15 Celebs Who Said "Don't You Know Who I Am?" (And Failed)

We all know that being a celebrity is not easy. There are a lot of things they have to deal with that the rest of us don't. But there are also a lot of things they have to deal with that all of us do, and the way they act in those situations tells us a lot about them as people.

There are some celebrities out there who just act like anyone else: they don't need, or want, special treatment and just go about their day minding their own business. These celebrities are cool. Then there is another type of celebrity. These ones walk around thinking that society owes them a favor and that if anything comes up that they have to deal with, they can just play the celebrity card. Those people are not cool. Not at all.

Some, though, take it to another level. They not only think that people should treat them differently, they say it out loud and berate people they meet for not treating them in a special way just because they are a star. Those people are awful. And here are 15 of them who actually thought it was OK to say "Don't you know who I am?"

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15 Amanda Bynes - The Police Don't Care Who She Is

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14 Alec Baldwin - Don't Criticize His Bike Riding Ways

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Some of these celebrities are the types that probably are not just conceited jerks because they are famous. Alec Baldwin would probably have the same sort of vibe even if he was a plumber, and somehow you have to respect that. At one point in New York City he was hassled by the cops for riding his bike against traffic and said "F...this. this is horses... Don't you know who I am?" That cop had it coming, in all reality. You are a NYC cop and you are going to hassle Alec Baldwin for how he rides his bike? Not happening.

13 Dina Lohan - Rejected By A Bouncer

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So it might surprise you to hear this, but Dina Lohan just might not be the best mom in the world. At one point she tried to take her daughter Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali to a nightclub in Hollywood. Since Ali was just fifteen the bouncer understandably said no. Dina responded by saying "Do you know who I am? You are making a big mistake! Huge!" Speaking of making big mistakes, maybe Dina should have been paying a bit more attention to her daughter's impending problems, instead of trying to bring her and her little sister to a nightclub.

12 Sam Worthington - "Have You Seen Avatar?"

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In 2014 when a reporter got in Sam Worthington's girlfriend's face, Sam allegedly attacked him. Police were called and Sam was arrested. When the police were cuffing and stuffing Sam he reportedly said "Have you seen the movie Avatar?" which is about as close to a "Do you know who I am?" as you can get. Somehow it appears that the police were not impressed enough with this to let Sam go. Apparently they are not huge James Cameron fans. Or maybe they are, maybe they're just not Sam Worthington fans.

11 Rihanna - Kicked Out Of Club For Dancing On Table

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10 David Hasselhoff - Tennis Doesn't Care About The Hoff

9 Miley Cyrus - Ordering A Burger

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At one point Miley went into a place in New York looking for a burger. After she ordered the clerk asked for her name so he could call it out when the burger was ready. Miley said "Are you serious, you don't recognize me? I am Miley Cyrus." At that point I guess the clerk was supposed to fall to his knees or something. At least we know that Miley orders greasy fast food burgers- we have to give her at least some props on that one. Not too many though.

8 Mike Tyson - "I'm The Heavyweight Champion Of The World"

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At one point back in the day Mike Tyson was thought of as scary. But not "totally rapey, sexual assault, should be in prison" scary. During this time he tried to force himself on Naomi Campbell, who is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. A man asked him to stop (a very brave man, obviously) and Tyson replied. "Do you know who the F**K I am? I am the heavyweight champion of the world." This type of thinking error is exactly what put Tyson in prison for a long time a just a little bit later.

7 Reese Witherspoon - Never Okay To Drink And Drive...

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6 Shia LaBeouf - Kicked Out Of Broadway Show

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We all know who Shia is. He is that guy that acts like an idiot all the time and gets busted for it. Apparently he still think he is a bit anonymous though, as while he was being talked to by security for acting like a total idiot during a performance of Cabaret on Broadway, he yelled out "Do you know who the F... I am?" Yeah, Shia, we all do. You are an idiot. But like all the other celebs on this list, he is an idiot that thinks being famous allows him to do whatever he wants.

5 Tara Reid

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You can't make some of this stuff up. Tara went into a store looking for an outfit to wear for Coachella. I know, that's funny enough right there. But anyway, when getting rung up by the cashier she asked for a discount because "of her fame." When the clerk refused Tara began to freak out and scream at her and had to be escorted out of the store. We are not sure what kind of outfit she got for Coachella, but acting like an entitled idiot is never a good look for anyone.

4 Margaret Cho

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3 Busta Rhymes

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2 Sebastian Bach

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It is kind of ironic that I have to explain who some of these people are, because you might not know who they are. Sebastian was once the lead singer of the '80s heavy metal hair- band Skid RowWhen a bartender wouldn't let him take his drink outside, Sebastian threatened to get a gun and shoot him. Then, when a waitress tried to restrain him he said "Don't you know who I am?" He was eventually arrested for making terrorist threats and drug possession as he just happened to be holding a lot of marijuana.

1 Trey Songz - Resisting Arrest

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