15 Celebs Who Claimed To Have Done It With A Ghost

Did you know that there is such a thing as ghost sex? Yeah, it actually exists, although there is lots of speculation and research surrounding it. In fact, there are whole online communities dedicated to the fetish of ghost sex, also known as Spectrophilia. Ghost sex is exactly what it sounds like: being seduced by a spiritual or ghostly being and getting it on with them. A lot of times, living humans talk about having their ghost sex initiated by a spirit, who then goes on to pleasure them. Some people even report being totally in the zone and reaching climax. You may think that it sounds scary, but most of the people who talk about ghost sex describe it as a cool or pleasurable experience. Even so, it is something to be taken seriously, and there are even guidelines about how to initiate ghost sex for yourself.

We won’t be teaching you how to do that here, but we will share with you a list of 15 Celebs Who Claimed To Have Done It with a Ghost. Now, we have seen movies like Twilight or shows like The Vampire Diaries, in which characters are charmed or seduced by supernatural being. But what if things like that happened in real life? Would you believe someone if they told you that they had had sex with a ghost or spirit? Think about that as you read through this list. Of course there are some celebs here that you might think were either high or drunk when they experienced ghost sex, but other stories are quite intriguing and riveting.

15 Dan Aykroyd


Believe it or not, Dan Aykroyd is the only guy on our list, because it turns out that most dudes just aren’t as forthcoming with their supernatural adventures as women are. Who knew? Anyway, Dan already had a reputation for being a believer in ghosts and he had talked about some of his ghostly encounters. Yet he took it one step further when he explained that he had experienced sexual activity with a spirit. Dan said that a ghostly spirit approached him and engaged him in some light foreplay, which really turned him on. There was also another occasion in which a male ghost (he didn’t specify if it was the same one,) came into his bed and started cuddling next to him. Dan fully embraced the ghost and it was a positive experience. Given that Dan’s first mention of the foreplay ghost was in 2010 and the cuddly spirit was in 2013, it seems that he is not backing down from his paranormal beliefs.

14 Wolfie


Now this one is a bit interesting, because the singers of the group Wolfie aren’t talking about being seduced by ghosts - they are talking about being ghosts to their partners. In the song “I Be Ghost,” the group proclaims “I been Casper on my b*tches” and “I been ghosted...So I be ghost.” Hmm, it seems as though this is Wolfie’s anthem to Spectrophilia, or ghost sex. Whether or not they have ever experienced being seduced by a succubus (female sexual spirit) or not remains to be seen. We do know that a lot of artists and singers like to allude to ghostly or spiritual encounters. Just listen to Katy Perry’s song “E.T.” or watch the Demi Moore-Patrick Swayze film Ghost. Even Kesha has admitted that she has gone to the “bone zone” with a very sexy ghost who pleasured her. So whether or not Wolfie is being totally true and saying that they’ve ghosted someone or been ghosted, there are plenty of celebs who actually have.

13 Ibeyi


Twin sisters Lisa Kainde and Naomi Diaz make up Ibeyi, which is the way to say “twins” in the Yoruba language. Ibeyi are a twin sister pairing that sings songs in English and Yoruba (which is a language from Nigeria.) Lisa and Naomi have one song called “Ghosts,” in which they sing about ghosts. Some of the lyrics display a description of ghost sex, or Spectrophilia. For instance: “Make love to me / My ghosts are not gone / They give the black core of my heart / Making words, making sounds, making songs.” The release of this single, “Ghosts” helped to spark a media-wide debate over why so many artists are singing about ghosts now. Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, A$AP Rocky...the list goes on and on. And it’s not just singers; actors and actresses have their own sexy ghost stories and references as well. It’s looks like ghost sex is currently en vogue.

12 Katy Perry

Well, at least she sings about having a sexual encounter with some kind of spiritual being. Just as Kesha wrote a song based on her sexy time with a ghost, perhaps Katy Perry was doing the same thing when she came up with the song “E.T.” off of her Teenage Dream Deluxe Edition album. In the song, Katy can be seen floating through space and the galaxies as she sings about being seduced and lured in by some kind of otherworldly being. Could she be alluding to some ghostly or spiritual encounters? In the song, she sings “You’re so hypnotizing / Could you be the devil / Could you be an angel?” This leaves some critics to say that Katy is singing about ghost sex - also known as Spectrophilia. Of course, Katy has never confirmed nor denied these rumors, which leaves us left in the dark. But maybe that’s the way she wants it to be.

11 Lynda Bellingham


Okay, so this wasn’t exactly a ghostly sexual encounter directly with Lynda Bellingham, but it did involve her husband, so close enough for our list. Lynda’s hubby, Michael Pattemore, claimed that he had had sex with the ghost of his now deceased wife Lynda. Their kids are so distraught over it, that it has become a public news story. Lynda Bellingham was an English actress, broadcaster, and author. She passed away on October 19, 2014 and left behind her husband Michael Pattemore as well as their sons Michael and Robbie Peluso. Even though he has seen all of his sons’ grief and despair, Michael Pattemore won’t let up on his claims that Lynda’s ghost visits him at night and engages in sexual intercourse with him. The sons say that Michael’s descriptions are extremely disrespectful to their mother, and they just aren’t buying it anymore. The sons are also disappointed that their father continues to keep Lynda’s assets and properties away from them, claiming it is “inaccessible.”

10 Anna Nicole Smith


Back in 2004, the celebrity told FHM that she was regularly hooking up with a ghost that came to her apartment as she was nestled into her bed. According to Anna Nicole, the ghost provided some incredible sex and left her feeling out of breath and in ecstasy. In fact, she admits that at first she just assumed it was her boyfriend, because the ghost would always appear when Anna Nicole was asleep. She figured it could have been her significant other waking her up with a sexy surprise. Yet one day Anna Nicole woke up and she saw the ghost fly up and away from her bed. She was a bit freaked out about it, but then she figured that if it had been going on for this long, then the ghost is probably friendly and just wants to pleasure her. She told her boyfriend about it and of course he didn’t believe her.

9 Kesha


Oh, Kesha, what are we going to do with you? The singer’s party anthems are so sexy that even ghosts find themselves attracted to Kesha. While talking to Conan O’Brien on his late-night talk show, Kesha was asked about her assertion that she had had some “sexy time” with a ghost. She told Conan that yes, it was true. She doesn’t know who the ghost is, but it approached her at home and started caressing her and then things proceeded from there. Kesha talked about this ghostly encounter on Jimmy Kimmel Live and on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show as well, so she is pretty serious about it. Maybe the ghost felt welcomed to Kesha because of the singer’s love of wearing body parts. She made a headdress out of her fans’ teeth, and she had more left over, so she decided to make a tooth bra as well. Only Kesha.

8 Jessica Alba


While it wasn’t clear whether or not the ghost in Jessica Alba’s encounter was looking for sex or not, the actress described a scenario in which a ghostly being straddled itself on top of her when she was just a teenager. Jessica was asleep in her bedroom when she awoke and felt a heavy presence on top of her. She definitely knew it was a ghost and she was really frightened because the blankets were pulled off of her and she wasn’t able to get up. It was a couple of minutes before Jessica felt the spirit get off of her body. The young actress swiftly jumped up, ran to her parents’ bedroom, and spent the rest of the night there. After that creepy encounter, Jessica pretty much refused to go back to that house ever again. Her story sounds similar to what ghost sex experts say about these experiences. Some professionals think that these encounters are actually sleep paralysis.

7 Natasha Blasick


Well, at least this one seems to make a tad more sense than the other examples. Natasha Blasick was one of the actresses in Paranormal Activity 2, and it looks like she might have taken her work home with her. Natasha made a guest appearance on England’s This Morning and her story got out that she had experienced sexual intercourse with a ghost. Of course, since she starred in a ghost story film, the news anchors just had to run with this story. So Natasha was prompted to go into more detail about it. The actress said there were two instances in which she was seduced by a spirit. The first time, she was taken aback and wasn’t sure what was going on. As she started to relax and explore this phenomenon, she realized that having sex with a ghost could be really “pleasurable.” Naturally, people were skeptical that Natasha was just experiencing the after effects of filming Paranormal Activity.

6 Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey all but said that he went to the bone zone with a female ghost, and this is a female spirit that tends to visit the actor from time to time. Come on, who wouldn’t want a piece of Matthew McConaughey? Anyway, the actor said that he has had experiences and encounters with the female spirit, and those circumstances have been while he was naked. Hmm...Matthew went on to say that at first he was downright terrified of this ghostly being and he walked around with a baseball bat. When he realized that she wasn’t threatening, he named her Madame Bleu for the pale blue mist around her. He stated that she only comes out when he is naked in his home, which leads us to believe that there is some sexy time happening in that room of Matthew McConaughey’s. Plus, the actor has said that “she’s a cool ghost.”

5 Paz De La Huerta


You might recognize Paz De La Huerta from Boardwalk Empire or Enter the Void. The actress is yet another celeb who admitted that she had had a sexual experience with a ghost. Paz told The New York Times in 2011 that she visited Graceland and found the ghost of Elvis Presley. Not only that, but Elvis’ ghost had sex with Paz! So, how did this happen? As Paz explained it, she went to Elvis’ old recording studio (where other visitors have reported feeling his ghost) and before she knew it, Paz felt the King rocking her body. She said that she could feel his presence and then she was pleasured by him, right there in the studio. We can only imagine what the other people in the room were thinking when they saw Paz reacting to some sexual attention from Elvis’ ghost. At least this story puts an end to the debate about Elvis being dead or alive. Or does it?

4 Miley Cyrus

The singer is known for baring it all and engaging in some pretty out there behavior. Given her reputation for being a wild child, we have to put her ghostly experience on this list. Miley claims that she encountered a ghost boy while she was living in her apartment in London. She described a situation in which she was taking off her clothes to get into the shower. She looked over and saw a ghost boy sitting on the sink, just staring at her. She got really freaked out and then she said that a few more things happened, but she didn’t go into further detail. Could she be referring to some sexy ghost time that happened? Maybe she ended up in the bone zone with this creepy ghostly boy. After all, she never did say what his age was, and she just seemed really frazzled and coy about the whole thing.

3 Bobby Brown


When Bobby Brown released his memoir Every Little Step, he included an anecdote of the time that he had sex with a ghost. He was also quick to explain that he was not on drugs when this encounter happened (it was back in the early 1990s, before he started using and abusing.) Anyway, Bobby said that he was living in a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia at the time. The home was said to be haunted, and Bobby was sleeping in his circle bed in the nude, as he usually did, when he felt the presence of a female spirit around him. According to Bobby, the female ghost descended from the ceiling and came down on Bobby and initiated sexual intercourse with him. Bobby immediately woke up and could see a pale white woman on top of him with her left spread on either side of his body (he had a mirror on his ceiling above his bed.) He said that he even felt himself inside of her.

2 Coco Austin

Turns out female celebs are hot items for ghosts. For Coco Austin, her ghostly sexual encounter wasn’t exactly pleasurable. According to the reality TV star, a pervert spirit came up to her and assaulted her. We aren’t making this stuff up. Coco herself said that she was just sitting at home in front of the TV. She was wearing a nightgown and then she felt the hem of her nightie slip further up her leg. She pulled it down and got weirded out and then a few moments later the same thing happened again. She also claims that she heard a man breathing into her ear, presumably being turned on. Coco claimed that this ghost totally came onto her, but once she married Ice T, the supernatural experiences came to a halt. Could it be that Ice T is one dude that you don’t mess around with? Who knows?

1 Lucy Liu

According to Lucy Liu, she experienced a ghostly encounter back in 1999, when she was just trying to innocently catch some Z’s on her futon. The actress said that she was just lying there when she felt a presence come and seduce her. She felt like she was being touched and pleasured and she even reached climax. Lucy described it as a “some kind of spirit” and equated it to what probably happened to the Virgin Mary when she was impregnated with Jesus Christ. While we don’t think that Lucy’s experience was anything like Mary’s we do think this is really intriguing. Yet there are so many unanswered questions that it’s hard to understand what Lucy experienced. Maybe she was trying to nap after watching an episode of Charmed? Or maybe she was just pleasuring herself while she was half asleep? Moreover, it all could have been a wacky dream.

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15 Celebs Who Claimed To Have Done It With A Ghost