15 Disturbing Images You Shouldn't See In The Dark

Sometimes some of the most heartwarming, touching, and emotional pictures and stories are seen on the internet. The world wide web has limitless possibilities for what you are able to view. Sometimes, however, you might end up seeing the most terrifying photo in existence while lying in bed, alone, at midnight.

Sometimes you see a picture that you just can’t forget. Maybe it is a scary face that keeps popping up in your newsfeed, or possibly a terrifying monster that you’re not sure actually exists or not. Either way, we have all seen an image or two that we wish we had not seen. Some images stick to our brains like glue, and some pop up when we close our eyes at night.

The internet can’t be trusted, as pretty much everyone has access to Photoshop and an evil enough brain to want to scare others. Whether it’s a fake image or not though, certain haunting pictures are still enough to stay on our mind and follow us everywhere.

Everyone loves a good scary story, but sometimes a picture is all you need to get that dose of spine chills. Besides, pictures say a thousand words of their own, right? It’s almost that time of year when everyone’s looking for a good haunt for when they’re alone in the dark. If you’re brave enough, or mean enough to share with your easily scared friends, here are 15 images so terrifying you won’t be able to forget them.

16 Don't Go In The Basement


Basements are scary places, just like abandoned houses. What do you get when you put a basement in an abandoned house? Double trouble. This photo stems from one user claiming that they took the picture in a basement of an abandoned house. The likelihood of the photo’s legitimate backstory isn’t very high, but that doesn’t mean the photo isn’t still terrifying.

Even if it is just a staged photo of some creepy guy wearing a mask, it’s still chilling enough to ensure that we’re never going into a basement alone ever again. It’s hard to tell if it is even a mask or just a sort of disfigured looking person. Either way, it’s pretty much the last thing I’d want to see waiting at the bottom of the basement stairs for me. It kind of has a sinister smile as well, making the creature all the scarier.

15 Don't Go Upstairs Either


Well, I guess we know what that guy downstairs was smiling at. Imagine walking down the stairs and seeing the guy in the previous photo waiting at the bottom. But then, when you turn around, this girl’s waiting for you at the top. What way would you choose to go?

The origins of this photo are unknown, but it looks like something that would come straight from The Grudge. When we’re home alone in a creepy house, it’s hard to not let our mind wander towards something paranormal.

Usually seeing creatures like this are common when letting our imaginations get the best of us. It’s terrifying enough to forget the picture of the last guy at the bottom of the stairs, but now we have to picture this girl following us around no matter which way up or down the stairs we go.

14 These Terrifying Twins


These creepy twins come from a short YouTube video. Not only are children terrifying to look at, but the fact that they have such sinister faces, devilish smiles, and are mostly identical is extra chilling. Found footage type horror content is among some of the spookiest types of scary videos there are.

The idea of finding an unmarked VHS or getting emailed a random unexplained video is a fear many have. The unexplainable resource and unknown origins chill our spines and make us wonder what kind of horror directors exist just watching us watch their creations.

Faces like these are definitely hard to forget. There’s something about the evil wide grin that feels extra sinister. The quality isn’t the highest, so it reminds us of something we might catch on our webcams or run into on YouTube. Good luck forgetting these faces next time you’re surfing the web.


12 At Least He's Got A Weapon


The above picture is of a man named Gerald Gardner, who is best known as being a large influential leader in the Wiccan world. The photo is said to be him summoning a demon during one of his wiccan rituals. The reality of what the little demon in the photo is though is mostly unknown. It’s still a rather chilling display and not an image we can get out of our mind easily.

Gerald Gardner was a rather eccentric person, so seeing him in a photograph like this isn’t that out of the ordinary, but when looking at the image with no context, it’s a rather spooky display. The photograph looks like something straight from an old horror movie. But if anyone could handle facing the demon, it’s Gerald. Let’s just hope that he sent the demon straight back where it came from after he summoned it.

11  11. She Seems Nice


Vintage photography can sometimes be scary itself. Many photographs don’t have a backstory, and rarely do you see a person actually smiling in a Victorian age photo. Add that on top of a picture of a demonic child and you have this photo as perfect nightmare fuel.

The scariest part of this picture is how real it looks. Whoever originally doctored the picture to make it look the way it is must be rather talented, but the origins on where the picture originated are difficult to locate for this photograph. Many believed it to be a postmortem photograph, or a picture of a vintage Halloween costume, but it is clear that there have been some post-photographic effects done to the picture. Either way, it’s still extremely terrifying and hard to shake from our minds.

10 What Could This Be?


This is one of the more disturbing night vision photographs to exist on the internet. If you look at the picture quickly, it looks like a person crawling at first glance. But the longer you look, the more you realize this is something much more sinister than just a human.

The photo is supposed evidence of a skinwalker, a Native American urban legend. Skinwalkers are humans with the ability to turn into any animal and are spotted walking on all fours. The picture surfaced on social media and gained huge popularity, causing a lot of fear among those who saw the picture.

Not long after it went viral, however, the picture was debunked. The photo actually derives from a movie called Xtro, an alien horror movie. Although the picture is faked, it’s still a terrifying image of what you might find when driving on the streets alone at night.

9 Would You Play With Her?


Along with this terrifying image comes an urban legend. The story goes that the parents of the little girl found a doll in the girl’s room one day, not knowing where it came from. Regardless, the little girl loved the doll and would play with it constantly. However, the little girl would often whisper to the doll, never sharing what exactly she was talking about. The parents feared the girl’s strange activities and got rid of the doll when they had the chance. One day however, they walked into the little girl’s room to find her head replaced with the doll’s head.

The photograph is actually just horror photography, but the image has been used and appropriated for urban legends like this one all across the world wide web. Whatever it’s used for doesn’t matter- this photo is still downright creepy.

8 That Can't Be Right


Body horror photography can be scary enough. It’s not normal for humans to see pictures of blood and guts spilling from another human. But when you take something human and fill it with machine parts, our skin crawls for different reasons.

When this historic photograph became available online, the internet went wild with conspiracies about where the photo came from. Many speculated that this is photographic evidence that robots are already living among us. Others stated that it was proof of possible robotic-like aliens undergoing government procedures.

While those theories would definitely be terrifyingly exciting, the truth is much less spooky. The image is of two engineers working on an animatronic cave man for one of Walt Disney’s theme parks in 1964. Although the truth behind the photo is less scary than not knowing what it’s from, it still seems chilling to imagine peeling back the realistic skin to reveal a computer instead of guts.

7 We Hope Those Are Masks


Halloween used to be seriously scary, and these pictures definitely prove that. The two children wearing the mask are said to be dressing up for Halloween, so we hope that’s the case. One of the most terrifying thoughts about children wearing masks is the idea that behind the mask, it might not actually be a kid at all, but instead a tiny demon.

Whoever created the masks is seriously disturbed as well. Perhaps the masks are of a popular cartoon character at the time, or a caricature of a famous icon. We’re used to seeing people wear funny masks nowadays, but seeing this vintage photograph of children in this context is something we won’t be able to easily forget. Regardless, compared to the cute costumes kids wear around Halloween today, this photo is absolutely terrifying.

6 Possessed Lady


This photograph is absolutely terrifying. Many believed that it was an image of a ghost, and photographic evidence of the paranormal. Others stated that it was an image taken during the first ever recorded demonic possession. The story was that the woman looked normal in real life, but after the picture was developed, what they saw was proof that the woman was possessed.

We know well enough now to never believe what you read on the internet, however. The photograph actually comes from the horror movie Begotten, an experimental horror film from the '90s. The film tells the story of Genesis, with a reimagined, dark twist. The film itself is acclaimed as being disturbing yet brilliant. It is so gruesome and gory that it is actually banned in Singapore. If you aren’t scared off by just the still from the movie, the film is definitely a must see.

5 The Deep Web Is A Scary Place


When this image began surfacing, it was believed to be from a red room, a place on the deep web where users could interact with murderers to torture and kill victims. The deep web is said to be full of these sort of red rooms, if you’re into that kind of stuff, and also really good at hiding from the FBI because attempting to access these places is very illegal.

However, the photograph is not real and is from makeup and special effects artist Remy Couture. This is one of several images of this gruesome serial killer torturing and murdering young women. The images are so gruesome and realistic, that at one point, they were being investigated as evidence of an actual homicide. Eventually the case was found to be inconclusive, as the images are fake. Remy still found himself in legal trouble, however, for distributing “violent pornography.” Remy has no plans to quit practicing gruesome art anytime soon.

4 Expressionless Woman


The story that goes along with this photo is that of The "Expressionless Woman." The story goes that a quiet and calm woman with the features of a mannequin entered a hospital one day in 1972 wearing nothing but a bloody hospital gown. The doctors attempted to restrain her but failed once she revealed her sharpened teeth, sending them into shock. The woman attacked the doctors and nurses, fled the scene, and left only one survivor who named the woman “the expressionless.”

The story is completely fake, and the picture has nothing to do with the legend. The picture is actually just two nurses using a wax dummy during their time at nursing school. The photo was posted on, where users created the story of the woman. Although the story is fake and the picture is just a dummy, that’s still a pretty creepy dummy and not an image we’ll be able to forget anytime soon.

3 Play Date?


The story behind this photograph is one of the creepiest on the list. Apparently it involves the Webster family, a happy husband and wife with three children who just moved into a new home. The little boy of the family reported that he had been hearing strange noises coming from the toy chest in his room. When asked what noises he heard, he would simply reply that he heard someone saying “hammer and nails.” That is what he would reply, and his parents didn’t think anything of it.

One day, they heard screaming and strange noises coming from the children’s bedroom. When they arrived, they saw the above image of all three of their children. Except it wasn’t actually their children. The little boy was all the way to the right, and was their son, but the other two children were two little girls that they didn’t know. Though the children were hanging from the crib, they had actually died from a nail to the back of their skull. They never found their two little girls, and it is still a mystery to this day what happened.

This is just a short story written by Christopher Bloodsworth, a horror author. The true origin of the picture are unknown, and even Christopher himself is unsure of where the photo came from.

2 Screaming Female


There is no mystery behind this photograph. It comes from the movie, Grave Encounters, a film about a ghost hunting crew that goes insane after getting locked in an insane asylum. The photo is completely faked, however, there is a reason it sits close to the top.

Faces like these are among the scariest for us to get out of our head. Jump scares and flashes of scary faces are common among today’s horror movies. While most are usually cheap tricks to spook the audiences, they still end up sticking in our heads more often than not. The image is good representation as how we often fear perceiving those around us in scary ways.

Approaching a person and having them turn around only to look like this is a common fear and effect used in a lot of horror movies. Even though the image is fake, it’s hard not to picture it when you’re walking past a mysterious figure with their back turned to you.

1 Who Is She?


This image comes straight from the La LLorena haunted house in California. It was designed by Universal Studios as part of their Halloween celebration. The image has been circling the internet for years now and many people were unaware of where exactly the photo originated.

Many believed it to be from a horror movie about La Llorena, though no such image exists in any film depicting the mythological creature. Others shared the image “beware of the child eater” for some time with no other backstory behind the photo. After one user posted it on Reddit, it was discovered that it came from a video someone had posted on their tour of the haunted attraction. The monster in the picture is animatronic and the girl is just an actress.

Though it’s still fake, this is still a rather disturbing image. It’s the ultimate nightmare fuel for those who already have fears about hanging their leg over the edge of their bed. Like many of these images on the list, this one will be one that flashes before our eyes while lying asleep alone at night.

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