15 Disturbing Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

You spend $200 on a hotel room while traveling and you think everything is good right? When you check into your hotel, you don’t even think about what could be going on behind the scenes. You should be worried. There are plenty of secrets the hotel staff and management don’t want you to know. You check in to your room and it looks clean. The bed is made, the pillows are fluffed and the bathroom is stocked with toiletries and clean towels. What happens behind the scenes after the last person checks out and before you check in? There’s even disturbing things that go on during your stay.

Those huge resorts where you spend your vacation every year could even be the worst to stay at. The bigger the resort, the harder it is to monitor what goes on. They also have large overheads that need to be paid for. You would expect the best from your hotel or resort. It’s the minimum you would expect when you shell out $200 or more per night. Once you know their secrets, you could think twice about booking a room again.

There are certain things a hotel’s management and staff never want their guests to find out. Here’s 15 things that go on that will shock you.

15 Your Room Is Not As Clean As It Looks


The reason why you get away is so you can have someone else do your cleaning for you. Is the room you checked in to really clean? There are potentially hundreds of people using the same room over the course of a year. While most areas of your hotel room are clean, there are others that you should be aware of.

Take the blankets and bed spread cover for example. The blankets rarely get washed and the bed spreads never do. The drinking glasses are another you definitely need to be concerned about. They look sparkling clean, but have they really been properly cleaned? According to a report by Money: How Stuff Works, Fox News reported in 2007 that a hidden camera located in Atlanta hotels revealed glasses often go unwashed, and worse, treated with potentially harmful substances. Check out those drinking glasses sitting on the bathroom counter and see what really happens next.

14 Don’t Drink From The Glasses In Your Room


Did you know some hotels clean the glasses in your hotel room with furniture polish? They do this to make them sparkle giving them the appearance that they are new and shiny. We’ve even heard of some hotel maids washing the glasses in the toilet because they didn’t get a tip from the guest staying in the room they are cleaning. Have you ever heard of a restaurant cook spitting in the food when the customer returns it because their steak isn’t the way they want it? It sounds disgusting and it could happen in your hotel if you don’t treat your maid with respect. You better wash those glasses before you drink out of them or use them to rinse your mouth after you brush your teeth.

13 Mini Bars


Here’s an area you need to check thoroughly before using. How dirty can a hotel mini-bar be? It’s not the bar itself, but the drinks inside you need to worry about. Many hotels provide a mini bar in the rooms stocked with beer, water and even hard liquor. Most resorts don’t charge for the service and restock the items you’ve consumed each day. Yet there are some that do charge for items taken out and they keep a running tab for you and you pay a fee when you check out.

You might want to check the seals on those drinks in the mini-bar. We heard of one hotel in Las Vegas where the previous guests got liquored up after a night of gambling and filled the liquor bottles with water or worse yet, urine to avoid paying for them. It sounds crazy, but it could happen to you. It’s easy for your housekeeper to miss this, so check the seals before drinking.

12 Bed Bugs Are On The Rise


Just because you stay at an expensive hotel doesn’t mean it's free of insects. The worst of these is bed bugs with infestations on the rise. These pests are causing major problems in hospitals, apartment buildings and even hotels. They are small and difficult to detect and can come in from the previous guest who stayed in your room. Bed bugs are easy to transport in luggage and once they're there, they're hard to get rid of.

Your hotel staff will never let it get out that the hotel has been treated in the past or has an issue with bed bugs. You can check out a free service called Bed Bug Registry before you book a room to find out any potential issues. They have a database of user-submitted reports from hundreds of hotels across America. Some of the information is dated, so do your homework before hand.

11 Dead Bodies


As strange as it may sound, people die while staying at a hotel. Hotel staff will never reveal when a person has passed away in one of their rooms. This happens more often than you would think even at the most exclusive resorts around the world. Natural deaths occur, but the most frequent reason is because of a drug overdose. And yes, even employees make the list quite often. With the rise of recreational drugs, many hotel guests use the opportunity while traveling to party a bit too hard. This results in many overdoses in hotel rooms and the victim never wakes up. There have been many drownings in the hotel's swimming pool and guests who fall to their death off the room’s balcony. We heard of one hotel in a resort town where a biker gang murdered a member and scrubbed the room clean before the police arrived.

10 Suicides


If you are traveling to Las Vegas, you need to take special caution. A little known fact hotels in Sin City will never tell you is that it’s called the suicide capital of America. According to coroner's' records going back to October 1998, a guest in a hotel commits suicide in the nation's gambling capital about once a month. "They pick Las Vegas and kill themselves," former Clark County Coroner Ron Flud told CBS News. "It's a fact."

No one really knows why Vegas is the place people choose to commit suicide more often, but it’s flowing with booze, drugs, and money. Every one of these things can drive a person mad and coerce him/her into making that impulsive final decision. The resort with the fewest suicides? Disney World.

9 Accidents


Here’s one that’s kind of creepy. Obviously, accidents happened in hotels all the time. The garden caretaker gets his foot caught in the lawn mower blade, the chef cuts his finger while cooking dinner in the hotel's five star restaurant, or the housekeeper falls down a flight of stairs while cleaning the stairwell. There was another incident that occurred in a hotel that will make you think every time you get in the elevator to go up to your room.

The hotel elevator needed repair and the repairman was called to fix the issue. As the worker was fixing the problem located at the bottom of the elevator shaft, the elevator was raised to see if the problem was fixed. As the elevator reached the top, a cable snapped and the elevator car fell to the bottom killing the repairman instantly. Many of these accidents never make the news.

8 Police And Fire


This is a little known secret that is never talked about outside hotel staff and management circles. Hotels will do anything possible to keep from being in the news. It’s not good for business when you get negative publicity and hotels want to stay out of the limelight. Management will form a “partnership” with the police and fire departments just to keep things out of the public eye. Many things go on that hotels want to keep quiet. Hotels will do whatever it takes to keep these departments out of their place of business. It's speculation, but you can guess what kind of transactions occur to keep them out of the hotel's crosshairs. This leads to the next thing involving the local authorities.

7 Infractions


There can be many public codes, fire safety and building certificates that are needed to keep a hotel open for business on any given day. Any number of violations in any of these areas can shut down the hotel in a heartbeat. Just like wanting to stay out of the news, hotels need to fly under the radar in a number of areas. By doing so, they're kept from being cited for various infractions or finding themselves on the front page of the news. Hotels will bend the rules, sometimes sacrificing the guests safety in order to keep the reservations coming.

6 Celebrities And Officials


When celebrities travel, sometimes they'll stay at the same resorts and hotels from around the world. These famous people want to get away from the bright lights and it’s hard for them to do this so they enlist the help of the hotel management. The staff gets paid well to keep their stay private and out of the public's eye. This can even be the case for high-ranking public officials. At the bigger resorts, it’s common for hotels to see these individuals on a daily basis. They often use aliases to keep from being bothered and they will slip the hotel staff extra cash for them to work hard at keeping their identity a secret while they are there.

5 Lost And Found


If you do lose something while you are staying at a hotel, you may not ever see it again. Hotels do have a lost and found policy in place but if you lose something, it’s very likely to end up in a guest's or staff's pocket.

What are the top ten items left behind in a hotel room? Mobile phone chargers, underwear, false teeth and hearing aids, shoes and items of clothing, car keys and house keys, toiletries, adult toys, electric toothbrushes, laptops and jewelry. You don’t ever want to lose or leave anything of value at a hotel. If you do, notify security immediately.

4 Hotel Employees Using The Rooms For Adult Fun


It happens in many different work environments, but it’s even easier for it to take place at a hotel. What better place to have sex with a co-worker than a hotel where you have a locked room and a bed? It’s a dirty little secret that the hotel staff doesn’t want you or their boss to find out. After a guest has checked out and before the room is cleaned, there’s a window of opportunity where the room is left undisturbed. This happens more often that you think.

3 It Costs More In the Morning


If you are going to book a hotel room, don’t make the reservation early in the day. Why? It will end up costing you more if you do. Rooms are more expensive in the morning. Hotels don’t want you to know this because people book rooms early more often to make sure they can get a room. When is the best time to make that reservation? Make your reservation just after 6 pm. This is when all the cancelled reservations that were secured by credit cards are freed up. Hotels want to fill these rooms and will cut you a deal to do so. In some larger cities and hotels, this time may even be 4pm.

2 Don't Use The Valet Parking


Did you know most hotels aren't liable for any damage incurred by their valet drivers? One valet at a hotel took an expensive BMW sports car and took it for a joy ride after getting the keys from the owner. He even videotaped the whole event in the underground parking garage and the video went viral. The valet and his buddy had a good time with the car, squealing the tires and doing clutch dumps. The owner found out and was obviously livid when he saw the condition his car was in. The manager found out and the valet was fired immediately. Be careful who you give your car keys to even if you are driving a rental car.

1 Prostitution 


Yep, this goes on a lot more often than you think. The high priced hookers are often called to the most expensive hotels. Prostitution is a multi billion dollar business and much of it takes place in the room you just booked for a night's stay. It could be going on in the room right next to yours. The hotel staff knows it's going on and they turn the other way. They see these high-priced call girls often and know exactly what’s going on. They might even get slipped some cash to look the other way. There was one high end resort in Phoenix where a prostitution ring operated their business to service their customers who were business travelers and executives.

Sources: money.howstuffworks.comm

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15 Disturbing Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know