15 Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Punished Crime

The topic of equal rights has been controversial and fought over for centuries, with the main group fighting for their rights shifting with new social issues. It has been over race and skin color, gender and sex, immigration and nationality, and even love and sexual orientation. With all the progress made over the years, there are still those who decide to persecute and attack those who are born differently. There are still racist people in the world, as there are still those who will judge a person based on their sexual orientation or gender.

The United States has made strides to stand up for the rights of its citizens, some parts being more welcoming than others, but areas around the world still struggle to give their citizens protection and equal rights.

As of May 2016, there are 79 countries where it is still illegal to take part in homosexual acts, or “acts against nature” as some countries refer to them as. While that is horrifying in itself, the real terror in that is the different ways you can be punished in these countries for taking part in homosexual acts. Here is a list of 15 of those countries, and the different punishments you can receive for homosexual acts there.

15 Tanzania

14 Tunisia

13 Turkmenistan

12 Uganda

11 Angola

10 Jamaica

9 Kenya

8 Egypt

7 South Sudan

6 Nigeria

5 Yemen

4 Mauritania

3 United Arab Emirates

2 Iran

1 Saudi Arabia

The country of Saudi Arabia takes the top spot in our countdown for countries where homosexuality is considered illegal. While technically the country condemns violators of their anti-gay laws to death, like many other countries, they have had a few very public executions thanks to the internet. This includes one in 2000 where someone was publicly beheaded with a sword. Being publicly punished with stoning and whipping are both written in as anti-gay punishments in the country as well. With the rise of the internet and social media, authorities are now even calling for punishment for those who come out online.

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15 Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Punished Crime