15 Hot Celebs You Didn't Know Have Huge Feet

There are a lot of women out there, some really hot women, even, that have really huge feet. This tends to be something that they are not all that proud of, you can trust me on that one. No woman has ever said "I sure am happy that my feet are so big!" or "Honey, are my feet big enough for you?" No, women do not like having big feet. The things is, in our culture women are supposed to be all tiny and ladylike, not wearing a size 11 Timberland.

There are some positives though. I once had a girlfriend who wore a size 10, and I ended up sharing some Converse All-Stars with her. She was around my height too, so I could even wear some of her shirts. Hey, don't knock it until you tried it. I saved a lot of money on clothes when I was with her.  And some guys are even into big feet. If you don't believe me, do some searching on the net; just don't blame me when you find what you were looking for.

But it is not just regular women that have big feet, of course, some really famous celebrities do, too. At this point I am sure you're wondering, "which of my favorite stars have feet big enough to use for canoe paddles? " Well don't worry, just like Cinderella, we have you covered. Read on and find out. Here are 15 female celebrities with size 10 feet or over. And remember, if you like what you see, click your heels together three times and maybe all of your dreams will come true.

15 Kendall Jenner - Size 10


Kendall Jenner makes pretty much any list there is these days. She is everywhere. She is a member of one of the most famous families in the world, and is all over social media. She also has super-big feet. Don't believe me? There have been whole articles written about how big her feet are. According to celebritytoob, "although she has often been hailed for her beauty, Jenner has received several interesting comments from fans who feel that her feet are unusually large. After seeing images of her feet floating around the internet, many people can’t get over the fact that Jenner’s feet appear to be unusually large."

So there you go Kendall, people can't get over the fact that your feet appear to be unusually large. I am pretty sure that this article is not going to help with all of that.

14 Lauren Ambrose - Size 10 


Lauren is an actress, from New Haven Connecticut, who is also a classically trained opera singer. She is not a particularly famous one.  Her biggest role was in Six Feet Under, which was a critically acclaimed show that was on HBO. Lauren won two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her acting in that series. But that is the thing about big feet on a woman, they both give and they take away.  What other list is going to have Kendall Jenner, Uma Thurman, and Lauren Ambrose on it in the entire world? Well, none other than a list about chicks with big feet. So Lauren, count your blessings, because your big feet might still be your ticket to the big time. She also has been in a few movies like Can't Hardly Wait and Psycho Beach Party. 

13 Khloe Kardashian - Size 10


The Kardashians are known for having big things. Big butts, big bank accounts, a big sense of entitlement. In fact, the only thing that they do not seem to have a big sense of is a sense of shame. Khloe is no exception to the big rule as her feet are a size 10. In fact, and I am not 100% positive, but she and Lamar Odom can probably share shoes, even if they do have problems sharing a home, apparently. Although Khloe supposedly nursed Lamar back to health after all of his problems, apparently the two have gone their separate ways once again.  Khloe and Kendall are tied for the biggest feet in the family, and knowing this family I bet Kim is probably jealous about the whole thing, and is attempting to get foot implants to make her feet bigger.

12 Heidi Klum - Size 10

Some women are just gorgeous and one of them is Heidi Klum. Heidi, we honestly don't care how big your feet are; you are just one of the sexiest ladies out there, while always remaining classy. If you google Heidi and her feet (or other woman and theirs on this list), you might be surprised by what you see. There are different places on the Internet where people put up websites of these ladies' feet; there are videos on YouTube of Heidi's feet.  There's just all sorts of stuff. Feet are apparently one of those things, if you don't find them attractive, you don't find them attractive at all, but if you do like them, then you like them a lot. Oh, they also tend to be that kind of thing that, if you do like them, then you don't tell anyone, so feel free to just keep it to yourself.

11 Bryce Dallas Howard - Size 10

Bryce not only has big feet, she also got in a scrap because she wore high heels in Jurassic Park. “She’s in high heels because she’s a woman who has been in high heels her whole life and she can f—ing sprint in them,” Howard said of her character in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

“She can. ​That’s kind of how I perceived it.She doesn’t have to be in menswear and flats in order to outrun a T. Rex. That’s what women can do. I feel really relieved at the amount of sensitivity that people have to women and women’s roles in films, particularly large films… I did appreciate the fact that people wanted to ensure that it’s important for there to be female characters and roles where they do go on a journey and they aren’t just a function of the plot. And so that’s something that is a really important conversation to continue.”

What about the big feet? They look great in this picture.

10 Cindy Crawford - Size 10

via blogspot

A lot of you younger guys kind of know who Cindy Crawford is, but you don't really know. I mean, sure you have heard her name, but at one point she was literally everywhere. You could not turn around without seeing her. She was, and is truly gorgeous. It is no surprise that her feet are so big; with the models on this list it all makes sense as they are all tall, and thin, and their hands and feet are bigger than most women. It is just biology, of course. Cindy is no exception. Her feet roll in at much bigger than normal size 10. But what about Cindy could ever be normal? After years of modeling, she is now 50-years-old, still looks amazing, and has a net worth of $100,000,000. Her daughter Kai is just 14, but is already thought of as an upcoming model.

9 Lucy Lawless - Size 10

If you did not know, and you should, Lucy Lawless was Xena on the very popular TV show Xena: Warrior Princess. Now Xena was not only a warrior princess, but she was also an Amazon, so it stands to reason that her feet would be big, not only on the show, but in real life as well. Lucy is from New Zealand and continues to act and has recently took on a role in Parks and Recreation.  She was the victim of one of those recent celebrity death hoaxes, which obviously was untrue. Bruce Campbell, who had a recurring role on Xena,  has also had his share of those. Xena was not only known for being hot, but also for having a rather ambiguous relationship with her bestie Gabrielle, which, of course, just made her even hotter.

8 Mandy Moore - Size 10


Some women just are not the type that you would think would have big feet, and Mandy is one of them. Her huge feet probably helped her walk away from her marriage with Ryan Adams, though. TMZ said that "neither will pay spousal support." According to the divorce documents, Mandy is keeping a Beverly Hills condo and a 2012 Prius.

Meanwhile, Ryan gets to keep his comic book collection, some pinball machines ... plus a 2008 Porsche Carrera and a '59 Cadillac. "They're each holding on to their respective publishing rights for any music created during their nearly 6-year marriage," according to TMZ.

While Mandy is keeping their Griffith Park home, she's agreed to split the furniture with Ryan. Since Ryan's takeaway assets add up to more than Mandy's ... he's also paying her $425,000 in cash to make things even." Maybe he was intimidated by her size 10 feet.

7 Paris Hilton - Size 11

Okay, so now we are getting into the true queens of the big feet world. While a size 10 is certainly pretty huge, it is still sort of common; a lot of bigger girls wear a 9 or a 10, even though a 10 is pushing it. But once we get up to the 11, then we really have something a bit different going on. We really have entered into the upper realms of huge feet. And who wears an 11, you ask? Well, one woman that does is Paris Hilton. While her popularity has been a bit down of late, at one point she rode her looks, her name, her attitude, her personality, and even her huge feet into becoming one of the biggest stars in the world. In fact she used to have Kim Kardashian clean her closet.  Things have changed a bit though, as the only thing you will probably read about her today is how big her feet are.

6 Famke Janssen - Size 11


Famke is gorgeous, talented, and has totally big feet. She also has been causing a bit of a stir of late, saying that she did not get a return role in X-Men because of her age. According to a recent piece in The Guardian, "Famke Janssen has blamed her failure to be cast in the new X-Men movie on Hollywood’s sexist agenda towards older women. The Dutch actor, who starred as psychic mutant Jean Grey in three X-Men movies and has had cameos in several others, said she could not understand why Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart had been given key roles as older versions of series stalwarts Magneto and Professor X in recent installments of the superhero saga, while she had not." I don't know Famke- I think it is about the feet. Though they're massive, I still think you would have been great in the movie.

5 Uma Thurman - Size 11


Uma Thurman has long been known as a very sexy woman. While she has faded from the public eye a bit, back in the day she was about as hot as they came. She had both a classic beauty and a bit of an artsy edge, which meant both your typical high school quarterback as well your average artsy nerd were both way into her. Oh yeah, and her feet are huge. Size 11, to be precise. What the heck? A guy that was rumored to think Uma's feet were totally hot was Quentin Tarantino. There were a lot of rumors floating around that he had a bit of a foot thing, and the movie Pulp Fiction did nothing to dispel any of those. If you have not watched it for awhile, or did not notice the first time, watch it again sometime and check out all the different shots featuring Uma's feet.

4 Maria Sharapova - Size 11


Maria is one of the hottest women in tennis and also has some of the biggest feet in the business. Sadly, fans of Maria Sharapova and her huge size 11 feet won't get to see her in the Olympics. According to a recent article in the Associated Press  "A ruling on Maria Sharapova’s appeal of her two-year doping ban has been postponed until September, ruling her definitively out of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Sharapova and the International Tennis Federation agreed to defer the decision, which had been due to be issued by next Monday. "CAS, the highest court in sports, said both parties wanted more time to prepare their case and also cited scheduling conflicts," according to the AP. Maria, we will miss you and your monster feet.

3 Kate Winslet - Size 11


Some of these women come out of nowhere. Kate Winslet? How does someone like Kate Winslet have size 11 feet? She is only 5' 7" tall and there is really nothing about her to suggest that she would have such enormous feet. But she does. According to this website, "In the 1997 film, Titanic, Winslet’s feet were able to snag a moment in the spotlight during a scene in which she performed a ballerina dance stunt with nothing but stockings on her feet. Many viewers were stunned by the size of Winslet’s feet which have since been reported as size 11." Apparently conversations have spread across the Internet world. We get the feeling that Kate is probably not a huge fan of this.

2 Tyra Banks - Size 11.5

Now just as Kate Winslet is someone that is kind of surprising to have such huge feet, Tyra Banks is someone that you would guess would have huge feet. Let's face it, everything about Tyra is enormous; even her personality is big. But with that said, would you guess that Tyra would have feet that are size 11.5?  Really Tyra? That's huge! Fans of Tyra and her gigantic feet will have the opportunity to see her soon on a show called Funded which is a new show that seems to be a Shark Tank rip off on NBC. Say what you want about Tyra, her personality, and her enormous feet, but she always is out there working, keeping her name out there, and making money all while managing to look good at the same time.

1 Elle Macpherson - Size 12


Okay, so sometimes there come feet so big, that even all of the other hot, big-footed women on this list have to stand back in awe, or at the least they stand back and thank their lucky stars that their feet are not that big. And dear readers, that foot belongs to Elle Macpherson. Elle is a very gorgeous woman and one of the most well-known supermodels of all time. That is cool, no doubt about that. But think about this, if you dare. There have been a lot of famous actresses in the world, and a lot of them have big feet. Out of all of them ever, not one that I know of has a bigger pair of feet than Elle Macpherson, who rocks a ridiculously large size 12. Way to go Elle! Someone had to have the biggest feet of the hottest women ever, and it is you.

Sources:  wcvb

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15 Hot Celebs You Didn't Know Have Huge Feet