15 Deadly Disney Secrets: The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

Orlando, Florida, has been subject to a string of gruesome events. First, Christina Grimmie, a contestant from NBC’s The Voice, was shot to death. Her killer was a crazed fan who was infatuated with her. Next, came mass-shootings in a nightclub. Omar Masteen, who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, killed 49 defenseless people and wounded many others. Then, tragedy struck again in the unlikeliest of places: Disney World.

Disney fans and people the world over cried when a two year old boy was killed by an alligator. The gator seemed to come out of nowhere, and snatched the toddler who was wading in lagoon water. It happened at one of the most luxurious Disney World hotels, just one monorail stop away from the park.

Disney says it’s the "Happiest Place on Earth," but that’s far from the truth. Disney is downright dangerous. The unfortunate incident with the alligator was not a rarity. Disney has many hidden dangers, from their rides to their weather. But no one knows. It’s a secret. Disney is such a giant that they are adept at portraying the image they want you to see – they deal in the business of smoke and mirrors, after all. Read on to see the hidden dangers of Disney. It’s scary, and it’ll make you think twice about your next vacation. Here are 15 reasons why Disney World is the most dangerous place on Earth.

15 The Treacherous Rides


Every Disney theme park has had unhappy incidents with their rides, whether it’s Disney World in Florida or the Disneyland Tokyo. Remember how you loved to go on the It's a Small World ride? You had the time of your life looking at the characters in the exhibit, and couldn’t stop humming the song. Well, did you know that people have been injured on it? In 1994, a child fell out of the ride’s boat and into the water. She was then hit by an oncoming boat. She sustained a broken hip, broken arm and collapsed lung. But at least that girl survived.

14 The Extreme Heat

If Florida is known for one thing, it’s the heat. It gets H-O-T down there. Tourists obviously don’t care, as one of the most popular times to vacation at Disney World is in August. The average temperature is 92 degrees, and that isn’t even taking into consideration the humidity. Good luck finding a tree for shade when you’re in the park. There aren’t many of those hanging around, as they would take up valuable real estate for Disney. A tree doesn’t generate them any money, so why would they bother with them?

13 Spread Of Disease

Disney might be called the happiest place on Earth, but it’s not known for being the cleanest. There are internet rumors that there was bacteria in the water at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and that a young child died due to complications caused by the infection. But it’s a fact that Disneyland in California had an outbreak of measles in 2015. 142 cases of measles in the United States as of March 2015, were found to be linked to an outbreak at Disney. The cause was blamed on parents who failed to vaccinate their children against the deadly disease.

12 Crowded Pools


When you’re not standing in line at Disney, on a ride, or spending your hard-earned dollars on Disney-themed merchandise, you’re in the pool. Funny thing is, the pools at Disney seem to be just as dangerous as the rides. At least two children at Disney World in Orlando drowned in the pools. One was reported to have gotten separated from his parents. In another case, the parents blamed Disney and claimed that it did not provide adequate supervision from lifeguards when the pool was crowded.

11 Cruise Nightmares

The Disney Cruise Line is like a theme park on the sea. It has garnered a lot of complaints over the years. Most of these are typical of cruise lines. For example, people complain about the quality of the food, that attractions are too crowded, and that rooms by the engine are so noisy they can’t sleep. But some serious stuff has gone down.

10 Incredible Expenses

Disney can be dangerous – for your wallet! The Huffington Post sought to find out just how much a vacation at Disney cost, and what they found was staggering. On average, it costs a family four $150-$200 a day per person. That adds up to $3,500 for a five day trip. Depending on travel expenses, the cost can be even greater. The Huffington Post also found that it’s nearly impossible to calculate the amount you can expect to spend at Disney, because there are so many packages available. Visiting specialty parks is particularly draining for your bank account as visiting the Magic Kingdom can cost up to $1,000 per person per day. Perhaps what is most startling is how much Disney makes on the sly. Your total spending can be jacked up by purchasing souvenirs, food and incidentals.

9 Awfully Long Lines


Disney is uneasy with releasing wait-times for rides, but that hasn’t stopped people from posting their own observations. One critic reported that the average wait-time for one of the most popular rides, Space Mountain, is an average of 45 minutes. The ride itself only takes three minutes. Hearing numbers like that fills you with a mix of hate and admiration for Disney’s business structure. Other rides that have notoriously long wait times include Splash Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The teacups and the Dumbo ride mustn’t be that popular after all.

8 Traffic Congestion


7 Restrictive Costumes


6 Creepy Characters


Ever wonder who is underneath the full costumes at Disney? Characters like Goofy, Chip and Dale and Daisy Duck are a total mystery. So, it’s no surprise that the people who dress up as characters have been known to take certain liberties. Winnie the Pooh has been accused of slapping a child. The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland has been accused of being racist. Goofy alleged shoved a couple of people. And it’s been said that Minnie Mouse and Tigger have busy hands. To be fair, violence has also been reported against costumed characters, too. People who have been in this field have told stories of being taunted, pushed, kicked – and worse.

5 Unpredictable Guests 


4 Natural Disasters


The Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan had a major incident happen back in 2011. There was an offshore earthquake which left thousands stranded. The public transportation system had to shut down, and about 20,000 guests had to spend the night inside the resort’s theme parks. Disney’s parking areas were flooded, and as a result the resort was closed for over a week for inspections and maintenance. Amazingly, no one was injured. We don’t hear a lot about Tokyo Disneyland, probably because it seems to be a more stable destination. Could it be because the Japanese are known for being more polite than ugly Americans? We’ll keep our opinions to ourselves.

3 Multiple Euro Disney Disasters


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning something sensational about Disneyland Paris, aka Euro Disney. It made headlines when it first opened because, frankly, the French weren’t much into the whole Disney thing. Maybe they shunned it like they shun so many things American. Maybe they shunned it because it cost too many francs. Maybe they shunned it because they didn’t serve enough wine. You never can tell. But Euro Disney persevered and is still in operation. Just like every other Disney park, Euro Disney has had its dangerous moments.

2 Predatory Animals

1 Inadequate Security


After Mateen's attack, many in the Orlando area have been scared that Disney World could be a target for terrorism. The rumor mill has been running nonstop that Mateen considered making an attack at the world famous park. Whether or not this is true, it brought up an unfortunate reality that Disney needs to have their security beefed up. Inside Edition reported that a shopping center at Disney World does not make guests go through security. But even in areas where guests do have to go through security, some are saying the measures are too lax.

In 2013, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a guest found a discarded loaded gun on the Dinosaur ride. She reported it to an attendant, and Disney located its owner. The man claimed he didn’t know that Disney does not allow its patron to carry firearms on its premises.

It was only in December 2015 that Disneyland started to conduct random screenings before guests could enter the park. Also, Disney security personnel are not permitted to carry guns. Guests have also been quoted as saying that they do not feel Disney has enough security in its hotels. So what is Disney doing about all of this? Reports are conflicting. Some say that Disney won’t comment. Other reports have claimed that Disney is hiring additional security guards and installing more cameras.

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