15Smartphones Are Making Restaurant Service Slower

Several major news sources like the Washington Post posted stories about a study showing the wait time at restaurants has gotten significantly longer recently. The reason? The public's preoccupation with cell phones.

But when you look deeper into the story, you see the only proof of comes from an anonymous

Craigslist post, said to be from a Manhattan restaurant. But honestly, it's Craigslist, so it could have been posted by your cousin in Kansas for all we know.

Craigslist isn't typically considered the most reliable of journalistic sources. And who really spends more than thirty seconds taking photos of their food? Most of the time, it's a quick snapshot. Yet, this Craigslist post claimed that people were taking several minutes or more to conduct a photoshoot with their food. One unscientific “study” posted by one alleged restaurant owner doesn't make it a fact.

Yet, people reacted like this was big news and the story went viral. After all, it gave the world yet another opportunity to complain about Millennials, and everyone loves to do that.

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