15 Dirty Secrets You Didn't Know About Past U.S. Presidents

This Presidential election is underway and the final showdown is just a few months away now. It has never looked more obvious that America is f***ed, and while the world should be scared, this is going to be one heck of a ride.

One of the perks (or downsides) to living in our time is that a massive amount of information is available about each candidate. We know Bernie Sanders has praised numerous foreign regimes that have committed atrocities and others that are completely falling apart. We also know about Donald Trump's personal life and his choice statements. Finally, we know about Hillary Clinton's sketchy past, including defending a child r***ist in court, her part (or massive failure) in the Benghazi attack, and this email scandal that won't go away.

In the past, there was far less information readily available, and many people didn't know their Presidential candidates like they do now. I'm still not sure whether that is a blessing or a curse. But with this in mind, thanks to books written by diligent historians, we are getting more acquainted with past leaders. Here are fifteen dirty, nasty, ridiculous facts you didn't know about past U.S. Presidents.

15 Lyndon Baines and His Johnson

14 James Buchanan: Probably Gay

Obviously being gay is no big deal today. "Love who you love" is a popular philosophy and sexual preference is no reason to judge anyone. Back in the 1800s however, being homosexual was a different "ball game". Pun originally unintended, but I like it and I'm quietly laughing now.

James Buchanan was a Democrat who served as President from 1857 until 1861, and never married. He only ever courted one woman during his youth, and spent nearly his entire adult life as a bachelor. While some believe Buchanan to have been asexual, it is far more likely that he was gay. He shared a residence with William Rufus King, a senator from Alabama, for about ten years in the 1830s and 40s and the two were often spoken of as a couple by those who knew them.

13 Millard Fillmore: Married His Teacher

Fillmore became President in 1850, after Zachary Taylor died of one heck of a stomach bug. Some say he was assassinated, but these rumors are largely unsubstantiated. What is clear however is that Millard Fillmore first met and fell in love with Abigail, the woman he would later marry, when she was his teacher at New Hope Academy.

12 Andrew Jackson: Basically Invincible

This isn't a dirty secret by any means, but tales of Andrew Jackson's dueling, pain tolerance and impressive longevity are too awesome to leave out. But before we get to that, Andrew Jackson is one of the most controversial Presidents out there, due to the Indian Removal Act, and the Trail of Tears. But his politics aside, the guy was tough as nails. You may know him from the twenty dollar bill, but we know him as a duelist whose survival was a miracle.

During the Revolutionary War, he was captured by the British, starved and ended up getting smallpox. His mother and brother died around that time, and he was left with nobody, and nearly lost his own life. He fought with disease several other times in his life, but malaria, smallpox and starvation could barely make a dent in him.

11 William Howard Taft: Got Stuck in a Bathtub

Most of the recent Presidents have at least looked fairly fit. Obama, both Bush Sr. and Jr, Clinton, Reagan, all look (looked) like they move around from time to time and eat right. Of those mentioned above, Clinton is probably the heftiest, but he still looked like a healthy man. Other pudgy Presidents were Grover Cleveland, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. But these guys had nothing on William Howard Taft. Taft got to well over 350 lbs during part of his presidency and at one point got stuck in the White House bathtub, only to have it replaced with a more suitable one. If some of us got stuck in a bathtub, we may consider that a sign to put down the Krispy Kreme and do some crunches, but not Taft.

10 A Few Presidents May Have Been Klan Members

Most of the early Presidents of the United States were openly racist. It didn't used to be a problem. Some of the more recent Presidents have been accused of racism. Ask Kanye West what he thinks on the issue. William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, and Harry Truman are five Presidents most often cited as members of the Ku Klux Klan. Most of these accusations are backed by little or no reliable evidence, but Harding and Truman are the most likely to have had ties to the organization.

9 Thomas Jefferson: Fathered Children With a Slave

It still seems to baffle some people to hear that founding fathers of the country that was supposed to be "based on freedom" owned slaves. By all accounts, in today's world, when people of different races have a kid together, it's pretty normal. This was not the case at the time, of course, and the rumor that Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings, had an affair and several children together after the death of his wife, was a popular propaganda tool throughout the 19th century.

8 George W. Bush: Margie Schoedinger

Remember that friendly sounding Texan who many people called "born-again"? Well, Dubya is no stranger to controversy and has a very mixed reputation. While the partying he did in his youth and the details, or lack thereof with regard to his military service, have been through the media ringer, many people forget that he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman named Margie Schoedinger, in 2002. She claimed to have been drugged and abused by Bush and a few men who called themselves FBI agents. The story was not covered widely in the mainstream news, but under a year after she filed her lawsuit, she was found dead of an apparent suicide.

7 Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, George H.W. Bush: Alleged Extramarital Affairs

Everybody knows about the Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky (in excruciating detail), most know about his other affair with actress Gennifer Flowers, and most know that John F. Kennedy had a "thing" with just about everything that walked, including Marilyn Monroe. We already mentioned Jefferson's affair, but few know about these other men who fooled around on their wives.

Warren Harding allegedly had two affairs while he was in the White House, and fathered one child with one of the women. Franklin Roosevelt had a fling with his wife's secretary. She found out and the two almost split up, but stayed together for political reasons. LBJ messed around with a woman named Alice Glass for years, a relationship that his wife Lady Bird (not her real name), apparently knew all about.

6 Ronald Reagan: Selene Walters

5 Grover Cleveland: Worst Sex Scandal In U.S. Political History?

4 Franklin Roosevelt: Japanese Internment

3 Ulysses S. Grant: The Most Corrupt?

If we talk about corrupt and unethical administrations, the most recent ones come to mind, possibly because they are fresh in our heads. Between Bush Jr and Obama, the Patriot Act, NSA spying on citizens (and everyone else), and the ongoing drone controversy (just to name a few examples) are just the tip of the iceberg. However, back in the late 1800s, another Presidential administration was making playing fast and loose like it was going out of style.

While he is popularly remembered as a hero of the American Civil War, President Grant's time in office was rife with corruption and scandal. Accusations of nepotism (favoring friends in decision making processes and consideration for jobs) were thrown around throughout his eight years. Black Friday refers to several investors tied to Grant who destroyed the American economy in 1869. Several of his closest subordinates took bribes, and there was of course, the Whiskey Ring controversy in which public officials and whiskey makers pocketed millions in what was, at the time, a massive tax evasion operation.

2 Abraham Lincoln: Racist Even for His Time

Obviously it depends who you talk to, but a startling amount of Americans consider Abe Lincoln to be one of the best American Presidents in the country's history. He freed the slaves, and ended the American Civil War. Of course, plenty of people today can't stand Lincoln because his actions during his time as President were detrimental to the individual states' right to make their own decisions. But I digress, as this all gets away from the point that Lincoln did not care about black people. He freed the slaves not because of any enlightened views on human rights or anything like that, but rather as a slight to the southern states.

1 Richard Nixon: Unwittingly Played a Major Part in Cambodian Genocide

Everybody knows about Watergate, but one of Nixon's decisions during the Vietnam War had terrible consequences for the people of Cambodia.

For those unfamiliar with the topic, the Cambodian Genocide happened after the Cambodian Civil War, in the late 1970s. Different estimates on the death toll range from a million people to three million. Either way, it's a startling number. The Communist Khmer Rouge (translated: Red Khmer), went on a rampage throughout the country killing or enslaving anyone who they deemed to be an enemy of their communist state.

With regard to the Vietnam War, when Nixon came to power, one of his buzzwords was "Vietnamization". This policy entailed scaling back American involvement in the war, and empowering the South Vietnamese to fight their own battles. To do so however, Nixon and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger determined that one of the best ways to do this was to bomb certain areas in Cambodia (neighboring Vietnam) where North Vietnamese fighters were hiding out and staging attacks.

This bombing campaign and the invasion that accompanied it, destabilized many rural parts of the country, causing many affected people to join the Khmer Rouge, who would in turn, carry out the horrible acts in the late 1970s. Obviously there were other factors at work, but Nixon and Kissinger were influential in Cambodian events in the early 1970s that led to that country's late 70s tragedy.

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15 Dirty Secrets You Didn't Know About Past U.S. Presidents