15 Celebs Who Are Completely Anti-LGBTQ

With all of the news surrounding the LGBTQ community lately, it is important to pay closer attention to this topic. Some people will shy away from talking about these issues out of fear of being polit

With all of the news surrounding the LGBTQ community lately, it is important to pay closer attention to this topic. Some people will shy away from talking about these issues out of fear of being politically incorrect or to avoid offending others with their comments and thoughts. Yet there are other people out there who are looking to stir up more hate and trouble for those in the LGTBQ community. Sadly, we are not sure when all of this hate is going to end. Sometimes it can feel as though we’re out there in the middle of everything screaming “can’t we all just get along?!” But it turns out that there are so many varying beliefs and opinions out there, it seems we will never be able to come to a peaceful resolution. We are here to show you a list of famous people who definitely aren’t helping the cause. These are 15 Celebs Who are Completely Anti-LGBTQ.

For your reference, LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Queer. There are actually many celebrities who support LGBTQ efforts and are all for supporting equal rights, marriage, and similar causes. People such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Page, and Neil Patrick Harris have helped to shift the tide from ranting about anti-gay comments towards being more inclusive and tolerant of others. However, our list here will show you that some celebs haven’t learned and that they also have some pretty awful stuff to say. Others have not only said hateful things but have actively hidden gay siblings from the world out of shame. It will be clear by the end of this list that these celebrities have a little more hate in them than you thought prior to reading it.  There is such little room for offensive language in the world today, that if you're going to be so hateful, you deserve to be called out for it.

15 Porsha Williams

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You might know reality TV star Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Williams received loads of backlash after she gave a sermon in which she stated that gays and lesbians need to be saved. Williams soon afterward spoke out upon hearing the disdain with which her sermon was received. According to Williams, the sermon was filmed but the entire message was not shown to the public. She claimed that it was edited to put her in a negative light and make her appear homophobic and intolerant of gays and lesbians. Williams eventually sent out a formal public apology to everyone, including her fans and those who actively support her. She was upset that her sermon was shown in bits and pieces, rather than in its entirety, because it diminished her message that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or race, is loved and adored by God. She managed to escape further backlash after fans embraced her apology.

14 Candace Cameron Bure

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Along with her brother Kirk Cameron (who rose to fame in the family sitcom Growing Pains), Candace Cameron Bure is extremely conservative in her views and is constantly speaking out about her religious beliefs, which are highly Christian. Bure came under fire on The View, when she and her co-host Raven-Symone went at it over LGBTQ rights. Raven-Symone is not strictly heterosexual, which led to her arguing with Bure about LGBTQ rights and equality. Bure stands by her case that she is open to discussing religious freedom and she is always going to stand by her faith. Even so, the actress said that she is willing to incorporate same-sex relationships on her newest show, Fuller House. So maybe we will be seeing LGBTQ issues pop up on her sitcom soon. While she is not exactly trying to mend things with Raven-Symone, you can only hope both ladies are feeling better.

13 Kid Rock

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Singer Kid Rock was never one to shy away from controversial issues. Come on, the guy is a full supporter of United States Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Besides supporting banning Muslims from entering the United States, Kid Rock is also anti-LGBTQ rights and equality. The singer even used anti-gay slurs at various points of his life. He admits that he uses the word “gay” as an insult (as in “that’s so gay”) and he is not keen at all on same-sex marriages. Clearly, Kid Rock doesn’t give a rat’s tail about being respectful or politically correct, which at least explains why he endorses Trump. The singer is not popular with many people, not only because his music is low on the quality totem pole, but because he is so blatant and outspoken about his messed-up beliefs and mindset. Needless to say, you're never going to run into Kid Rock at a gay rights parade.

12 Phil Robertson


Back in 2014, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame found himself in hot water for his seriously anti-LGTBQ comments. Robertson spoke out and explained that AIDS, HIV, and other sexually-transmitted diseases are God’s way of punishing people for being in same-sex relationships. He further explained that sex between a man and woman doesn’t lead to STDs, but sex between two men or two women does. Clearly (in his eyes), this means that homosexual relationships are not natural and are not supposed to happen. The reality is that homosexual men and women are less likely to use protection, and that is why there is a much higher incidence of HIV/AIDS and other STDs among them. Still, Robertson stood by his beliefs and perspective and was even removed from Duck Dynasty for a time because his anti-gay and lesbian remarks were so offensive.

11 Paris Hilton

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This was way back in 2012, but Paris Hilton does not seem like the type of person to change much with time. The hotel heiress said that gay men were super h*rny, the h*rniest of all men, and that it was really gross. She also hinted that the reason gay men have so many sexually-transmitted diseases is because all they do is have sex with each other. Hilton was seriously creeped out by it all, and we can only guess how she would react if she was face-to-face with a gay man. Hilton also told one of her gay acquaintances that she would be horrified if she were a homosexual because she would definitely have HIV or AIDS. Wow, what a bold generalization to make. Please just go back to saying "That’s hot.”

10 50 Cent

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Rapper 50 Cent is full of contradictions and confusing beliefs and ideas. The rapper says that he isn’t homophobic, but that he doesn’t like gay people. Well, who would ever publicly proclaim that they’re homophobic? No one that we know! The rapper also made no sense when he said he wasn’t okay with gay men, but that he didn’t have too much of a problem with lesbians. What? Can someone please explain to us how that works? A couple of years ago, 50 Cent was interviewed by Playboy Magazine and he said “I ain’t into f----ts.” 50 Cent also expressed his distrust around gay men because he thinks that all they are thinking about is getting in another guy’s pants, even if the other guy is straight. Newsflash, 50 Cent, not everyone wants to get in your pants. His discomfort around gays is totally unfounded, but he seems like a lost cause.

9 Dr. Laura Schlesinger


For those of you who don’t know, “Dr. Laura” is a physiologist and works as a counselor for couples and families. She also had talk shows on television and radio, and she penned a few books. It is important to note that Dr. Laura is not a doctor of the mind, but of the body. Despite this, she is often mistaken for being an expert on mental health. When she said that gays and lesbians were produced from a mistake in their biology, the world nearly blew up. People were outraged that Dr. Laura was suggesting that gays, lesbians, and transexual people were merely a mistake or some kind of human anomaly. She also stands by the belief that we shouldn’t use the words gay and lesbian, because it takes sex out of the equation. They are both homosexuals and if we look at it from that standpoint, she claims that we will be able to see the error in their biology.

8 Eminem

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Rapper Eminem has always been one for controversy, he even raps about it in his own songs. Yet Slim Shady got into some pretty heated debates last summer when he spewed out anti-LGBTQ slurs and rap lyrics. There was even a freestyle rap in which Eminem outed Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and called her a “b---h.” He has also used other offensive language in the past to express his anti-gay and lesbian views, such as “d--es” and “f----ts.” In a lousy attempt to make up for his horrible lyrics and slurs, Eminem said that he just said those things to make a decent rap. In other words, they don’t necessarily depict how he feels about gays, lesbians, and transexuals. Eminem refuses to admit that he is homophobic or that he has issues with same-sex relationships. We would beg to differ, given his extremely rude comments.

7 Alec Baldwin

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Leave it to Twitter to reveal how celebrities truly feel about the important issues in society. Actor Alec Baldwin was caught in a Twitter crossfire when he posted some offensive tweets, which have since been deleted from the site and Baldwin’s account. The actor was making rude slurs and comments about certain politicians, and he even wrote that Garrett Jackson (a former aide to Mitt Romney) could “Polish his Emmys” while he was on his knees. Ouch. The seriously low-blow got many people hot and bothered and led to Baldwin fleeing from the social media site in order to try to preserve his image. Yet the damage was done. The actor came across as a complete douche, and people still think he is super homophobic and hateful towards the LGBTQ community. We can only hope that Alec Baldwin takes a permanent break from the spotlight.

6 Mel Gibson

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Okay, so we all know that Mel Gibson has gotten himself into trouble before for his hateful comments and slurs. This time, it was the LGBTQ community that was up in arms over something that Mel said. When he was interviewed and asked about how he felt towards gays, Mel stood up, pointed to his butt, and said that gays “Take it up” there...and then he proceeded to say “This is only for taking a s--t.” Seriously, it is really hard to believe that this is the same guy who directed the award-winning religious film The Passion of the Christ. Did you know that Mel Gibson has a brother who is gay? Really! His brother has sort of taken the attitude that Mel Gibson is going to say horrible stuff, and the best thing to do is just ignore him. That is sort of the stance that we have all taken, if only it was so easy to ignore the moron.

5 Fantasia

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Fantasia was one of the crowd favorites on an early season of American Idol. She was a winning singer with a voice that could bring the whole house down. She even went on to land some acting gigs as well. Fantasia was pretty much on top of the world. Yet a few years ago, she took to her Instagram account and posted a message that could be taken as hateful by some. Others have said that Fantasia was just voicing her beliefs and how she adheres to the Scriptures in the Bible. We’ll let you be the judge. Fantasia wrote on Instagram she is going to battle back against her haters and rise above the noise. As well as this, Fantasia talked about how she cannot believe how she is being judged even when horrible things are happening in our society, such as “weed legal in some marriage legal...The world is gone mad.” Apparently it is not such a smart move to say there are awful things in the world, and use gay marriage as an example.

4 Chris Brown

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It may not come as a huge surprise that Chris Brown has spewed out hateful rhetoric about gays and lesbians. The singer has been in the news for all kinds of horrible things, including domestic violence against his former girlfriend, Rihanna. Last year Chris Brown was mad when people started claiming he was homophobic. Yet they weren’t totally in the wrong, considering that Brown declined to perform at a Gay Pride event. As well as this, in 2013, he was allegedly involved in an assault in which he shouted some anti-gay slurs at someone. The incident occurred in Washington, D.C. outside of a hotel building. Chris used the word “gay” as an insult to someone he was arguing with. That’ll get the hate mail flowing. We really don’t know if Chris Brown will ever get his act together, but we certainly don’t think that he is the nicest guy on the planet.

3 Isaiah Washington


Actor Isaiah Washington was part of the all-star cast on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, but then he got fired. Why you ask? Because he used an anti-gay slur and the producers were having none of that. Washington rushed to defend himself and said that he was furious at his co-star, Patrick Dempsey, who had arrived late to the set one day. The two actors ended up getting pretty heated over it, and it caused Isaiah to say a few choice words that were super offensive. One of them was “f----t,” which apparently was his way of referring to someone who was “weak.” That doesn’t make it any better, really. The verbal argument led to Washington's career taking a significant hit. No matter how you defend yourself, most people agree that using the f-word to refer to someone that is weak is completely unacceptable.

2 Tracy Morgan

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The 30 Rock star was front and center when he started to go on a rant that featured lots of anti-gay content. He was doing a stand-up comedy act, but his routine was anything but humorous to most people. Morgan said that if his son ever talked to him using a “gay voice,” he would kill him. His anti-gay rant was certainly way out of line, and there were even audience members who filed complaints against the venue and Morgan. As for the other actors on 30 Rock, they were equally disappointed in their co-star, and some of them had trouble defending Morgan. The comedic actor was left to deny any accusations that he was homophobic, and he claimed that any hateful or offensive rhetoric related to the LGBTQ community was not a direct reflection of his own beliefs and opinions, but the damage was done.

1 The Duggars


It is clear that the controversial Duggar family is among the most homophobic people out there. Consisting of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 children (plus grandchildren), the family is outspoken about their highly conservative and scary-religious beliefs. This includes a dismissal and avoidance of all things homosexual. Yet, Michelle's own sister is a lesbian, but you wouldn’t know that because the TV show kept it hidden. And so much for staying pure and true, their oldest son, Josh Duggar, was caught up in a huge sex scandal after he was having affairs with women he found on Ashley Madison’s website (a site specifically for married couples to have affairs.) The Duggar family also supports politicians who are anti-LGTBQ and refuse to pass legislation granting equal rights for gays and lesbians. You can browse the Internet to find brainwashed videos of why the Duggars are so anti-LGTBQ and why they believe their beliefs are so much better than yours.

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