15 Embarrassing Things Paris Hilton Wants Her Fans To Forget

Bear with us, please, because we are going to go through 15 Embarrassing Things Paris Hilton Wants Her Fans To Forget. Like when she walked out on the town and didn’t realize she had red lipstick stains all over her two front teeth. Priceless makeup gaffe. While we hate to admit it, there are people out there who admire or look up to Paris Hilton, or people who just love to hate her. Whatever your personal interests or opinions are, we won’t judge, but we do want to point out some hilariously embarrassing moments that have happened throughout Paris Hilton’s “career,” if that’s what you want to call it. From the stupid things she has been quoting saying, to her failed business endeavors, to those politically incorrect and insensitive comments...there is just so much to rag on Paris Hilton for. In fact, she is probably used to being the butt of celebrity jokes, since she is known all around the world for being “famous for being famous.”

Even so, this original Kim Kardashian certainly provided a lot of entertainment and laughs (as well as some head shakes) throughout the past decade. In fact, it has been over 10 years that Paris has been a hotel heiress with Hollywood power. While the paparazzi and media tabloids around her have mostly fizzled out, she still makes appearances here and there. We are just fine with her staying under the radar, so long as she isn’t getting busted for drug possession or asking stupid questions like what Wal-Mart and soup kitchens are.

15 Her Really Stupid Quotes


Did you know that there are websites dedicated to all of the stupid and ironic things that Paris Hilton has said? Here are some of her “best” quotes. For example: “I don’t really think, I just walk.” Granted, she was probably saying this when referring to how she keeps her cool on the red carpet, but given that it was Paris who said it, this quote is funny and very true. She doesn’t seem to think at all! Another quote is: “I love Africa in general, South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.” Uh, last time we checked a map, West Africa wasn’t a country. Proving to fans that she is way too good to shop at Wal-Mart, Paris was quoted as saying “ they like, make walls there?” And our personal favorite is this crown jewel of Paris Hilton quotes: “What’s a soup kitchen?” Oh, Paris.

14 Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest


In 2006, at the height of her fame - and much to the chagrin of real gamers - Paris Hilton partnered with Gameloft to release a mobile game called Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest. True story. We personally think that agreeing to create a Paris Hilton video game underneath your company brand name would be a suicide mission, but whatever, Gameloft. You do you. Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest was even revealed at the E3 video game conference. Paris arrived an hour and a half late for her public appearance, and then she forgot the name of the video game when she was giving her speech. Reviews of the game were so-so, and the mobile game was rather simple and left little to be truly enjoyed. One reviewer said that the levels were rudimentary with “no perceivable increase in difficulty between levels.” In short, don’t waste your time with Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest. Just play Bejeweled instead.

13 Her Five Razzie Awards

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Yup, Paris Hilton was honored (or dishonored) with five Golden Raspberry Awards for her pitiful acting roles. Her first Razzie was awarded in 2006 when she won Worst Supporting Actress for House of Wax. At least audiences got to see her die via a pole through the face! Her next Razzie recognition was in 2009 when she got three Golden Raspberries for Worst Actress, Worst Screen Couple, and Worst Supporting Actress. Those were for her appearances in The Hottie and the Nottie and Repo! The Genetic Opera. 2010 was when she won her fifth Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress of the Decade, and we also cannot forget the honorable mention: she was nominated for Most Tiresome Tabloid Target in 2006. When Paris was slammed for her acting in House of Wax, the celebutante took it in stride and was eventually able to make fun of herself and laugh about how terrible of an actress she was.

12 When Her Popularity Died

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She was no longer starring in The Simple Life; Kim Kardashian had become famous in her own right; and Paris’s music and fashion endeavors were flopping. It led to the tabloids and gossip magazines to deem Paris Hilton a “has-been,” and one of the most overrated celebrities of the year. The summer of 2011 was rough for the hotel heiress...she tried the reality TV game again by appearing in The World According to Paris, but it ended up yielding crappy viewership ratings and no one really remembers that show. News and media outlets began writing articles about Paris, detailing her decline into obscurity, such as Why Has Paris Hilton Disappeared? While others were quoted as saying Paris went through “Phase one...the ascension...and Phase two, she disappears.” A world with less Paris Hilton exposure was widely accepted by people all over the world who were sick of this blonde dimwit.

11 When She Stormed Off Good Morning America


Piggybacking off of her rapid decline in popularity, Paris Hilton got angered and embarrassed during an appearance on the nationally-renown Good Morning America. This was just another example of how immature Paris Hilton really is. As we said, 2011 was a time when the world was cooling off from all of the Paris Hilton media attention and news stories. It was a long time coming, and hey, celebrities can’t be red-hot all the time. It was a moment for Paris to take a break. Yet she wasn’t quite ready to be back on the sidelines. During her GMA interview, Paris was asked about the decline in her popularity, and whether she was worried that “her moment had passed.” Paris promptly got up, stormed off the GMA set, and left the studio. You can’t hide the facts! 60% of Americans viewed her unfavorably. Not to mention she was named the most unpopular celebrity in the US in an Ipsos poll.

10 Her Worst Celebrity Role Model Title

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Yup, there is actually a poll for such a thing. In 2006, Paris Hilton made it to #2 on the AOL and the Associated Press’ list of The Worst Celebrity Role Models. In case you were wondering, Britney Spears was #1. Anyway, the reasons for Paris being named a terrible role model is plentiful and quite obvious. She really doesn’t possess any true talent (she had a music career and a fashion presence solely because of her inheritance.) Moreover, Paris has made a name for herself by being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed dumbass who just goes around saying “That’s hot” and carrying around a toy chihuahua dressed in pink. Early on in her “career” she was known for being a bit of a bully, bossing around the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie. Paris is also quite stupid and she doesn’t keep up to date on current events or important life issues.

9 When She Got Busted

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In the summer of 2010, the fab hotel heiress Paris Hilton was busted for cocaine charges, and her mugshot was priceless. It showed Paris at the police station with a cheeky lip-glossed smile, blue eyes under heavily lashed eyelids, and her signature blonde hair looking primped and pampered and with a tasteful side braid. As Paris was cruising in a black Cadillac Escalade with her boyfriend in Las Vegas, she was pulled over by the cops. The tell-tale sign was a huge puff of marijuana smoke coming out of the Escalade’s windows. Paris was possessing a small amount of cocaine, which landed her in the slammer overnight. She claimed that the crack in the purse wasn’t hers, because it was a “low-end designer handbag.” Anyway, Paris was originally sentenced to one year probation, 200 hours of community service, a stay in rehab, and a $2,000 fee. Chump change for her.

8 When Japan Kicked Her Out

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Thanks to that drug-related charge, Paris Hilton had some trouble getting through the airport in Japan. Apparently, she wasn’t aware that there was a law in Japan (and other Asian countries) that says that foreign travelers who were charged with drug possession can be denied entry into the country. That was the case with Paris Hilton, who was trying to tour through Asia to promote her fragrance and fashion products. Too bad! She was held at the immigration gate at the Tokyo airport and was questioned for hours on end. Finally, it was decided that she needed to get on a plane and head back to the United States. Paris had to cancel the rest of her Asia tour, although there was probably more relief than disappointment about that. Japan don’t want no Paris Hilton! Even so, that happened six years ago, so she probably hopes that everyone can forget about that and maybe she’s allowed in Japan now.

7 1 Night in Paris


Oh, you wouldn’t think that Paris would be the “first Kim Kardashian” and not have her own sex tape, would you? Of course Paris Hilton publicly humiliated herself with a homemade adult video with her ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon. It was aptly named 1 Night in Paris and it earned her a 2005 AVN Award for the best renting and selling title of that year. This was one award that Paris was not proud of, and she actually took refuge in her mansion for a few days to avoid the paparazzi and the questions about her leaked tape. She even declined TV promos for her new reality TV show The Simple Life because she had the shadow of 1 Night in Paris hanging over her. Paris claims that she was drunk and “out of it” during filming. She was devastated by its release, but no one is going to be forgetting about it!

6 Her Film Role in House of Wax


The film got just a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is also widely known and accepted that Paris Hilton was cast in the D-list movie solely as a publicity stunt. The girl can’t act, so when she was killed off in the film, audiences cheered. Plus, the way she dies is totally epic - she gets a pole wielded through that fake face of hers. With or without Paris Hilton, House of Wax would have been a dud. It was just a crappy horror movie that was trying to be sexy and trendy, but that plan seriously backfired. We’re pretty certain that everyone who acted or took part in House of Wax would like you all to forget about it. It was clear that Paris Hilton was at the highest point in her “career,” and so including her in the film would help to bring people to the theater. House of Wax was released in 2005, but it’s still remembered for being terribly outlandish.

5 She Didn’t Make Up “That’s Hot”

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Yeah, so Paris Hilton is known for repeating that stupid catchphrase “That’s hot.” But did you know that she isn’t even the one who originated that phrase? Of course not! Paris couldn’t make up anything. She actually learned that phrase when she was hanging around with Damon Dash and Jay Z, the masterminds behind Roc-a-Fella Records. Why she was hanging around with them is a different story. Basically she has a lot of money and she wanted to try the singing thing, so she turned to famous hip hop producer Damon Dash. Granted, her music video was absolutely terrible and her voice was seriously digitally altered. She released her premiere music video for “Stars Are Blind” back in 2006, when she was 25 years old. Not much has changed since then, but she wants you to think that she has matured a bit. We’re pretty sure “Stars Are Blind” was referring to herself.

4 All of Those Embarrassing Nicknames

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These are pretty clever though. We all know that Paris Hilton’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, so we weren’t surprised to hear these nicknames. Even so, they were so funny that we had to laugh. Paris has often been criticized for doing nothing to be famous, and basically just being famous for being famous. Some people even say that she was the first Kim Kardashian - just there to wave and smile and say stupid things. Well now Kim is actually more of a celeb than Paris is. Here are some of the nicknames for Paris Hilton that she would rather have you forget about: heirhead, celebutard, and “an American sphinx with no secrets,” who just tilts her head and smiles and makes money from it. And of course, there are just the random people scattered throughout Hollywood and all over the world who deem Paris Hilton a huge “Idiot.” Idiot with a capital I.

3 When She Dissed Kim Kardashian


According to Paris Hilton, it was she who made Kim Kardashian famous. Forget about Kim creating that sex tape with Ray J and owning up to her mistakes and choosing instead to make bank off of her body. Nope. That was all Paris Hilton’s doing.  In an interview with ET, Paris was quoted as saying “I created Kim Kardashian, her whole family owes me life.” Back when Paris was the queen of her reality TV show and living The Simple Life days, she was totally in charge of Kim. Paris would let Kim tag along - sometimes - and other times Paris stabbed Kim in the back and had her clean and organize her closet or just be quiet. Seriously, it must have been super embarrassing for Kim, but now the tables are turned!

2 The Princess Diaries

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For her 33rd birthday party, Paris Hilton wore a hot pink princess gown that made her look like Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum - just with blonde hair. She even had a diamond-dazzled tiara to go with it, because it’s totally acceptable to wear a tiara in your 30s, right? The gown was designed by Alon Livne and featured a bodice made of two symmetrical swirly panels that covered her chest. The skirt was long and flowy, but there was an extremely high slit that went all the way up to her hips. While Paris was being photographed on the red carpet, she showed everyone her goods down there, and she wasn’t wearing any panties, so you can do the math. It’s especially funny because in the photo, Paris seems blissfully unaware that everyone can see her crotch area. She is just smiling at the camera and posing - which is basically the only thing she does.

1 Her Gay Rant


Nearly four years ago, Paris Hilton totally made herself a focal point of hate and anger when she was recorded ranting about and bashing gay men. Paris claimed that many gay men tend to have sexual intercourse with random people they meet at gay clubs, bars, etc. She then went on to say that because of gay men being more promiscuous, they usually are riddled with AIDS. Paris continued to rant and look down on gay men, and worst of all, she was in a taxi cab with a gay man during her rant! Paris was galavanting in New York City for 2012 Fashion Week, and after an after-party event, she met a male model (who happened to be openly gay) and the two of them shared a taxi ride home. The two started a conversation about gay men, in which Paris was clearly recorded as saying that “most homosexual men have AIDS.”


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