14Chipotle Uses Dog and Cat Meat

One of the most beloved food chains in America, Chipotle, recently came under fire. An article claimed that the restaurant was under investigation for using cat and dog meat. This story certainly had the sensational factor, especially since many choose Chipotle because they feel it offers a healthier, more natural meal than

many other chains.

But had these people looked a little closer, they'd see that the original story was published by Huzlers, a site that claims to be 'satirical', publishing fake articles that should never, ever be taken seriously.

Sadly though, most people just read the headlines, panicked and instantly hit share without taking a moment to scrutinize or even question the source. This was just one of many incidents in 2014 that caused many to question these purportedly satirical sites for their morally questionable methods of attracting readers.

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