15 Celebrity Feuds On Social Media You Can't Help But Gossip About

It’s 2016 and we all know there is no such thing as bad publicity. That’s what most celebrities today rely upon. Long ago, the Internet was a platform where information dominated. But now, it’s a chaotic spiral of opinionated content. With the emergence of social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., nothing is personal anymore. Everyone wants to display what they’re doing, where, at what time, and with whom. And the worst of it all, people throw around their opinions when nobody even asked for it. But the digital world understands that unpopular opinions get you attention. And it’s not limited to the general folk. Celebrities, both the ones who are exorbitantly famous, and the ones who are not (or are forgotten names), take to the internet in a hope to attract some attention. Or so is the speculation.

Some celebrities exchange a few hate tweets, apologize, and rest the matter. Others dig as deep into the feud as is possible and the likelihood of peace ceases to exist. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to not care, you fail. Because it’s happening on the Internet and it involves two famous people dissing each other and it’s too damn interesting to turn a blind eye to. This list contains of such 15 cases of celebrity fights fought on the Internet in the recent past that people can’t help but brusquely gossip about.

Disclaimer: You’re about to see a lot of Taylor Swift and the Kardashians (obviously).

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15 Russell Brand vs. Donald Trump

via http://assets.nydailynews.com

Seems like a rather unlikely duo to get into a fight, right? But we know what Donald Trump’s like. Long before he was in the race to become the President of the United States of America, he was battling it out with comedian Russell Brand. The whole thing started when Trump tweeted – “I watched Russell Brand @rustyrockets on the @jimmyfallon show the other night – what the hell do people see in Russell – a major loser!” on October 16th, 2014. He also added “@katyperry must have been drunk when she married Russell Brand @rustyrockets – but he did send me a really nice letter of apology.”

Brand, hilarious as he is, replied – “@realDonaldTrump are you drunk when you write these tweets? Or does that foam you spray on your bald head make you high?” His next tweet stated that everything Trump has he inherited from his father and that ripostes was not one of them. He also posted an Atlantic article with the headline ‘In Financial Circles, It’s Pretty Well Known That Trump Is a Deadbeat’. Trump was not one to back down and in his next tweets, he brought Katy Perry into the conversation again and Brand decided to not waste his time.

Winner: Russell Brand; just because you get the last tweet, doesn’t mean you win, Trump.America, choose wisely.

14 Chelsea Handler vs. Nick Cannon

via http://www.bet.com

They’re both comedians, what could go wrong? Well back in 2010, when Nick Cannon announced that he was going on a comedy tour, talk show host Chelsea Handler tweeted – “I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?” Cannon was quick to reply – “Wow @chelseahandler I actually used to have respect for you as a comic. But for one artist to diss another in the same art form. #Tasteless.” But things got real ugly when Handler tweeted a picture of a grape soda can and asked Nick Cannon to drink it before he tweets at her again. Of course Nick wasn’t one to turn his back now so he replied with several tweets like – “@chelseahandler is like the new @joanrivers just without the funny and more plastic surgery”.

Things went bad one more time in 2014 when Handler commented on Cannon’s relationship with wife Mariah Carey. She joked on her show about not understanding “black love” and that Cannon acted like a total “white boy”. Cannon was quick to reply on Twitter – “I didn’t hear what @chelseahandler said about me because I don’t watch her show. (NO ONE DOES) What channel is it on, public access?”

Winner: Nick Cannon; that last jab was priceless.

13 Kanye West vs. Jimmy Kimmel

via http://i.huffpost.com

Back in 2013, Kanye West appeared on an interview on BBC radio and our beloved talk show host Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but make a spoof out of it. The spoof featured two kids as Kanye and the interviewer Zane Lowe with milkshakes in their hands. Quite obviously, Kanye was angered and took to Twitter to release his rage over Kimmel. He tweeted a series of angry comments – “JIMMY KIMMEL IS OUT OF LINE TO TRY AND SPOOF IN ANY WAY THE FIRST PIECE OF HONEST MEDIA IN YEARS” and “JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD P*$$Y IN YOUR LIFE…”

Kimmel, the funny guy he is, replied – “apparently @KanyeWest is VERY VERY ANGRY with me....” Kanye, in his tweets, also mentioned Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman, stating that she is a thousand times funnier than Kimmel, to which Kimmel readily agreed.

Winner: Jimmy Kimmel; his comedy is gold, whether on the internet, or off it.

12 Amber Rose vs. Khloé Kardashian

via http://www.eonline.com

In early 2015, model Amber Rose in a radio interview made a comment about Kylie Jenner in relation with her rumored relationship with rapper Tyga, who had just broken up with Blac Chyna, Rose’s best friend. She said, “She's [Kylie] a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o'clock and relax. [Tyga] should be ashamed of himself. He has a beautiful woman and a baby and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.” The Kardashians have a reputation for a lot of things, and defending family is definitely one of them. Khloé Kardashian was quick to respond with hateful comments on Rose’s past on Twitter. She started by mentioning how Rose started stripping when she was 15 and added – “Please don't worry about my sister who has a career and her shit together at ONLY 17”. She also asked Rose to stop talking about the Kardashian family in interviews because they never talk about her.In reply to Khloé’s mention of Rose’s past, Rose tweeted – “@khloekardashian I'll be that lil whore to support my family like ur older sister is a whore 2 support hers. We're even #MuvaGivesFacts”.

Winner: Amber Rose; admit it, she’s got a point.

11 Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa

via https://usatftw.files.wordpress.com

Earlier this year, rapper Wiz Khalifa had some opinions about Kanye West’s forthcoming album, which was titled ‘Waves’. Kanye changed the name shortly before its release and it’s now called ‘The Life of Pablo’. Wiz Khalifa on his Twitter account wrote – “He's the reason I sing on all my songs. That's the wave. If there's nothing wit that sound IT'S NOT WAVY.” In another tweet, he attached the video of Max B’s ‘Never Go Back’ and alongside wrote “Just so you know what true waves are.”

What came next can be called Kanye West’s Tweet “wave” because his tweet count went over 25. From “Oh niggas must think I’m not petty cause I’m the best that’s ever made music” to directly hitting Wiz with “Like, oh that’s Ye and I can put his wife’s initials on my twitter @Wizkhalifa”, he even commented on Wiz’s style saying that he stole his look from rapper Kid Cudi. His tweet fest finally ended with stating that ‘Waves’ was a gospel album and his last tweet read “Good energy positive energy”.

Wiz replied – “KK is weed fool. Reason’s why your not wavy. Go back to Swish.” ‘Swish’ is what the album’s title was before ‘Waves’. Wiz added – “I been smashed the idea of that album even existing. I got joints to roll @kanyewest”.

Kanye kept tweeting about positive energy and other stuff but there were no replies from Wiz (he had joints to roll, after all).

Winner: Amber Rose; so what if Wiz never replied?

10 Taylor Swift vs. Niki Minaj

via http://cdn03.cdn.justjared.com

Rapper Nicki Minaj was not happy when the nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards 2015 were announced. Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ and Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ were the only music female music videos nominated for the Video of the Year award. She used Twitter as a platform to communicate her grievance and wrote – “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year” with a few too many smile emojis.Taylor Swift’s reply to Nicki’s tweet – “@NICKIMINAJ I've done nothing but love & support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.”Swift’s tweet was uncalled for because Nicki never mentioned any names in her tweet and so she wrote – “Huh? U must not be reading my tweets. Didn't say a word about u. I love u just as much. But u should speak on this. @taylorswift13”

Taylor ended the feud with – “I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I'm sorry, Nicki.@NICKIMINAJ”. The feud was settled and both of them even performed together at the VMAs.

Winner: Katy Perry; rumored to be the subject of Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’, Katy chimed in with a very sassy tweet – “Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman...”

9 Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik

via http://www.eonline.com

Yes, Taylor Swift is obviously involved. Back in August 2015, Taylor Swift pulled all of her music from Spotify and Zayn Malik retweeted a post where a contrast was drawn between Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. While Taylor’s statement talked of her withdrawing her music from Spotify, Miley’s read – “I’ve made my money. If no one buys my album, cool. It’s fine. I’ve got a house, and I’ve got dogs that I love. I don’t need anything else.”Boyfriend Calvin Harris (now ex-boyfriend) was not happy. He tweeted – “@FemaleTexts @zaynmalik You've made your money? Cool...f*ck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f*ck em”

He added – “While u kids are refresh voting teen choice awards there's some poor f*cker in a basement making your new favorite record trying to survive.” Zayn was quick to reply – “ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate … you clearly didn’t understand what I just said either”.

But nothing beats this reply – “@CalvinHarris so i suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out”.

Winner: Zayn Malik; if you think about it, even Calvin Harris would agree to it now.

8 Chloë Grace Moretz vs. Khloé Kardashian

via http://www.eonline.com

Now this feud is closely linked with the number one feud on this list, the famous Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feud, which plethora of celebrities were a part of. Two of such celebrities were young actress Chloë Grace Moretz and Kim’s sister Khloé Kardashian. Chloë tweeted her opinion on the infamous feud – “Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what's ACTUALLY happening in the REAL world” which sister Khloe was not happy with.Khloé immediately tweeted a two-picture collage with one picture showing Chloë in an orange bikini and the other of a girl in the ocean, which Khloé thought was Moretz, with her bikini bottom pulled to the side, and alongside it she wrote – “Is this the a hole you're referring to @ChloeGMoretz ???”

Moretz replied to Khloé’s tweet – “@khloekardashian fact check: first photo is me filming my movie Neighbors 2, the second photo is some girl who was wrongfully photographed” with a photo proof that she was indeed not the girl in the second picture of Khloé’s collage.Of course Khloé faced a lot of backlash because of her tweet especially because Moretz is just 19 years old and that’s when the tweets of defense poured in from  Khloé – “I’m the last person to bully but have an animal instinct to protect and defend my family” and “Refrain from commenting on my family and OUR business (and I will do the same).”

Err, it’s still cyberbullying, Khloé.

Winner: Ruby Rose; why you ask? Here is what she tweeted – “@ChloeGMoretz @0hbubbl3s @khloekardashian Yo Khloe I thought you were rad when I met you but this is awful and this is a 19 year old girl.”

7 Zayn Malik vs. Louis Tomlinson

via http://images.intouchweekly.com

Band splits always give birth to drama. Remember in 2015 when millions of hearts broke following Zayn Malik’s announcement of departure from the pop band ‘One Direction’? Well, this was just another stab wound to the millions of fans and it was when they truly realized that Zayn was not coming back.It started with the English DJ and record producer Shahid Khan “Naughty Boy” uploading a picture of himself and Malik in the studio with a pixelated effect. Louis couldn’t control his sarcasm and tweeted – “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool haha ! Some people still do HA!”

Naughty Boy quickly replied with – “@Louis_Tomlinson and some people can't even sing. but who's complaining when there's auto tune eh”.

And then Louis again – “@NaughtyBoyMusic Jesus forgot you were such an in demand producer .... How does it feel to be riding on the back of someone else's career ?”

Enter Zayn Malik with – “@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?”

Winner: Definitely not Naughty Boy; rest I shall leave for you to decide.

6 Miley Cyrus vs. Sinéad O’Connor

via http://media2.s-nbcnews.com

Apparently, no one took Miley Cyrus’s sudden image twist as hard as O’Connor. In 2013, Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor wrote an open letter to singer Miley Cyrus wherein she wrote that Cyrus is being “prostituted” by the music industry and that she would eventually end up in rehab.But Miley didn’t take the letter too well and replied with a picture of tweets O’Connor had posted in 2011 when she struggled with her mental health asking for a psychiatrist to contact her immediately. Alongside, Miley wrote – “Before Amanda Bynes.... There was....”Next came another open letter from Sinéad O’Connor. This time, she called Miley “anti-female” and “a danger to women” among other things.

That’s when our former Hannah Montana star tweeted – “Sinéad. I don't have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week. So if you'd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. :)”

Winner: Miley Cyrus; her life and choices are not for anyone to mock.

5 Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna

via http://i0.wp.com/okmagazine.com

How about a little family history first? Tyga, who is now Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, long ago dated model Blac Chyna and even had a baby together. And her best friend Amber Rose’s ex-boyfriend is now married to Kim Kardashian (yes, Kanye West). Too much to take in? Well, Blac Chyna is now dating brother Rob Kardashian and the two are even set to star in their own TV show.

But back in 2015 when Tyga had started dating Kylie Jenner, the two girls threw some major shade at each other. It started when Chyna uploaded a picture of her wearing a watch that Tyga had gifted her when they were dating – a picture of which even Tyga had uploaded with “#Blaclove”.But how could Kylie resist? She posted a photo of her wearing a similar kind of watch with the caption “Currently”. *SHADE*

Winner: the watch; it’s a major shade source it seems.

4 Taylor Swift vs. Camilla Belle

via http://cos.h-cdn.co

Remember when Taylor Swift dated Joe Jonas back in 2008? And when Joe broke up with Taylor in 2009 over a 30-second phone call, only to get together with actress Camilla Belle? All of this happened, yes.

In 2010, Taylor’s album, “Speak Now” on which there is a track that was supposedly written for Belle, was released. Taylor is after all famous for writing songs about people. The song’s titled “Better than Revenge” and contains lyrics like “She's not a saint/And she's not what you think/She's an actress, whoa/She's better known/For the things that she does/On the mattress, whoa”.So Taylor threw shade with her song but it was Belle’s turn to do so when the infamous Taylor vs KimYe feud lit the world. The actress posted a quote on her Instagram which said – “No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

Winner: Camilla Belle; she sat back, she waited, she enjoyed.

3 Kim Kardashian vs. Bette Midler

via http://cdn02.cdn.justjared.com

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian West posted a stark naked bathroom mirror selfie of herself from her Blonde days back in 2015, while carefully censoring her private parts alongside the caption – “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”. Actress and comedian Bette Midler took to Twitter – “Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera.” Good one, right?

Kim’s response – “hey @BetteMidler I know it's past your bedtime but if you're still up and reading this send nudes #justkidding”.

After everything cooled down a bit, Midler posted a nude selfie, meant as a joke, encouraging Kim and others to donate to charity. She wrote – “@KimKardashian put your selfie to work...for a good cause! Donate, RT, I’ll match $$ 2-1!” with the hashtag for her charity #StagesForSuccess.

Winner: Bette Midler; you don’t mess with the witch!

2 Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry

via http://static1.businessinsider.com

There is seemingly no end to this rivalry. Up until 2012, everything between the two was gooey and sunshine-like. They would give each other love on Twitter, pose as mates at the Grammys and VMAs and then bam! Along came 2013 and the incessant drama. While on Taylor Swift’s Red tour, three dancers were contacted by Katy Perry’s people for joining her upcoming Prismatic World Tour. They were warned beforehand that they would have to leave Taylor’s tour mid-way. And guess what? They agreed. One of the dancers, Lockhart Brownlie, revealed in an interview that Katy was like family to them and that they weren’t dancing in Taylor’s tour anyway.

But of course, Taylor didn’t take it very well. In her 2014 interview with the Rolling Stone, she spoke of her unclear friendship with Katy Perry, and how Katy “sabotaged” her entire tour. She said Katy and her were “straight-up enemies” and the rest is known to the world as “Bad Blood”.

This is when Katy threw some major shade on Twitter with her tweet – “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing...” Savage!

Winner: Katy Perry; cheers to the Mean Girls reference. Also, during the Taylor vs KimYe feud, Katy dropped a subtle tweet – “#RISE above it all” promoting her new single as well as possibly throwing some sweet shade.

1 Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West (And Kim Kardashian)

via https://usatftw.files.wordpress.com

If you don’t have even the slightest idea of what went down with this one, you probably live under a rock. Probably the biggest Internet feud of all time, its roots are connected to the 2009 VMAs when Taylor Swift won the “Best Female Video” award for her song ‘You Belong with Me’. During her acceptance speech, Kanye West cut in, grabbed a mic and said for everyone to hear – “Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”

Nobody was happy about it; not Taylor, not Beyonce, not fellow musicians, not fans. But things recovered with time. Kanye apologized to Taylor on Twitter and everything seems friendly. Both of them go on to presenting awards to each other and posting pictures of flowers and even talking about running for president in 2020 together. Along comes February 2016 and Kanye’s infamous song ‘Famous’ which took the world by storm with its lyrics – “For all my Southside n&$% that know me best/I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b*%ch famous (Goddamn)/I made that b*%ch famous.”

As if the lyrics weren’t controversial enough, the music video of the song had a wax naked statue of Taylor right next to Kanye and while there were plenty other celebrity wax statues, Taylor’s presence was the creepiest because of the lyrics. Kanye then claimed that he had in fact sought Taylor’s approval but Taylor denied knowing anything about the song. She said she wasn’t made aware of the lyrics and was just asked to promote Kanye’s new song. A lot of celebrities took to social media to express their disapproval of the song and the video.

Enter, wife Kim Kardashian. On 18th July, she asks all her Twitter followers to follow her on Snapchat. And that’s when Kim drops a bomb, uploads on her Snapchat the secret recordings of the phone call between Taylor and Kanye where Kanye did in fact make Taylor aware of half the lyrics. On the phone call, Taylor is heard giving Kanye approval for the lyrics and asking him to do what he thinks is best. Taylor later uploads a picture saying she was never made aware of the “I made that bitch famous” lyric and that if she was, she would’ve never approved the song. Well, too late now, Taylor. Every celebrity was quick to take sides and most of them sided with Kardashian-West and the internet was not surprised.

There are no more active Twitter battles anymore on the subject, but this feud is far from being over.

Winner: Kim Kardashian; gotta love them guts!


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