beauties age. Will they still look as good as they do in ten or twenty years? Sometimes they do, but more importantly for the list you're about to read, sometimes they don’t. If they are really fortunate, some TV starlets even look better than they did back in the day.

In some cases, as you’ll see here today, you don’t have to be really old to show signs of poor aging. If someone started their on-screen career as a teenager, sometimes you can tell they aren’t aging well as quickly as their early twenties. This list ranges from women in their 60s who helped shape the world of television, to women that you may read about in the news tomorrow. Along with then/now photos that really show the difference, you'll also learn fun facts about the women, including which one had been arrested 5 times by the time she turned thirty. You'll also learn who was nicknamed “Yoko Romo”, and which star left her television show because she refused to participate in a sex scene.

One thing is for sure, here are fifteen former television beauties that have not aged well to this point in their lives.


15 Miley Cyrus

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While she is only 23 years old, Miley Cyrus is not even a shell of the person she was just a few years ago. Everyone is aware of what the singer is currently up to because the tabloids seem to follow her every move, and she gives them plenty to write about. She is so bent on living on the edge and giving the press something to talk about, that many people forget that she used to be a beautiful woman.

She became famous for her role of Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. That show was probably the most successful show that the network ever had. It had huge popularity and every girl in America wanted to be her. The world watched her grow up on that show and right up until she was around twenty years old, she was a very beautiful and talented woman.

But about three years ago Cyrus’ crazy button was pushed and she went off the deep end. It makes sense that she might have wanted to get away from the persona that made her famous, but she has taken things to the extreme. We can only hope that she is still young enough to turn it back around. Although I wouldn’t count on it. If you take one look at her on-stage costumes (seen above) you can tell that she is far from the Disney girl she once was.

14 Mary Tyler Moore

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Mary Tyler Moore was certainly a beauty when she was in the prime of her career. She is best known for her roles on The Dick Van Dyke Show and then on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In the first show, she played the role of Laura Petrie and was married to Dick Van Dyke’s character Rob Petrie. On the show she often wore tight pants, making it easy to see how she became an international sex symbol. She also won an Emmy award for her work on the hit sitcom, proving that she wasn't just good looking.

Later on her own show, she played the role of Mary Richards, who was a single woman that worked as a news reporter in Minnesota. The show won 29 Emmy awards, which was the all-time record until Frasier broke it with 30.

Tyler Moore is now 79 years old and she has continued to make several television appearances. Unfortunately for her, the combination of age and what many think are several plastic surgeries, make it hard for fans to remember her previous gorgeous face.

Recently Tyler Moore made appearances on the shows That '70s Show and Hot in Cleveland. When she took to the screen with Betty White for Hot in Cleveland in marked the first time the two had worked together since 1977.

13 Lark Voorhies

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Most people remember the name Lark Voorhies as the woman that played Lisa Turtle, but looking at her now there doesn’t seem to be any remanence of the character. She first played the role on the Disney series Good Morning, Miss Bliss and when the show was canceled and picked up by NBC and renamed Saved by the Bell, she went along with it.

She was twice named the winner of the Young Artist Award for her work on the show and she played the character right up until the show’s end.

Once that show ended Voorhies moved over to the daytime soap circuit and landed a gig with Days of Our Lives before moving over to The Bold and the Beautiful. She left the show in 1996 when her character was supposed to take part in sex scenes but Voorhies refused to do it. Several years later she briefly returned to the show.

Voorhies has also made appearances on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and in the movies How High and The Next Hit.

The once stylish woman made internet headlines after pictures of her surfaced of her wearing what can only be described as a makeup disaster. It was a classic case of overdoing things and it is a real shame that she looks nothing like she used to.

12 Trina McGee

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Trina McGee doesn’t necessarily look bad now that she is 46 years old, but the former Boy Meets World star does look very different. Known for her role on the show as Angela Moore she had an on-screen relationship with Shawn Hunter, who was played by Rider Strong.

The ABC sitcom used the two characters for an on-screen interracial relationship that was one of the main parts of the plot. At the time, that type of relationship was rare on major network television shows and there was some criticism about it since the show’s target audience was a younger crowd.

Fortunately, McGee once said that she usually received positive reaction when she met fans of the show. Fans would be more concerned about when the couple was going to get back together after a break up than the color of their skin. She also said that she had hoped the show would be something that the world could look to as an example of having color blindness.

When you look at her now it’s hard to see any resemblance to the woman that played the part of Angela Moore, especially because that black skin tone has been lightened dramatically. It’s almost as if they are two different people, but her fans will never forget what she represented when the show was still on the air.

11 Kirstie Alley

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Kirstie Alley was at one point one of the hottest women on television. She may not have been the hottest, but she was pretty high on the list. From 1987 until 1993 she played Rebecca Howe on the hit television show Cheers and she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her performance. Alley also had a great role in the movie Shoot to Kill and she voiced the part of Mollie in the movie series Look Who’s Talking.

But it’s her weight that has kept her in the news tabloid headlines for many years now. Now 65 years old, Alley has battled serious weight problems since Cheers and there aren’t too many organizations that won’t rush to publish new photographs of her then and now.

She can put on a lot of weight, take it off, and then balloon right back up again. The results of that weight fluctuation have led to an aging process for her that has not gone very well. Alley spent many years working as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and a few other weight loss systems. Anyone that remembers what she looked like when she replaced Shelly Long on Cheers would hardly recognize her now.

10 Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson has been in Playboy on several occasions, but she probably wouldn't be asked to pose looking like she does today. Anderson was discovered by a talent scout at a CFL football game in the late '80s. She was at a BC Lions game proudly sporting a Labatt’s beer t-shirt and she was put up on the jumbotron. The company sought her out and hired her as a spokeswoman for a short time.

Shortly after that, she was in your living room (or bedroom) in Playboy’s October 1989 issue. Anderson also played the part of “Lisa, the Tool Time girl” on the television show Home Improvement before moving on to her most famous role as “C.J. Parker” on Baywatch.

Anderson is now 48 years old and as you can see from pretty much any recent pictures of her, she doesn’t look nearly as desirable as she once did. In fact, when you look at some of her more recent photos, she is looking downright scary. Not aging well is one thing but being scary is a totally different ballgame. You can’t even tell that at one point in her life she was once considered the hottest woman in the world.

9 Cybil Shepherd

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Cybil Shepherd has had a very long and successful career on both television and in movies. She has played many memorable roles and back in the day, she was definitely incredibly attractive. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, and now she looks more like the aunt that you don’t want to visit because she pinches your cheeks.

Shepherd played the roles of Jacy in The Last Picture Show, Betsy in Taxi Driver, Kelly in The Heartbreak Kid, Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting, Phyllis Kroll in The L Word, Cybil Sheridan in Cybil, and most recently she played Madeleine Spencer in Psych.

Shepherd has played several other roles, never seeming to be out of work for too long during the height of her career. When she heard that Martin Scorsese was looking for a “Cybil Shepherd type” to play the part of Betsy in Taxi Driver she figured why not give him the real thing instead of a knock off. The movie that also featured Robert De Niro turned out to be a cult classic.

She may not look it now at 66 years old, but when Shepherd was in the prime of her career she lit up any screen that she was on. The long flowing blonde hair and the bright smile that she possessed wasn’t missed by many.


8 Kelly LeBrock

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When Steven Seagal married Kelly Le Brock he probably thought that he had hit the jackpot. Taking a look now though he may be glad they are no longer together. At one time Le Brock was a beautiful brunette and she had major roles in the movies Woman in Red, Hard to Kill, and Weird Science.

She began modeling at the age of 16 and quickly also became one of the most sought after women for both television and movies. While she had no shortage of roles, her role of Lisa in Weird Science is probably her most remembered part. While she was working as a spokesperson in a Pantene shampoo commercial, she also coined the phrase “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” and it quickly became a catch phrase that was used all over the world.

Le Brock was on the VH-1 show Celebrity Fit Club and she was the captain of her team that was called "Kelly’s Bellies". She was also on a season of Hell’s Kitchen. By the time she was on these shows she was much bigger than she was back in her prime, and sadly, age hasn’t been very kind to her. While she has spent most of her career in film, the appearance in those television shows is really what qualifies her for this list.

7 Suzanne Somers

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Suzanne Somers is a very accomplished actress, singer, author, and businesswoman. But very few people can see past her most known role as Chrissy Snow on the ABC show Three’s Company. She also played Carol Lambert on Step by Step, but it was her portrayal of the ditzy big breasted blonde, Chrissy, that propelled her to stardom.

Chrissy Snow was a stereotypical beautiful blonde that had plenty going for her as far as the looks department went, but not too much going on as far as the brains department went. When someone told a blonde joke, a lot of people had her in mind. It seemed like on the show that she was always getting into some kind of trouble because if we are being honest when you look like she did, she didn’t need brains. She was so stupid and sexy, but that also made her one of funniest women on television. It also did not hurt that at least once per show Chrissy would jump up and down showing off her ample chest.

Now 69 years old, you can see that Suzanne Somers is a much smarter woman than the role she played back then, but age hasn’t been very kind to her. While you can still recognize who she is, you can be sure that nobody is asking her to jump up and down anymore.

6 Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan is most known for her role as Paige Matthews from the WB network’s hit Charmed from 2001 until 2006. She has also had roles in several movies, but when she was on Charmed she was one of the most beautiful women on television.

She is now 42 years old and she doesn’t look anywhere near what she did back then. But most of that can be blamed on a car accident that she was involved in shortly after the show went off the air. She suffered serious injuries to her face and had to have several plastic surgeries.

Since the surgery, she looks more like Michael Jackson than the previous beautiful Rose McGowan. But don’t tell her that because she’s not too happy about that comparison. She once posted a photo of herself wearing sunglasses on her Instagram account and when a follower wrote that she looked like the former pop star she got a bit angry. She replied "Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f--k off losers." Yeah, it’s probably better not to bring that up.

5 Sally Struthers

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Sally Struthers is known by all for her role of Gloria Stivic on All in the Family, a controversial show from the 1970s. Her father on the show, Archie Bunker, was known for his racist views. She also played the role of Babette on Gilmore Girls and she also voiced a character on the Disney series TaleSpin. If that wasn't enough, she also appeared on the ABC show Dinosaurs.

Choosing Struthers, who was a beautiful blonde at the time, was a great decision by whoever put the cast together. It put together a cast that would keep people laughing for many years and also gave the audience some eye candy to look at.

After her run on the All in the Family franchise Sally Struthers drastically changed appearance wise. She went from one of the hottest women on television at the time to quite the opposite. She has struggled with her weight for many years now and there isn’t any sign of the beauty that she once was. She is now 68 years old and over the last several years she has played several roles in stage production plays. When you look at this former television beauty now, it’s hard to imagine how gorgeous she was as Gloria Stivic.

4 Cher

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Cher is most known for her singing and acting career and many people forget that she got started on television. Her career has spanned over fifty years now and she never seems to be out of the spotlight.

Her singing career was up and down before she started a television show with her then-husband Sonny Bono. It was called The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and it actually came about after the duo was on the downside of a music career. They tried several different act varieties for their shows and couldn’t find the right format to keep them on top. When they started insulting each other jokingly on stage it seemed to be a hit with their fans and the idea was brought to producers who then turned it into a show. For the three years that it was on the air, the show averaged nearly thirty million viewers each week.

When the show left the airwaves, Cher later divorced Sonny and began a very successful solo career that also saw her have some great movie roles.

While some say that Cher, who is now 70, has aged well, those people are being very kind. While her appearance hasn’t diminished as drastically as some others have, but she still shows the signs of many years of wear and tear. Guess that's what happens when you have countless plastic surgery operations.

3 Tina Louise

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Tina Louise had the benefit of a long and successful career on both television and in movies. Your favorite may be when she was the beautiful redhead Ginger Grant on the show Gilligan’s Island. It’s funny that of all of the great roles she has played, she will always be remembered for that three-year stay on the island with Gilligan, The Skipper, The Howell’s, The Professor and Mary Ann.

If you want to know how hot she back then, took a look at this fact: In 2005 on an episode of TV Land Top Ten, Louise was ranked as the #2 hottest sex symbol of all time from television. Only Heather Locklear was ranked higher and that’s a tremendous compliment.

She has been in Playboy numerous times and she was named as The World’s Most Beautiful Redhead in 1958 by the National Art Council.

There is now doubting when you look over Tina Louise's career you will find loads of success. But she has not aged gracefully as we all hope we can do, though to be fair, she is 82 years old now. It is still fascinating to look at how some people don’t change much over time and others have such dramatic changes like Louise has gone though.

2 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson has seen a lot of changes in her 36 years. One year she will be a stunningly beautiful blonde and the next year she will look more like Sally Struthers does now, and then she’ll go back to beautiful again.

While she is still on the young end of life, she can certainly fall into the category of not aging well, at least to this point in life. Who knows what she has in store for us next.

You remember her from her television show with former husband Nick Lachey that was called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. MTV aired the show after Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson had backed out of doing it. The show turned into a worldwide hit and suddenly Nick and Jessica were daily news across the globe.

After divorcing from Nick she earned the nickname of “Yoko Romo” while dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for several years. She was blamed many times for his poor play because Cowboy fans just couldn’t admit that the fact of the matter was that he isn’t a very good quarterback.

She has released several albums that have done very well, although I don’t know why. She looks great from time to time, but she sings about as well as Romo plays quarterback.

1 Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes is now 30 years old, but she has already lived a very troubled life. She got started on the Nickelodeon shows All That and The Amanda Show and then played on a sitcom on the WB network that was called What I Like About You. She also had major success in the movies What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, She’s the Man, Sydney White and Easy A.

In 2012, she announced that she was retiring from acting because it just wasn’t fun for her to do anymore. But not having any work to do didn’t work out very well for her because the wheels fell off of her life. She was arrested at least seven times and she did some really stupid things to bring the arrests on. She got a DUI after side-swiping a car, was involved in two hit and run incidents over a six month period, got caught driving with a suspended license, got busted talking on a cell phone while driving and then threw a bong out of her 36th floor apartment window in New York City.

She has also entered psychiatric care on at least two different occasions. Things have been kind of quiet for her recently so let’s hope that she is getting better. She still has plenty of time to fix her life and get things straightened out. But as you can see, there have been times that she doesn’t look anything like her former beautiful self.


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