15 Famous Places That Have Banned Pokémon Go Around The World

While Pokémon Go has been catching the world by storm, there are a lot of people that are against the whole idea of going out and catching Pokémon on your phone. Some of their arguments make a lot of sense, like if you're driving or walking across the street, don't have your phone out. But, if you're just hanging out with friends at the beach or something, by all means catch as many Pokémon as you want. The issue that has risen time and time again is the fact that some locations in the world should not be the locations for "Pokestops" or "where rare Pokémon roam," and that I can agree with.

There have been reports of people going onto people's property, or crossing barriers they shouldn't be crossing, or even getting on top of historical landmarks, just so they can catch one Pokémon, and that is pushing it. Although I'm going to be writing about some places that have taken this more seriously, we have to remember that Pokémon Go is just a game, and if people are smart with it, let them have as much fun as they want. Just don't be stupid and walk off of a cliff just to catch a Pidgey.

At that point, it's more your fault for being unable to comprehend the extremities of being at such a high altitude. While some places have gained more business due to Pokémon Go, some places like I mentioned earlier have been taking this a little bit more seriously, and they've gone as far as banning the game altogether in these locations.


15 The Arlington National Cemetery

C'mon now. Pokémon Go is fun and everything, but if it's getting to the point that you're willing to disrespect someone's property by walking all over it, especially the Arlington National Cemetery, maybe it's about time for you to uninstall the game from your phone. There's really got to be a certain point that this game gets to where certain areas cannot be accessible. And if you are going into this area and your only excuse is that you're trying to catch Pokémon,'re on your own. Don't try to catch Pokémon here. I don't care if a Dragonite is here, just don't do it.

14 Holocaust Memorial Museum

This goes along with my point in regards to the Arlington National Cemetery. According to some news websites, there have been people trying to catch ghost Pokémon at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Again, don't be that guy that does this. Not only is it disrespectful, but I wouldn't want to be seeing people walking around this historic museum while they can't look away from their phones for two seconds to appreciate what the museum has to offer. This goes along with the other historical places that really deserve your undivided attention, and nothing else.

13 Iran

Unsurprisingly, there have been full countries issuing a full blown ban of Pokémon Go. Iran specifically decided it was a good idea to ban the game due to the security issues that could come with the GPS information that would be sent out to other countries and people. The main concern that people have had with Pokémon Go is the fact that it does tap into your location settings, and a lot of people feel that it's a breach of their personal information, which I can fully understand. I'm not really a big fan of an app knowing where I am at all times.

12 Military Property

This one should be obvious, but of course, it’s not. There’s been several reports of people climbing into off limits areas, specifically on military property, just to play Pokémon Go and catch Pokémon. While this isn’t as ridiculous or disrespectful as some of the things mentioned on this list, it should still be stated that if you are going to do something like this, make sure that you either have the proper permission to do so, and to be sure that you know of dangers that may lie ahead. Not much is known about whether or not these areas have been banned altogether, but just proceed with caution if you know it’s off limits. Always check with authorities.

11 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is no stranger to Pokémon Go, as has been the theme for a lot of places. They've been reported as banning Pokémon Go for religious reasons. On top of that, they've also banned it under the reason that it promotes gambling, which is forbidden. This brings up a good point, though. I hadn't really thought that Pokémon Go could be seen as a gambling app, but I suppose in this day and age, there are ways to manipulate this type of thing in order to gain a profit. How that would happen? I have no idea. But Saudi Arabia seems to think that it could be a problem.

10 Darwin Police Station (Australia)

This goes along with the same points that I've made with the military property and the like. If you're going to play Pokémon Go and the Pokestops just happen to be placed at a police station or government property, just proceed with caution. You don't want to end up getting arrested for playing Pokémon Go where you're not supposed to. The people in charge of the Darwin Police Station have urged people to not go inside the police station just to catch a Pokémon, and honestly, I don't blame them for saying such things. You wouldn't go into a police station unwanted for any other reason, so just don't do it for a silly reason as Pokémon Go. It's not worth it.

9 France

Although France was late to the party in regards to having Pokémon Go released, there have still been people speaking out about why they don't think Pokémon Go should be allowed in parts of their country. According to the mayor of Bressolles, he has requested the ban be applied to Pokémon Go in that village due to it creating a distraction for pedestrians and the like. While people have been speaking out about this all over the world, only a few people have been taking it seriously and attempting to contact Niantic to full on ban the game from being accessed in their countries.


8 Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record at this point. Here is another fine example of a place that really shouldn't have to discuss why Pokémon Go should not be played here, but unfortunately, they have to publicly tell people not to do it. Shouldn't this type of thing be obvious at this point in time? Don't disrespect memorials. Don't disrespect resting places. Period. The more I hear about people playing a silly mobile game in such places like the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial, my faith in humanity dwindles a little bit more. It wouldn't be too surprising if the entire world were to ban Pokémon Go indefinitely. It's not that important people.

7 Belgium

Even though it's not being considered as a permanent ban, the entire country of Belgium has gotten banned from playing Pokémon Go for a couple days. Recently, Niantic has been announcing that they are going to start throwing out bans to people who are cheating on Pokémon Go, and somehow, by targeting an IP address through a phone carrier, the entire country of Belgium has been banned altogether. Not much is known about the permanent repercussions this will bring. Even if it doesn't end up being a permanent ban, things like this still do happen, and that's what's causing people to get paranoid about this type of thing taking the country by storm.

6 Egypt

Not in the same vein as some of the other famous places Pokémon Go has been banned, Egypt has decided that due to religious reasons, it would not like to allow Pokémon Go to be accessible. According to the Islamic institution, Pokémon Go is deemed as un-islamic therefore pushing the ban towards the mobile app. At the same time, Egypt shares the opinion of other countries where there are people speaking out about how dangerous the game can be. Just be careful people, Pokémon Go isn't worth getting run over by a car.

5 9/11 Memorial

There isn't a whole lot of information regarding whether or not authorities have decided to ban Pokémon Go from being used at the 9/11 Memorial, but this definitely goes along with the other areas I've talked about in this article, and for me to even read about people taking advantage of the fact that the 9/11 Memorial is a "pokestop" is both irritating and mind-blowing. This is part of the reason Niantic needs to take some caution when they are creating the "pokestops," because there are some sensitive areas that really shouldn't be touched, even for catching Pokémon.

4 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Unfortunately, the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was no stranger to be chosen as a hot spot for Pokémon Go players. It was so much of a hot spot due to it being the location of a Pokémon gym, that Cambodia took it into their own hands and decided to ban the use of Pokémon Go at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. While people should really know better than to think that it's a smart idea to walk into places like this strictly for Pokémon Go, the ban is certainly a good idea.

3 Pentagon

Pokémon Go has been the creator of certain conspiracy theories and threatening usages worldwide, and it's even made it's way to the Pentagon. It's gone so far to the point that the Pentagon has had to ban Pokémon Go due to the potential for foreign cyber attacks. Unfortunately due to the fact that Pokémon Go has to pinpoint your location in order to decide where you are, these type of threats aren't out of the realm of possibility, so the Pentagon banning Pokémon Go isn't necessarily a bad thing. I certainly wouldn't want to be at a risk of cyber attacks, that stuff happens too often as it is, another reason for it to happen is unnecessary.

2 Russia

I know that I've been throwing entire countries into this article, but I consider countries themselves famous places, even if there aren't places specifically in those countries that aren't. There's recently been word from Russia that they are also looking to ban Pokémon Go due to religious reasons. They've been quoted as saying "There is a feeling that the devil came through this mechanism and is simply trying to destroy us spiritually from within." There's been several reports of countries banning the app for this reason. Russia has every right as other countries do to ban the app for this reason.

1 Yasaka Jinja Shrine

It's becoming more common since the release of Pokémon Go that places of religious value are starting to feel offended at the fact that they are the locations of pokestops and the like, and honestly, I don't blame those people for wanting that to be put to a halt. It's been mentioned a few times in this article already, but Niantic should really be more cautious of where they are placing their pokestops, because there's some places that really aren't open to the idea to be a place inside a virtual game.

When it really boils down to it, the bans being thrown out to players of Pokémon Go and the bans rising from countries and famous places are both of no surprise. There's even been a recent turn of events where Niantic has put their foot down towards the cheaters of the game, and to be honest, good. They need to start taking a bit more ownership of their game, and if it's a start to ban the cheaters, then so be it.

Sources: ABC News, The Guardian

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