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15 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments That Will Make You Cringe

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15 Embarrassing Celebrity Moments That Will Make You Cringe


We often put celebrities on a pedestal because of how popular they are. For some reason, being a public figure makes us assume that these people, who are human in every sense of the word, are immune to mistakes and are somehow flawless by default. However, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, because of their high-strung lives and the constant stress of being under the spotlight, celebrities are bound to make more mistakes than most regular people ever will. That being said, sometimes celebrities will go out of their way to do some of the dumbest things that have been, unfortunately for them, caught on camera for the world to see.

Some of these things are just plain bad luck, while the others are basically things that common sense would tell you to never do. Either way, these celebs did it, and their misfortune is now on display for the world to see.

15. Ashlee Simpson’s Lip-Sync Disaster

Remember Ashlee Simpson? Jessica Simpson’s little sister rose to prominence with a few hit songs back in the early-mid 2000s, but one of her most memorable moments is this disaster that took place on Saturday Night Live. Not only was Ashlee busted for lip-syncing, she also tried to cover it up in the worst way possible.

Apparently the track that was played wasn’t what Miss Simpson was supposed to sing, so she just fumbled around on stage before doing an awkward dance of some sort while the live audience – and everyone watching at home – tried not to let their faces implode due to cringing. To make matters much worse, she blamed her band for the mishap later that night before the show went off air.

14. Justin Bieber Vomits On Stage



Who drinks milk minutes before a rigorous concert? Justin Bieber, apparently. The Biebs decided that it was a good idea to pair dairy products with a highly physical routine that involved dancing, singing, loud music, and lots of flashing lights… and the results were pretty nasty. I can imagine the horror his teenage fanbase must have endured as the seemingly flawless Bieber turned out to be not so perfect after all… as he vomited his dinner all over the stage. Then again, I’m sure some of his more rabid fans probably thought that it was pretty cute, too.

13. Jerry Seinfeld Gets Mad At Larry King

Larry King is renowned as one of the most famous talkshow hosts, ever. But even a veteran like Larry can make a mistake or two, and unfortunately for the old man in suspenders, it happened during his interview with the remarkably vocal Jerry Seinfeld. Larry’s seemingly innocent curiosity was to know if Jerry was the one who decided to end the show or if the show was cancelled by the network. However, the question didn’t sit well with Seinfeld, who happened to star in the biggest TV show at the time. The confrontation that ensued was awkward and mildly hostile, with Jerry occasionally breaking a smile to lighten the mood.

12. Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction



People are still confused by what is arguably the most famous Super Bowl moment of all time. Was this a genuine wardrobe malfunction, or was Janet Jackson’s breast exposed on purpose as a massive publicity stunt? I guess we’ll never know the truth, but the reaction on everyone’s faces when it happened was downright priceless. In one of the most awkward incidents to be ever shown on TV, Justin Timberlake accidentally tugs on Janet Jackson’s vest to unleash the most shocking nip-slip in the history of nip-slips!

11. 50 Cent’s Botched Pitch

While we can argue ad nauseam about 50 Cent’s credibility as a rapper and hip hop artist, there’s probably no debate as to whether or not he can throw a ball. The multi-platinum record artist was asked to throw the first pitch at a Mets game and failed in spectacular fashion, as the ball missed its mark by such a wide margin that it would probably make more sense if 50 Cent was aiming to miss in the first place.

10. John Travolta’s Oscar Fail

Have you ever called someone by the wrong name only to immediately realize you messed up, but it was too late because they’d already heard you? Remember how the blood rushed to your face as you felt the sudden pang of embarrassment wrap around your entire being? Well, John Travolta did that in front of hundreds of peers and millions of viewers during the Oscars in 2014. Instead of calling Idina Menzel by her actual name, he introduced her as… Adele Dazeem. How he got Adele Dazeem from Idina Menzel is something the world will never find out, and may not ever want to, but Travolta’s epic Oscars botch still follows him around to this day.

9. Coco Gets a Butt Ultrasound

Have you ever been accused of having a fake butt? Probably not, so you’ll never know how Coco Austin felt when she was accused of enhancing her backside via surgery and implants. However, Coco wasn’t having any of it and scheduled an ultrasound to prove that her dashing derriere was in fact, 100% authentic.

The test was part of The Doctors, a show that’s highly popular albeit its immense controversy, and the segment had audiences applauding the doctor’s results as he announced that Coco’s buttocks were completely real like it was some sort of grand achievement. Yay, I guess? Unfortunately, critics – or “haters” as Coco’s husband Ice T calls them – are still unconvinced, citing that she could have had fats removed from other parts of her body just to add some junk to that trunk.

8. Ariana Grande’s Donut Licking Habit

Do you lick every donut at the donut store just for fun? No, of course not, because that would be gross, not to mention super weird. Ariana Grande doesn’t seem to have an issue with licking other people’s donuts though – and no, that isn’t a euphemism. The pop sensation was caught on camera “savoring” some of the donuts on display while her order was being processed. To make matters worse, she then tongue-wrestled her boyfriend. I guess licking donuts turns them on… or something. Why she did this is a mystery, but it’s safe to assume that you shouldn’t visit food stores that have been visited by Ariana Grande in the future. You know, for hygienic reasons.

7. Robin Thicke Grabs a Handful



Robin Thicke exploded onto the music scene a few years ago with his single, “Blurred Lines”, but his career and personal life have taken a few hits since. His personal life has been marred by divorce and allegations of infidelity, while his career hasn’t exactly surpassed its initial success either. And then there’s this picture that has been making its rounds on the interwebs. Robin Thicke thought it would be fine to grab a handful of a fan’s bum during a photo op, not realizing that a mirror behind the two had captured Thicke’s hand during the sleazy act. Look, I know celebs take groupies to their hotel rooms all the time, but is Thicke really so desperate that he can’t keep his hands from going full-on perv in public?

6. Drake Grossed Out by Madonna

Apparently Drake doesn’t buy into Madonna’s whole sex icon gimmick… or maybe he does and just doesn’t appreciate her slapping a big wet one on him without prior warning. In one of the most cringeworthy videos I’ve ever seen, Madonna walks up to Drake all sexual-like during a concert and plants one on him during the performance. I guess that part was in the script… until she decides to start giving him some tongue action… or in this case, “Xenomorphing” the poor guy. Drake is obviously grossed out and quickly tries to wash the taste out of his mouth. Wow… talk about having your ego shattered, right Queen of Pop?

5. Milli Vanilli Exposed



Milli Vanilli’s lip-syncing debacle is much like Ashlee Simpson’s SNL fail… only a hundred times worse, ultimately leading to the abrupt end of the duo’s careers. Originally from Germany, Milli Vanilli charted a highly successful career for themselves after the release of their debut album, Girl You Know It’s True, which earned them a Grammy for Best New Artist. Unfortunately, it was later exposed that none of the vocals on the album belonged to either Fab Morvan or Rob Pilatus, causing their fame to instantly plummet.

A few years later, Milli Vanilli decided to record a comeback album, which was sadly never released due to the untimely passing of Rob Pilatus.

4. Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Argue On TV

Everyone has had that one experience of being caught in the middle of a heated argument between two other people. Sometimes it’s your friend’s parents yelling at each other in the living room while you’re on the third level of God Of War II, so you just pretend to keep playing like nothing is happening. Other times, it’s an intense couple’s debate on the drive to some place, and you’re stuck in the back seat wishing it didn’t have to be so damn awkward.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed decided to let us all in on their little family beef though, and it was one of the most uncomfortable things to watch. Gene, being the goof that he is, says something that irks Shannon during a live interview, and she responds by storming off set. Yikes. Next time, leave your domestic issues and petty arguments at home, for the sake of everyone watching.

3. Kramer Goes Crazy

A word of warning, this video is heavy with profanity and racial slurs, so consider it unsettling to say the least.

Michael Richards‘ career never really recovered after this horrific rant at The Laugh Factory, a famous stand-up comedy joint patronized by a lot of famous Hollywood comics. Apparently Richards, famous for playing the eccentric Kramer on Seinfeld, was either heckled or distracted by audience members who were talking during his set, which sent the Seinfeld star into a full-blown, rage-induced meltdown.

What ensues is hard to watch. Michael Richards spews line after line of racial venom at his audience, before many of them decide to yell back and leave the show. Richards tried to apologize during Jerry Seinfeld’s segment on David Letterman a little later, but the evidence was too deliberate for anyone to look at him the same way again.

2. David Hasselhoff’s Drunk Video



Okay, I saved this post for second last because unlike the previous entries, it isn’t as easy to brush off. In fact, it’s some pretty unsettling stuff. After a successful career as TV show lifeguard, hunk, and overall sex symbol of the 80s and 90s, David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff’s life and career took a turn for the worst when videos of him eating food off the floor while severely intoxicated spread like wildfire all over the internet in 2007. And it wasn’t fun to watch.

To make matters worse, the videos were taken by his 16-year-old daughter, who David had instructed to tape him if he ever relapsed. The whole incident is one big mess, with a young girl being forced to play the parent in what is obviously a cry for help from a man battling with debilitating alcoholism. Fortunately, Hasselhoff has cleaned up his act for the most part and now stars in smaller roles and makes cool cameos in bigger productions. Nonetheless, putting his daughter in a traumatic situation like that was a display of poor parenting, so let’s hope she’s doing much better as well.

1. Paula Abdul’s Bizarre Fox News Interview

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the last decade or so, chances are you’ve seen at least one celebrity interview blooper or “fail” compilation on YouTube. Only a few, however, live on in infamy as truly bizarre segments. Unfortunately for ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul, her hard-to-watch interview on Fox News continues to make rounds to this day as one of the most awkward displays of intoxicated behavior on live television.

It’s hard to believe that this segment even went on for so long. Where was Paula’s publicist? Rumors suggest that she was drunk, high, or both, and the side-effects of such habits reared its ugly head for everyone to see, in the worst way possible.

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