15 Crazy Airplane Facts That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

Anyone who has been on an airplane knows that feeling. What was that bump? Where is that rattling coming from? The pilot sounds exhausted ... what if he falls asleep! The good news is we are all in this together. The bad news is you are not going to want to hear this. That bump was turbulence and it's getting worse - that rattle may be the engine and actually, there is a good chance your pilot did just fall asleep.

Don’t freak out, but here’s what didn’t make our list. Did you know that lavatories unlock from the outside? (Hmm, may want to consider that “Mile High Club” experience.) The baggage handlers don’t care about your “fragile” sticker; in fact, it may make them throw your bag a little bit harder into the cargo pit. Also, if you believe flying with a major airline ensures you have a seasoned veteran in the cock pit, think again, because major airlines use subcontractors (meaning less experience, training and pay). Wait, that didn’t even make the list?

Reading the list below is not going to help anyone with fear of flying and it's also not “germ friendly.” Okay, grab a bag of peanuts, snuggle up with a used blanket and if you hear snoring while you are reading, don’t worry – completely normal! Here are 15 crazy airplane facts that will scare the hell out of you!

15 The Child Seat Is Not Optional


If your child is less than two years of age, you have the option to let them sit on your lap. If there is major turbulence, or worse, a crash with survivors, there is a good chance your child isn’t going to make it because no matter what you think, your arms are not going to be strong enough. Forget about adrenaline or “Dad strength” - neither is going to help and you are endangering your child.

14 Each Day Turbulence Is Getting Worse


If it feels like flights are getting rougher with more bumps, you are not just “getting old” - it is getting worse. Statistics say that medium to extreme type turbulence is going to increase up to 40% by 2050. This is due to the levels of carbon dioxide in the air that keeps rising. Al Gore was right, folks! Our pollution is making everything worse. Blame the manufacturing industry, increase travel or the 80s hair bands; regardless, the air is making it harder for planes to fly.

13 The Plane Is Disgustingly Filthy


Have you ever waited for a plane to arrive and witnessed the deplaning and staff changes prior to finally being able to board? Airlines cram more flights into their daily schedule and certain tasks such as cleaning the cabin have been eliminated. Now is not a good time to remember that the flu and cold viruses can live on surfaces for days. Let’s establish rule #1: Do not put your hand in seat pockets. Not only are you touching germs, but there’s a chance a sick passenger left you a treat.

12 Pilots Fall Asleep at the Controls

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Somewhere around 50% of pilots have admitted to falling asleep while piloting a passenger plane. I get it. Once I walk onto a plane, I’m sleepy and often can fall asleep right through takeoff. I’m told I’m lucky, but I do understand how planes can make people tired. But I’m not a pilot! If I opened up a pilot user manual, the first thing it should say is “Please stay awake during your flight.”

11 If A Plane Catches Fire You Have 90 Seconds To Escape


They might as well just say “If a plane catches fire you are going to die” because that’s the reality of the situation.

10 Pilot Power


Being a pilot means more than just flying a plane. You are responsible for warning signs of terrorism, potential danger and overall safety of the aircraft. Given this, it still may surprise the average flyer to know that a pilot has a lot of authority once the doors are closed. In addition to informing you on the weather, he can also arrest you.

9 Non-Bottled Water: Just Say No


This one may seem logical, but you really want to be extra careful with this one. If the aircraft brings around a tray of cups filled with water on ice, it may look tempting, but please, just say no. You see, the restroom water supply and water used for coffee (and drinking if the airline doesn’t have bottles) is located just a few feet away. Are they separate? Yes, but it’s not too far, either!

8 Landings Are Controlled Crashes


Apparently, this is how a pilot refers to landings. That’s an insane way to approach landings, or life in general. Let’s keep it positive, and please, let’s not use the word "crash," especially when discussing landings.

7 You Have Only 15 Seconds To Put On Your Oxygen Mask


These days, most of us turn off the flight attendants during their pre-flight announcements. Next time you may want to pay a little more attention to the instructions. When it comes to those oxygen masks, there are a couple points they are leaving out. First is that you only have approximately 15 minutes of oxygen from the point the mask is pulled down. Secondly, at altitude, you only have 15 seconds to put on your mask before you will pass out. This is why it is important to always put your mask on before helping others, especially children. You are no good to anyone if you are passed out.

6 Lights Are Turned Off At Landing In Case Of Evacuation


When a plane begins its final descent, the cabin lights are dimmed. The reason for this is that in case you need to evacuate, your eyes won’t have any problem adjusting to darkness. It’s hard to imagine how “eye focus” is so high on the list, considering you are probably dealing with a crash, fire or something worse!

5 Your Flight Is (Probably) Carrying Human Organs


Almost every domestic flight is carrying human organs. If you have a window seat and see the baggage handlers loading the plane, you should look for long boxes. They are even labeled with “head,” which probably doesn’t matter to the baggage handler. This may creep out a lot of people, but organ donation is a good thing and saves many, many lives.

4 Warm Weather Does Not Equal Smooth Flying


You probably think about the weather when flying, especially if the forecast calls for rain, snow or high winds. We know these conditions can ground a plane or make for a rough flight full of turbulence. How about hot weather? Yes, even nice weather causes problems for planes. The issue is that planes struggle to take off due to the air being so thin. This information doesn’t really make you feel great inside, does it?

3 Lightning Does Strike Planes


For most commercial jets, it is estimated that on average, each will be struck by lightning once a year. Most of the time this occurs while traveling through storm clouds. Good news for smaller planes is that they are struck less due to their size, as well as the ability to avoid poor weather.

2 Stay Close To The Exit Row


Should your plane crash (and let’s face it, we haven’t put your worries at ease here) the statistics show that your chance of surviving greatly increases if you are within five rows of the exit row. This has to do with the evacuation procedure and the closer you are, the better your chances. Some view the exit row as just more leg room, but clearly there is a reason it is called the exit row.

1 When A Plane Crash Will Occur


If you are a “bad flyer” and really want to know where to focus your anxiety, here it is. The three minutes right after takeoff and the eight minutes prior to final landing are the most dangerous and most likely time for a plane to crash. These 11 minutes are when crashes tend to occur. How often you ask? How about 80% of the crashes – that’s a lot! This is why the flight crew focuses on takeoff and landings.

It’s okay, though, because you will already have your seatbelt on, bottled water in hand and know how far you are from the exit row. At some point, it’s all fate, so seriously, you can drop the anxiety - it’s not really going to change anything. That’s the thing about flying, you don’t have control so even though it’s “safer” than driving, it’s easier to be scared of what you don’t know and can’t control.


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15 Crazy Airplane Facts That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You