15 Dirty Secrets Most Women Hide From Their Man

If you believe the women in your life may be hiding something from you, odds are, you're right. In fact, the average woman is likely hiding many things from the men in her life. However, it's not because they're all filthy rotten liars; rather, it is typically due to the fact that society places unfair expectations on women. Indeed, whether we express it explicitly or not, each of us is very aware of several double standards that exist in regards to men and women. This causes many women to hide and deny things for fear of being judged or a single spinster.

With that said, times are steadily changing. Finally, in an age in which the empowerment of women seems to be coming to fruition, we are finally starting to see more honest and well-rounded portrayals of women being presented. Rather than simply continuing with the overly perfect personas of the past, there has finally come a time in which the world at large is ready to admit that these archetypes are unrealistic at best. However, whether life will begin to imitate art is another story entirely. Either way, the following is a closer look at the top 15 things that most women hide from men.


15 Their Age

Unless you vividly remember the day in which they were born, the woman in your life may be older or even younger than what you believe. On the one hand, if she is over 30 years old, she may feel subconscious about telling her age as society routinely asserts falsehoods about women, such as the notion that they begin to lose their beauty and value once they reach the age of 30. On the other hand, if she is under 21 (but hopefully over 18 if you're an adult) she may have actually told you she was a few years older than she is. This is due to the fact that older men can be intimidating and some women feel compelled to lie in order to avoid scaring off a potential love interest. Moreover, younger women are often attracted to older men due to the sense of security they often provide.

14 Their Weight


Similarly, having the perfect physique (or what is deemed to be perfect) holds a lot of weight in our society. In addition to taking dangerous dietary supplements, submitting to dangerous crash diets, or even full-fledged eating disorders, women, more than men, often succumb to the pressures to attempt to appear perfect. Given this fact, many women will also lie about their weight, especially if they feel they are a bit overweight. Although this obviously does nothing to change their size, it does provide a small bit of comfort in an insecure moment.

13 Their Appetites

In keeping with that notion, many women are also compelled to hide their appetites. While gluttony is considered a fairly acceptable trait for a man, women once again get the short end of the stick on this matter. Your woman may order a salad while on a date with you, only to go home and have an entire steak dinner. This doesn't mean she's being nasty or dishonest, but simply that she's trying her best not to let you see her in an unflattering light. However, if you're concerned about this, simply order extra and offer her some once you are full. She may feel it's appropriate to eat it to avoid wasting your money.

12 Their Envious Side


Moreover, although we all get jealous or envious at times, many women will hide this undesirable trait from their man. This is largely due to the fact that while feeling envious is a natural emotion, many women are aware of the fact that this trait is unappealing. Therefore, rather than readily admit when they might be feeling a bit green-eyed in regards to other women, they will often do things to deflect from it and may even become catty in order to mask these insecurities. Either way, take it as a compliment. When women begin to feel insecure, it is often because they fear that the man in their life could possibly be more attracted to another woman than they are to them. However, also keep in mind that there are also many women who do not let their insecurities get the best of them.

11 Their "Me-Time" Hobbies

What does your women do while you're away? You'll likely never know. While this may be alarming to most men, rest assured, most "me-time" hobbies are totally innocent. Nevertheless, she may be doing things like dancing around naked, clipping her toenails while watching her favorite reality shows, or even some odd combination of things such as exfoliating her skin while doing vocal warm-ups (not that there's anything wrong with that). The bottom line is; we all do weird things. However, given the high self-esteem that society instill in most men, they are not motivated to hide these quirks. On the flip side, your woman likely does embarrassing things that she literally wouldn't be caught dead doing.

10 Their Career Goals


In addition to that, your woman may or may not be straightforward about her career goals for an array of reasons. On the one hand, we are still in an age in which many career paths are considered too "masculine" for most women. For that reason, a woman may be deceitful about her career goals. Moreover, if you're a man with a more "traditional" way of thinking, your woman may not tell you that she even has career goals. This is due to the fact that women are expected to be the caregivers and nurturing ones of the family. If you have already told her that you want her to be a stay-at-home mom, she is likely not motivated to tell you about her corporate dreams. Lastly, her chosen path may be too sexual. Whether she is interested in modeling, nude dancing, or even if she wants to be a sex therapist if you haven't made her feel confident enough in your connection, she will likely leave out many details in terms of her plans for her professional future. Either way, studies have shown that not only are women more likely to give up on their careers in the interest of raising a family but also, that society still very much expects for women to make such sacrifices.

9 Their Dark Side

Everyone has a dark side. No matter if she has a tendency to be verbally abusive, physically abusive, controlling, or anything else, she will likely try to hide it until it's too late. Women are not in the dark about the fact that most men have an abundance of options (although, they may not always be good ones). Therefore, rather than risking turning you off, many women will simply hide these traits by pretending to be happy and agreeable even when they are angry and seething. Overtime, these relationships become very unhealthy as the woman typically takes to acting a passive aggressive manner in order to channel these bellowing emotions. However, this type of woman, in particular, will not be able to hide these traits for long. By paying attention to the signs, you can save yourself quite a bit of trouble and turmoil later.


8 Their Lack of Interest ... In Your Interests


In the interest of portraying themselves as the perfect woman, many women will take on your interests and forgo their own. She may watch things she can't stand, attend events she hates, and may even have lengthy conversations with you about things she finds boring and knows very little about. This is due to the fact that some women believe the relationship won't work if they don't have enough in common. Therefore, you may find out years later that she's not interested in many of the things you believed she was gung-ho about.

7 PMS Related Issues

Unless you're in a long terms relationship, most women will hide their PMS symptoms. Whether it's a mood swing, issues with bloating, and upset stomach, or even things such as nausea, most women will keep these issues from the men around them. This is largely due to the fact that women's issues such as these are still considered gross and taboo by the mainstream. Therefore, rather than risking turning your stomach, they will often opt to suffer their abdominal disturbances in silence. Nevertheless, there is only so much hiding one can do in terms of mood swings...

6 Not Being Maternal


Given that women are considered to be the nurturers of society; many women feel forced to hide their lack of maternal instincts. Moreover, given that this is still the only way to bring children into the world, many women fear they will be quickly tossed to the side if they dare speak against motherhood. Nevertheless, if the lady in your life doesn't have children, she may not want any. Although she may take care of you in many other ways, not all women are designed to make the meals and clean up your vomit when you're sick. Remember this.

5 Their Turn-Offs

Given that most men are very vocal and upfront about their turn-offs, it can be hard to imagine that many women are the total opposite. Indeed, living in a patriarchal society gives guys the upper hand as far as relationships are concerned. Therefore, it is common for the woman to jump through hoops in order to fit into the mold that the man has created, rather than the other way around. This means you may do many things that your woman overlooks in the interest of having a stable, long-term relationship. However, once your situation becomes more stable, she may begin to be much more vocal about her gripes.

4 How Much Effort They Spend Getting Ready


Although she may tell you she "woke up like this" you'd be a fool to believe her. Many women have extensive beauty regimens that they keep far away from the men in their lives. No matter if it's makeup, weaves, alien-looking facials, or anything of that nature unless you're in a long-term relationship, you may never see your lady do any of these things, let alone hear her discuss them. This is often due to the fact that women don't want to ruin your image of them being a picture perfect beauty. Admitting that they work hard to look good may be a turn-off, or at least that's what many women fear.

3 How Bad You Are In Bed

To be brutally honest, you may not "do it" for your woman at all. In fact, depending on how long you have been together and how many things you can have done to hurt her, your woman may be turned off by you all together. This is due to the fact that intercourse is largely viewed by society as being something for the pleasure of men. In addition to that, many women need to be stimulated mentally in order to be pleasured physically. Therefore, many women behave in a more prudish nature when it comes to matters such as expressing their sexual satisfaction (or lack thereof). According to some studies, up to 30% of women have trouble even achieving orgasm at all. Moreover, in the case of long-term relationships in particular, after being left sexually unfulfilled for many years, many women resolve to use it as a tool to keep their relationship alive rather than achieving true intimacy.

2 Their Sexual Desires


Given that most men readily tell women what gets their libido going, it may be hard to imagine that your woman could be hiding her feelings on the subject. Nevertheless, this may actually be the case. While men are often driven to find someone who can cater to their sexual desires above all else, women often seek things such as stability and protection rather than someone to fulfill their fantasies. Therefore, while you may have been open and honest about even the raunchiest of fantasies, she may be downplaying hers by simply telling you what she believes you want to hear. Simply put, many women get caught up in the contradiction of being a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets.

1 Their Sexual History

Lastly, your woman may have lied about her sexual history. Whether she told you she had more or less people than she actually slept with (usually less) or she simply lied about the things she has done, women are under a great deal of societal pressure to stay as virginal as possible for as long as possible. She may have left out the one night stands she's had and only told you about the serious relationships, or maybe she asserts that she has never been that interested in sex in general, either way, many women downplay their sexual histories in order to avoid turning a man off or making him feel intimidated.

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