15 Dumbest Criminals To Ever Walk The Face Of The Earth

It's a tough world out there for most of us. Especially for those who choose to live it on the wrong side of the law. In fact, it might actually require quite a bit more focus and skill than everyday, normal professions. And this just goes to prove that not everyone is built to handle illegal business, as much as some might try. Think about the amount of planning that might need to be done just for one single crime. Or if it's a spontaneous act - you still need some kind of precision, speed or agility - heck, maybe even a sixth sense - in order to execute it.

And while the best criminals are probably those we've never heard of, word about the failures among the outlaws spreads pretty fast, which is exactly what this list is about. We've gathered fifteen of the funniest, creepiest and dumbest criminal minds out there, who got caught either because one way or another, they simply weren't careful enough. You can hardly blame them for it, though, everyone can have a bad day at work. With the only difference that for most people the bad day isn't necessarily going to end behind bars.

15 If You Can't Drive, Don't Steal A Car

14 Announced Robbery

13 The One-Million Dollar Bill

12 When In Doubt, Hand Over Your Gun

11 Here's My Number, Call Me Maybe?

10 Say What?

9 Street Drugs Are Non Refundable

8 Facebook Addiction

7 Wait, Let Me Take A Selfie


6 Chose Your Weapon Wisely

5 Taking Notes

4 "Sorry I Robbed You"

3 Cold Calling

2 Fake ID

1 A Non Fiction Crime Novel


Krystian Bala takes the cake when it comes to personally exposing yourself as a criminal to the world. Only unlike the other crimes on this list, there's not much to laugh about here. In fact, this case has a bit of an eerie note to it. Bala is a Polish author, known for his debut work and best-selling novel Amok, in which he included his own experience as a murderer. It was later found that he was responsible for the murder of a Polish businessman and it wouldn't have been possible, if the investigators hadn't linked the creepy book with the crime they had been struggling to solve. Krystian Bala was found guilty and sentenced to twenty five years of prison.

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15 Dumbest Criminals To Ever Walk The Face Of The Earth