15 Disturbing Images The Internet Forced Us To See

The internet is an endless space filled with limitless images available for the world to see. If you can imagine it, the internet probably has some form of whatever you can think of available for your viewing within seconds. Most of the time, you’re able to monitor what you do and don’t see through safe searches and limiting what sites you visit. But with an ever growing friends list and constant sharing of media over the web, sometimes we’re subjected to images that we don’t want to have to see.

It seems like everyone uses hashtags and trigger warnings so you have to option of avoiding certain images if you choose not to see them. However, sometimes it seems you can’t escape certain viral pictures, photographs, and paintings, no matter how hard you try. The most viral of posts are seen by everyone, and sometimes even your grandma is in on what the trends are, all because of the constantly changing and sharing internet.

We’ve all seen disturbing images at our own will on the internet. Who doesn’t love looking at scary lists of haunting images while home alone on a rainy night? But sometimes our friends share things on the internet that we wish we’d never seen. Disturbing ranges anywhere from bloody nightmare fuel to things we just wish didn’t exist. Whether your friends shared it at some point, you subjected yourself to the torturous image, or you’re just seeing it for the first time now, here are 15 images that the internet forced us to see.

15 African Wildlife Hunters


Hunting is an extremely debated topic, and one that can quickly anger anyone who’s passionate about the subject on either side. A different side to hunting has seemed to anger those who never found themselves in the topic before. African wildlife hunting has been happening for ages, but only recently does it seem that people have been sharing and ranting about the hot topic on social media. People are angered that many endangered species are being hunted, and think the process is extremely cruel and unnecessary. The opposing side states that the hunting is good, and is a necessary step to keep population under control in wildlife. Even celebrities are talking about the topic, such as Miley Cyrus, who shared an image of a hunter with their catch alongside her shedding a tear of the dead animal.

We’re used to seeing dead pictures of deer, cows, and pigs, as those are common animals for food in the U.S. Seeing lions, rhinos, and other animals that we normally see at a zoo propped up like a trophy can be unsettling for many. Regardless of what side you’re on, or if you stay away from the topic altogether, there’s still something extremely disturbing about seeing someone proudly display their freshly dead species for the world to see.

14 Bernie, Trump, and Hillary Masks


For many, this political election alone is disturbing enough. But it wasn’t until Landon Meier made the debut of his homemade masks at Monsterpalooza that we started seeing the candidates in a new horrifying light. The artist is best known for his other disturbing masks, such as the large crying baby head. He debuted his terrifying creations at the perfect place to truly give people goosebumps. Not only were the masks scary enough, but pairing them on bodies different from the candidates truly added to the horror.

After the masks made their debut, the images were plastered all over every form of social media for the next couple of weeks. The haunting image of these candidates followed us everywhere, and the pictures seemed inescapable. It’s still hard to this day to try to look at the candidates without a small part of our brain remembering the masks.

13 Selfie At Auschwitz


Our generation is criticized endlessly for our supposed self-absorption. Some of it is untrue, as many millennials aren’t nearly like what people make them out to be. However, there are a select few living up to the stereotype many give to the generation. That stereotype was the ultimate truth after seeing this image of a young teen taking a selfie at Auschwitz. Selfies are not limited only to this generation, as people have been taking photos of themselves since the invention of the camera. However, some people do seem to take photographing themselves too far.

Some defended her, stating that it was ok to take photographic memory of time spent vacationing and learning. But most feel that it’s a haunting reminder that some people have little respect for history and its past, and are too focused on curating their social media to reflect a positive image of themselves.

12 Shrek Wedding


If you’ve ever seen the movie Shrek in your adult life, you may feel that the movie is slightly disturbing itself. Like most strange things, the internet was able to take a kid’s movie and turn it into something made for nightmares. Countless creepy pictures of distorted Shrek litter the internet, but one of the most haunting images is that of this couple who decided to have a Shrek Themed wedding.

Wedding pictures can get pretty disturbing alone, as some people go to extreme measures to have outrageous ceremonies. Combining a wedding and Shrek takes it to a whole new level of scary that we would have been fine without seeing. Though the wedding was a couple of years ago, the image of the two Shrek lovers still finds its way to our social media every once in a while, as a scary reminder of the world we live in.

11 Scrape Away Paintings


One artist’s paintings recently went viral after revealing a disturbing twist. At a first glance, the paintings are pretty simple and basic, usually just featuring one human subject and every once in a while an animal. However, artist Blake Neubert uses a technique in which once the top layer of the painting is scraped off, a different, more haunting image is revealed behind the first layer. What’s underneath is much more disturbing, and features bloody or gruesome images of visceral and bloody faces.

The technique is rather interesting, however, it really gives you a different perspective on all normal paintings. After seeing the haunting images, it can become difficult to look at other normal paintings the same. There are some pretty creepy paintings that exist without having a second more disturbing layer underneath. But now Blake Neubert’s art has the ability to make us question if every painting we see now might have a second, scarier level underneath the superficial layer.

10 Reborn Baby Dolls


Dolls can be one of the creepiest images for people without even trying. But there’s one specific kind of doll that’s extra nightmare worthy: the reborn baby doll. These dolls are made to look exactly like real babies and toddlers, and it’s extremely hard to tell them apart from the real thing. The sad truth behind these dolls is that many women who can’t have or don’t want children will buy these dolls to fill a void.

Although it’s not as a big of an internet trend as some things on the list, many people still have shown disturbing reactions after videos surfaced of certain women unboxing and going out in public with the lifelike baby dolls. After watching the videos and realizing this is a pretty popular trend among grown women, it makes us wonder if certain babies we see out in public now are actually just reborn baby dolls.

9 Celebrities Without Teeth


The internet loves Photoshop, especially using it to make disturbing images. One trend that unfortunately caught on, was celebrities without teeth. This involved the process of, you guessed it, removing teeth from celebrities. Another similar trend that happened around the same time was celebrities without eyebrows, something slightly less scary.

What was so haunting about the image was seeing these celebrities that we know to be beauty icons in casual poses, but now with no teeth. The artists behind the photoshoppery are clever enough to use the happiest looking celebrity photos, often resulting in them looking deranged and manic. Some of the pictures are actually pretty hilarious, and are just another gem of Photoshop. But some, if taken out of context and if we didn’t know the celebrity, would be perfect for the role of a murderer in a horror movie.

8 Pet Beards


Like celebrities with no teeth, pet beards are another hilarious trends. But sometimes, the images could be downright disturbing. The process of pet beards involves holding your pet, and timing the picture right to make it look as though your pet’s mouth and nose are in fact your mouth and nose. One of the most mysterious parts of the trend is how people were able to time the photo so perfectly, as cats and dogs are known for not cooperating for photo ops very often.

While the trend is cute and funny at times, it also can be rather spooky. The creations often result in images that look like furry versions of Cthulhu. Without knowing the context of the trend, seeing these images with no explanation are sure to give you an unsettling feeling. Some are so good, that it’s hard to tell when the animal stops and the human starts.

7 Masking


As we’ve already discussed, dolls are creepy. What could make a doll creepier you ask? When a grown man dresses up like one. That’s the case for people involved in the fetish known as “masking”. This is the process of grown men wearing full body suits that turn them into what looks like a sex doll. The trend is something that seems to be growing, much to our disturbance.

Although it’s rare to see these men out in public, as they often practice in the privacy of their own home, it’s still pretty scary to see the image pop up on your news feed, especially if you don’t know anything about the trend. The men who participate mean no harm, and enjoy the process as it makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. But when first learning about the fetish, it can be rather unsettling to comprehend why someone would want to participate in the trend.

6 Real Life Simpsons


Fan art can be beautiful at times, but disturbing quite often as well. That holds true for one artist, who decided to illustrate what the Simpsons would look like if they had human parts, like flesh, hair, and eyeballs. The Simpsons are extremely popular, especially for the way they look. As cartoons, they’re normal looking, an image we’ve grown accustomed to. But when you take that image and add disturbing human-like qualities, you create nightmare fuel.

When you watch the Simpsons, or any cartoon, you never really think too deep about their features or what they look like, as most cartoons are silly or strange looking. But after seeing this artist’s creation and combination of human and cartoons, it becomes difficult to picture The Simpson’s like you used to, as innocent and harmless drawings. There’s a reason they don’t actually look like this in the show.

5 Artist Manipulates With Play Dough


Play dough is fun for all ages and types of people. We loved playing with it as kids, and even as adults it’s hard to resist playing with the dough when you’re around it. But what one artist did with the mushy dough is truly disturbing. Tomba Lobos, the artist of the images, used regular photographs as a basis for his art. He then took flesh toned play dough and molded it onto the faces in the photographs to disfigure the images into something much more gruesome.

Before knowing the artist’s technique, these images can surely cause someone to become terrified of what might be the truth behind the photograph. At a first glance, one might assume it’s the result of a tragic accident. Luckily, it’s only the work of a disturbed artist, taking innocent photos and children’s toys to create something that will give us nightmares.

4 Child In Syria


This recent photo of this child is not the result of an artist. It’s not an act or exhibit created by a single person. It is not fake or manipulated, it is one hundred percent real. The child pictured is a disturbing result of war. The photo recently made headlines as a haunting reminder of what’s happening in Syria right now. No matter who you are or who you are friends with on social media, you’ve probably seen this image at some point in the past week or so.

What’s happening in Syria right now is a widely debated topic in the States, as many would like to refuse Syrian refugees to prevent possible terrorists from coming into our country. But this horrific image of this innocent child is a reminder that we should be doing everything possible to save other children like him from the gruesome evils of war and terrorism.

3 Donald Trump Nude Statue


Another disturbing image to make headlines very recently was one artist’s sculpture of the republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. This statue popped up overnight in several cities as a statement of the character of the candidate. It was quickly taken down by city officials, but nonetheless, there were plenty of pictures taken of the statue that now exist online for us to stare at forever.

I don’t think anyone has truly ever desired to see what the possible future president looks like naked, but now we get to have an idea of what that image might be, thanks to the statue. No matter how hard you might try and avoid the mention of Donald Trump, it seems like pretty much everyone has been forced to see the disturbing nude image recently. It’s bad enough having to hear his name in headlines, so seeing him in his birthday suit has become extra nightmare inducing.

2 Dr. Pimple Popper


Why does it seem as though the internet is obsessed with seeing images and videos of people popping pimples? The trend of videotaping these bursting cysts has become increasingly popular. Everyone has at least one friend who enjoys popping pimples or watching the videos, and is never afraid to share the disturbing photographic evidence on social media.

One popular pimple popper is Dr. Sandra Lee, a YouTube famous dermatologist known as Dr. Pimple Popper. If you’re into that kind of thing, she has an Instagram and YouTube channel full of videos of her popping everything from tiny blackheads to huge bulging cysts. While obsession with gore and blood in horror movies is common, an obsession with watching puss explode out of skin is something much harder to comprehend. No matter how hard I try to avoid the disturbing and gag inducing videos, someone on my Instagram or Facebook seems to share a disgusting video every couple of weeks.

1 Man Built To Survive Car Accident


Have you ever wondered what humans might look like if they had evolved to survive car crashes? I don’t think many people would answer yes, however, certain people have spent time and money trying to figure out what that human might look like. More commonly, many people discuss what we might look like if we evolved to have tails, or if our legs and arms switched places. But instead, time and money consuming research was used to determine that we would look like Graham.

Graham is the creation of an artist, a trauma surgeon, and a car crash expert who asked the question, what would we look like if we evolved as fast as cars and our bodies developed to survive car accidents? What they got was this statue, equipped with a flattened face and extra air sacs. At a first glance, Graham seems to be a creation for a horror movie about disfigured monsters. But who knows, perhaps one day humans will evolve to look just like the giant.


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