15 Celebs Who Have Had The Most Car Accidents

Celebrities tend to own some of the nicest cars on the market. These celebs represent the good, the bad, and the downright dangerous. Collectively, their driving habits tend to keep local police officers as alert as the paparazzi. In many cases, it has not been easy for the celebs, either, who have been in and out of rehab to combat detrimental addictions.

Still, there is a mite of humanitarianism; sometimes celebs can surprise us and do the right thing, even when out of the spotlight. Some of the stars featured here, out of the goodness of their own heart, confessed to otherwise hit-and-runs, and in doing so, have given their insurance companies as much material as they give the media.

With all the accidents these VIPs are causing, it's still probably best if they resort to the long-standing tradition of having a chauffeur. We know, it must be painful to let anyone else behind the wheel of one's Maybach or Mercedes, but chauffeurs tend to have such reassuring countenances and chiseled jaws. It’s also a more practical option to keep celebrities off the street than personal autobahns equipped with go-kart security.

Below are fifteen celebrities you definitely want to watch out for on the road!

15 Rowan Atkinson


Better known as Mr. Bean, this Hollywood icon has crashed his McLaren F1 twice.He purchased the burgundy sports car back in 1997, and first crashed it into a Rover. The car had a V12 engine and could travel at up to 240mph. Later in 2011, he crashed into a tree and a road sign, causing an injured shoulder and costing his insurance company £910,000.

14 Amanda Bynes


California native and current NYC-resident Amanda Bynes is an exceptionally dangerous case. In 2012 alone, she was pulled over three times. In March, she was pulled over for talking on her cell phone. Then, in April, she sideswiped a police car while driving under the influence. In both April and September, she was involved in hit-and-runs, and avoided court by settling with the victims. All that being said, it seems local police officers are getting an Amanda Show all their own.

Alcohol is not the only substance that Bynes likes to use while driving. She was also driving under the influence of Adderall. Apparently she had a prescription for this, but that did nothing to mitigate the charge. She posted a modest $15,000 bail.

13 Ben Affleck


In October 2012, the Oscar-winning actor Ben Affleck was under the influence of nothing but maybe a McFlurry as he was caught leaving a note for the owner of a parked car, into which he had careened on his way home from McDonald's.

12 Robert Pattinson


As my colleague at TheRichest pointed out last year, Robert Pattinson of the Twilight saga is a self-proclaimed horrible driver. At least he acknowledges his weakness.

In 2010, after leaving a friend's house in Malibu, he hit a parked Kia and before that, he lost his car in LA... and had his dashboard catch on fire. Fortunately for him, by the end of the Breaking Dawn films, his character Edward Cullen, saw him happily married with a child, but this raises the question as to whether vampires should really be allowed to drive anyway.

11 Tina Fey


At 46 years old, 30Rock star Tina Fey has an expired driver's license and doesn't know how to drive. In fact, she nearly ran herself over after failing to put the car in park during her last driving experience. These days she has Baby Mama co-star Amy Poehler to drive her around. The actress says she has little motivation to learn, either, and for this, the Upper West Side is probably better off.

10 Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson even looks like he enjoys car wrecks ... or, at least, the favorable publicity that results. Here he is shown with the man whose mirror he took off, after stopping to address the situation with the vehicle owner.

Johnson described the driving experience by saying, "I'm singing away like I'm having a one man party in my truck – then I hear a loud BANG. What the hell...? Look in my rear view and see I sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror. First thing I thought was, 'Aw shit, someone's not gonna be happy...'"

9 Kylie Jenner


Reality television star Kylie Jenner had been in two automobile accidents in just her first year of driving. The first was a three-car pileup only eighteen days after her 16th birthday. The first accident involved a new Mercedes-Benz, and the second was a brand-new Range Rover. If she can get over the fact that her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, drives a collection of cars that includes a Bentley Continental GT convertible, a Rolls Royce Ghost, and a Ferrari F430, Kylie might be better off trying her luck with a used car.

8 Paris Hilton


Remember the businesswoman, socialite, and model from the early 2000s? The media remembers her for, among other things, getting arrested for driving under the influence during the filming of The Simple Life in 2006.

In January 2007, she was caught driving with a suspended license, and, despite agreeing not to drive, the very next month she was caught driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. At night. With no headlights. Paris Hilton proves that she can pull off a hat trick of driving infractions.

7 LeAnn Rimes


She's been in so many fender-benders she could write a country song about it. In August 2009, she got into a scrape with another car, but (unlike Affleck's commendable behavior), incurred greater problems by leaving the scene. In the following month, after being accosted by the paparazzi after leaving a store, she rear-ended another driver. Her insurance premiums went up as her popularity waned.

6 Lindsay Lohan


Mean Girl-turned drunk-girl-behind-the-wheel, Lindsay Lohan has kept the California police busy.

Twice in two months, and within two weeks of leaving a rehab facility, her attorney was alerted to her relapse via a monitoring bracelet, which the star agreed to wear as part of the terms of her release. Even if she thought she could pull a fast one on the cops, despite the bracelet, the kiss of death was her decision to pursue the mother of her former assistant in her white Denali at 1:30 a.m.

5 Mischa Barton


This starlet was arrested for driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, and driving without a license in December 2007. She was caught by police straddling lanes and not using her signal, which led to her arrest and subsequent release on $10,000 bail.

Perhaps understating the case, in April of this year, addressing her driving incompetence, she told People Magazine, "I think it is because of the way I've learned. It's always been on film sets, and so you're taught by stuntmen. They're like, 'Step on the gas and swerve!'"

4 Mel Gibson


Several of Gibson's altercations with the law have resulted from driving under the influence. His laundry list of infractions began when he rear-ended another vehicle in Toronto. Two years later, he was again picked up for DUI, and this time had an open container of alcohol. Three months after that, he was sentenced to three months probation after pleading "no contest" to a misdemeanor charge again related to drunk driving.

3 Billy Joel


Also high on our list is Billy Joel, the piano man who has had nearly as many car accidents as hit songs. In 2002, he smashed a car in East Hampton, and, in the following year, he drove a car into a tree on Long Island. In 2004, he crashed his 1967 Citroen into the home of a 94-year-old woman.

According to the Today Show, Joel was not suspected of any crime. This, I'm afraid, is a small redemption for the star's driving reputation, as it was his third car accident in two years.

2 Eva Longoria


This American actress, made famous by the soap opera, Young and the Restless and later by Desperate Housewives, has proven that she is equally desperate behind the wheel.

1 Selena Gomez


If only this Disney star had remained so innocent. In December of 2013, she crashed her car into a pole. In the interest of ending on an optimistic note, after backing into another vehicle while leaving a 7-eleven, she reportedly voluntarily exchanged information with the other driver, thus avoiding the need for police action.

She has only been legal to drive for less than a decade, as this starlet is still just 23 years old. Still, her relative youth has been no barrier to foray into philanthropy. The starlet has joined the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to support children's hospitals, and has actively been involved in campaigns for UNICEF and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

She also encourages young adults to be actively involved in politics, and joined youth-activism-promoting organization, through which she specifically raised money for dogs in Puerto Rico. Evincing more than a hint of irony, Gomez has also served as a spokesperson for State Farm Insurance, in which capacity she promotes safe driving.

Despite their award winning talent on stage and on screen, the rest of the driving public would probably be better off if these stars stayed off the road!


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