15 Facts You Didn't Know About Men's Favorite Industry

We at TheRichest know that secretly you are a big fan of the adult entertainment industry -  we keep track of such things, you know. We are sure that you have quite a good relationship with it, that it has gotten you through some break ups, some tough times, and has helped you relieve stress and not be bored.

But still, even though you are an expert, there simply must be some things that you don't know. There are so many things about the adult entertainment industry that are not quite secrets, but also are not all that well known.  What types of things you may ask? Well read on to find out. The adult entertainment industry is huge. Probably larger than you ever thought. There is an enormous amount of money involved, and it just seems to be getting bigger with every year.

And we aren't just talking about things that go on behind the scenes; we are talking about secrets and facts that are industry-wide. Like what you might ask?  Well, check it out for yourself. Here are 15 things you didn't know about the adult entertainment industry. And if you did know, shame on you.

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15 Males Aged 12-17 Watch It the Most

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This may be a surprise to some, or it might seem like the easiest thing to figure out in the world, but apparently boys 12-17 are the biggest consumers of this industry's wares. This, of course, makes sense in one way because when you are that age, the whole thing is a little mysterious. Well, at least it is until you check out some adult videos. Then it becomes a little less mysterious and a little more "Oh my God what did I just see happen?"

14 It Makes More Money Than the Top Tech Companies

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You know how you are always thinking about how you need to get a job with a company that is in a growing industry? Well, forget about those tech companies everyone talks about. The adult entertainment industry makes more than Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Netflix, and even Apple. And as far as I know, you don't have to spend a whole lot of time getting a college degree to get a good job. You just have to be shameless, and be willing to either not wear clothes or be around a whole bunch of people who don't wear clothes.

13 Every Second 28,258 Users Are Watching It on the Internet

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According to Webroot, every single second that goes by almost 30,000 people are checking out adult entertainment on the internet. So, in the time it took you to read that, probably 60,000 people watched some. Unless you are kind of slow and don't read well- then it was probably 120,000. The point is though, whether you are a quick reader or whether you are having someone read this to you, that is a heck of a lot of people watching.  All the time.

12 Kansas Watches It the Most

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For shame, Kansas. According to studies, Kansas watches more of it than any other state. Why could this be? Well, it is thought to be a rather boring place for one thing, and there really is not a whole lot going on. That could be it, I suppose. I personally tend to think it all may rest on the shoulders of one of my friends who lives there. He's unemployed and has a lot of time on his hands, so one never knows. If you have any other theories I will listen, but right now I'm going with mine.

11 "Lesbian" Is the Most Popular Search Term Nationwide

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Well, this one is a shocker, let me tell you. Who would have thought that the word "lesbian" would be number one in search terms for adult entertainment films. I never would have thought that in a million years. Are guys into that kind of thing? Who knew? Number two was "Stepmom". I feel bad for Dads all over the world now. There were many other things on the list, obviously, but those are the only two I can say and still be allowed to write for this site.

10 1o. Adult Entertainment Has Its Own Union

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There used to be something called the Adult Film Association of America, and now there is something called The Free Speech Coalition.  Both organizations have attempted to protect the rights of people in the adult entertainment industry. There are a lot of things to protect of course. The industry is constantly under attack from lawmakers and not only that but the average performer does not have a long career. This is one industry that needs organized support.

9 On Average, Single Men View It for 40 Minutes Per Week

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According to a study, the average single guy watches around 40 minutes of this stuff a week, while the average guy that is in a relationship checks it out for 20 minutes a week. I don't know if this is good or bad. I mean it doesn't seem like a whole lot but why just an extra twenty minutes for a single guy? Single guys need to step up their game! By the way, if you are a little over the average it isn't anything to be worried about, but if you are way over it, go get help. Log off now, my friend, the sun is shining outside.

8 Almost All Guys Have Checked It Out at Least Once

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At one point, some genius with too much time on his hands tried to do a study that involved guys that had never, ever watched anything created by the adult entertainment industry. In news that was shocking to the researchers, but not to anyone with an ounce of common sense, they could not find anyone. I am sure there must be a few guys out there that have never seen any of this at all, but I am not sure if I want to meet them.

7 Every 39 Minutes a Video Is Being Created in the United States

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Every 39 minutes in this great land of ours called America there is a guy with a camera filming a couple of women doing things that they don't want their mother to see. Some of these productions are ones that have a big budget and some of them are done in someone's basement while being filmed on a smartphone. All of them feature women that think they will be stars. They probably also all feature women who are going to regret their decision.

6 It Is the Biggest, Most Lucrative Industry in the World

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This is the whole industry, not just the film industry. There are so many different aspects to the adult industry from clubs to shops to escorts and so on. When you count it all up the adult industry is the biggest one in the entire world. Which makes sense when you think of it. We like our cars, our gadgets and our technology, but there is one thing that we like just a little bit more, and the adult industry has that market cornered.

5 Mobile Devices Are Changing the Industry

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While in the old days one would only watch adult entertainment on one's television or computer, now mobile devices are starting to become more popular. There have been reports that one in five searches for adult entertainment originated from a mobile device. While this bodes well for the adult industry, it is not quite as good news for the rest of us. Personally, I think I'll wait until I get off the subway before accessing such material.  It's good to have standards.

4 It Makes More Money Than MLB And The NFL Combined

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I know we covered this in a sense, but to put it in perspective, the adult industry makes more than Major League Baseball and the NFL combined. So you thought that sports was your guy's favorite pastime? Well, you can guess again. There appears to be only one thing that can tear a guy away from his TV on Sunday during football season, and no, it isn't his wife asking him when he is going to rake the lawn.

3 Guys Don't Make A Whole Lot

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There are a few big stars out there that have become filthy rich from their work in adult films but most of the stars are women, and a woman with even an average career can do okay. Not so for the guys. I know, big deal, right? You would do it for free. Well, maybe once you would, but if you thought about or knew what really went on you probably wouldn't. Guys make anywhere from $50 to $1500 dollars a scene and don't "last" long.

2 A Lot Of The Directors Are Women

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While the stereotypical director in adult film is a guy, more and more of the directors are women. Many of those, such as Rebecca Lord, were big stars who started off as actresses, then moved on to work behind the camera producing and directing as they got a bit older.  This makes sense, of course, as a female director that used to be a star would be way more likely to be able to connect with the actresses in the film than some male, since she has done it all herself.

1 It Isn't Just Guys Who Watch It.

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This one may be a little bit of a surprise to you but women watch a lot of it, too. Of course, there would need to be some pretty heavy research involved in this kind of thing. How many of these women watched it on their own, and how many watched it because their boyfriend said "Come on baby, just watch it for a little bit with me, it will be fun?" It is hard to know but it is safe to say that while many women like it there still are a ton who don't. So be careful out there.

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