15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded

Cheating. It’s something that Hollywood celebrities are not immune to, and there have been plenty of scandals and cheating fiascos throughout the years. Some of them were extremely high-profile events that made headlines in just about every magazine publication. Others were more under the radar, but cheating and infidelity definitely affect the stars of Tinsel Town. In fact, some people may argue that cheating and affairs are much more tempting for celebrities than they are for normal everyday people. It could be that there is more money and fame involved, and that the insiders in Hollywood tend to be supremely attractive and enviable. Whatever it is, we have seen marriages fray and fall apart, and it hasn’t been pretty. Here is our list of 15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded.

You will see that some celebs already had it all: a beautiful and loving spouse, the home of their dreams, a stellar Hollywood career, and maybe even wonderful children. And yet, they chose to be unfaithful to their partners and go down the dark road of an affair. Some of these celebs found themselves stuck in intense court battles for child custody and annulment, and more. Others tried to split amicably and with as little drama as possible. Either way, there is always going to be that hurt and sting there, and it is impossible to undo the damage done by an affair. Check out our list of celebrity cheaters and see how the stars have dealt with infidelity, disloyalty, and homewreckers.

15 Christine Ouzounian (Ben Affleck)


It was a shock that rocked the headlines for months when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their split in 2015. It was revealed that Ben had been engaging in extramarital sex with the nanny of his children, Christine Ouzounian. However, Jennifer spoke out and said that she and Ben had been separated for a few months before the news broke out that Ben had cheated on her. It looked as though Jen and Ben had already been struggling, and the nanny fiasco was just icing on the cake. Yet Jen has been one of the most gracious and open-hearted celebs who have suffered from scandal. She said that she is not going to get back together with Ben, but they are going to remain good friends and she is always going to have love for him. After all, he gave her three wonderful kids, and seeing how much they love their dad has made her realize that she can’t cut Ben out of her life.

14 Mindy Mann (Gavin Rossdale)


News broke out that Gavin Rossdale had cheated on his wife Gwen Stefani, for 3 years with the nanny of their children, Mindy Mann. It was devastating for everyone, and Gwen had been living with her husband for all that time without even having an inkling of an affair. After all, Gwen and Gavin had been married for 13 long years and they had a lovely family together. They were the rocking Hollywood couple of the modern era and no one had expected their marriage to be torn apart in this manner. To make matters worse, Gwen discovered the evidence of Gavin’s affair on an iPad that she and her children also used. It included nude photos of Mindy, as well as texts that planned their next tryst. That had to hurt for Gwen; Gavin’s affair took place while she was pregnant with their youngest son. They divorced and Gwen went on to date country singer Blake Shelton, whom she met while participating on The Voice.

13 Russell Crowe (Meg Ryan)

We often hear about men cheating on their girlfriends or wives, but this time it was Meg Ryan who had cheated on her husband Dennis Quaid. Meg reportedly turned her back on Dennis and went instead to another Hollywood actor: Russell Crowe. This was back in 2000, and while it was brief, an affair is an affair, and it seriously tore up Dennis. The couple split but then Meg shot back saying that Dennis had cheated on her throughout their marriage. That was the last straw for Dennis, who got angry and expressed deep pain that Meg was opening up these old wounds years after they had already split. Meg went on to date singer John Mellencamp for the next three years, but now she’s single. As for Dennis, he got remarried to a quiet real estate agent in Texas, Kimberly Buffington, whom he had a set of twins with.

12 Mistresses (Mario Lopez)

Oh no, how could Mario Lopez be a Hollywood cheater?! He’s cute, charming, and has that boyish innocence that makes him so loveable on the silver screen. And yet, he can also be deceiving and unfaithful. Just ask Ali Landry, who was married to Mario for just 2 weeks before annulling the marriage. It turned out that Ali had heard rumors that Mario was suspected of cheating on her, but Ali went through with the marriage anyway. However, she couldn’t get the rumors off her mind, so she had a friend help her tap Mario’s phone and then she started receiving phone calls from his mistresses. Busted! Ali even confronted Mario with the evidence, and he still denied it to her. She says that she never received a formal apology, but she left him and found a new man; one who held his faith and religion in high regard and was okay waiting until marriage to have sex. Now Ali and her second husband (Alejandro Monteverde) have a lovely family.

11 Multiple Women (Tiger Woods)


Whether you are a fan of golf or not, there is no denying that Tiger Woods was one of the most pivotal golfers of all time. He was up there with famed golfers like John Daly and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger got to put on the iconic green jacket many times, and he was married to a lovely blonde, starry eyed Swedish model, Elin Nordegren. Unfortunately, Tiger was also battling some issues of his own; it turned out that he was a real tiger in the sheets! In all seriousness though, Tiger was dealing with extramarital affairs and he had allegedly cheated on his wife with multiple women. It seemed that each week a new woman was claiming that she had had sex with Tiger Woods. The golfer admitted to his dirty deeds and actually checked himself into a rehab facility for sex addiction (yes, such a thing exists). As for Elin, she divorced Tiger in 2010, after six years of marriage.

10 A Transgender Model (Hank Baskett)


Talk about a whirlwind relationship! Kendra Wilkinson was married to Hank Baskett when it was revealed that he had an experience with a transgender model. All of this while Kendra was just one month away from giving birth to their child! According to Hank’s report, he was just trying to get some pot, when he discovered that he was actually buying the drugs from a transgender model who briskly seduced him without him coming onto her. When Kendra found out, she nearly went insane and vowed that she would divorce Hank. What really got her was the fact that she had to hear about Hank’s predicament from a news source rather than from her husband, and that hurt her a lot. While she doesn’t say that he “cheated,” she says that he was “disloyal” and it took a lot of work (including many couples therapy sessions) for them to reconcile.

9 Mildred Baena (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


There was a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was on top of the world. The Austrian body-builder had made a name for himself as a Hollywood actor, and he even became the governor of California. Plus he had a beautiful and intelligent wife, Maria Shriver. But then Arnold dropped a huge bombshell: he had a kid with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena. On top of that, he had also cheated on Maria back in the 1980s with one of his co-stars, Brigitte Nielsen. Arnold and Maria had 4 children together, and they were like a power-couple in Hollywood and in intellectual circles. Yet after twenty-five years of marriage, he and Maria decided to break up, although a divorce was never finalized. After the split, Arnold began dating another woman, Heather Milligan, while Maria poured her focus into her career and children. Now at age 60, some would say that Maria should just live the single life, but she has found a new boyfriend in Matthew Dowd.

8 Multiple Women (Kobe Bryant)

NBA superstar Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife Vanessa with not one, but multiple women. What is it with professional athletes and celebrities thinking that they are immune to morals and monogamous relationships? Some sources claimed that Kobe’s family was not crazy about Vanessa, who has Mexican parents. There are also allegations that Vanessa had caught Kobe being unfaithful before, but she had forgiven his transgressions. However, people can only make the same mistake so many times before the other person gets mad, and so Vanessa filed for divorce after it was revealed that Kobe had been seeing Carla DiBello for 2 straight years, all while serving as a father to Vanessa’s two children. And there was yet another sex scandal, in which Kobe reportedly had intercourse with 19-year-old Katelyn Faber, which led to a long court trial. Kobe made so many missteps that we don’t even know how Vanessa held out so long.

7 Diana Bianchi (Peter Cook)


Peter Cook was married to one of the hottest women in Hollywood at the time: Christie Brinkley. And then he went and cheated on her with Diana Bianchi, who was just a teen at the time. Peter later said that he is “an idiot,” but we think that’s putting it lightly. Here’s what happened: Peter and Christie had been married for a decade, but Peter took a nosedive into an extramarital affair with a Diana, a sales associate. Apparently, Peter and Christie’s marriage only looked like a dream come true on the outside. Peter said that while they had been together for years and had a wonderful family, he felt that it was more about friendship than romance. So he turned to a 17-year-old? Hmm...Needless to say, Christie promptly filed for divorce and obtained custody of their two children. Ever since 2008, she has been single, and she’s just fine with that.

6 Nicole Forrester (Josh Duhamel)


It was only one year after Fergie and Josh Duhamel got married, and yet the newlyweds’ life together was turned upside down when it was revealed that Josh had cheated on Fergie with a stripper named Nicole Forrester. At first, Josh’s agent said that the cheating allegations were false, and it was simply a stripper trying to cash out on a celebrity. However, Nicole told her side of the story, and it seemed to be true. Josh had cheated on Fergie and had bouts of sex with Nicole, whom he met at the strip club Tattletales. Yet after the affair, Josh was withdrawn and was clearly battling some inner demons. He eventually had to come to terms with the truth, and Fergie was so gracious and forgiving. She spoke out to Oprah, saying that it was the most difficult point in their relationship, but they’re grown stronger together. Man, Josh doesn’t deserve such a woman!

5 Multiple Women (Josh Duggar)


Pretty much everyone knows about the Duggar family, whether they want to or not (and so many people want to get away from them!) Anyway, nothing was quite as shocking as learning that the eldest Duggar son, Josh, was caught up in an extramarital affair with several women that he met through an online community, Ashley Madison. For those who don’t know, Ashley Madison is where married men and women go to knowingly have an extramarital affair. WOW! And Josh was supposed to be a devout Christian? Right. Even though he had 4 children with his innocent wife, Anna, Josh allegedly had some serious deep-rooted issues. Besides being addicted to porn and sex, he had also touched other females (including some of his sisters) inappropriately throughout the years. Excuse us while we go vomit. Josh is still struggling with his public image, and the entire Duggar family is feeling the effects. Their hit TLC series was cancelled, although there is now a spin-off called Counting On.

4 Daisy Wright (Jude Law)


Actors Jude Law and Sienna Miller seemed like such a perfect match, didn’t they? Too bad Jude had to go and cheat on Sienna, with the nanny of his children no less! Yes, that really happened, and what a major downgrade it was for Jude. Sienna and Jude were engaged to be married, but once news broke out that Jude had cheated on her with the nanny, she took that engagement ring off and had trouble getting back to work. Jude made a public apology, but that was more to cover his own butt. The nanny, Daisy Wright, sold her story to a tabloid magazine and detailed the tryst that she had with Jude, saying that he really knows how to please a woman. Wow, what a bunch of scumbags those two are. Sienna could do so much better than that! Or so we thought. She ended up having an affair just a couple of years after Jude did! What is going on?!

3 Divine Brown (Hugh Grant)


Hugh Grant is one hunky actor, and he always has been. Anyway, being a hunk doesn’t give you permission or an excuse to cheat on your wife. Even so, that is exactly what happened to Hugh Grant, who was unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Hurley by getting with prostitute Divine Brown. This was back in 1995, but years later, Divine Brown (now an “ex-hooker”) described the experience and said that Hugh is not the type of man who is going to just sit back and be with one woman. He has an uncontrollable need to get with other women and he has a hard time sticking to one routine. Hmm, thanks for the insight, Divine Brown. While Hugh’s infidelity led to his marriage with Elizabeth crumbling, he does have one redeeming quality: he pays child support on time and he is quite generous with his financial assets. Pssh, it’s the least he could do for being a sex addict with no morals.

2 Rupert Sanders (Kristen Stewart)

Back just a few years ago, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were the “it” couple of Hollywood. They were both stars thanks to the Twilight saga film franchise, and when they started dating in real life, people were so thrilled that their Bella and Edward fantasies were coming to life. And yet, Kristen done messed up when she cheated on Robert with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, whom she was working closely with. Even worse was that Rupert was already married and had two kids of his own. Kristen must have been seduced by Rupert on the set of Snow White (or was it the other way around?) Either way, it devastated her relationship with both Rupert and Robert, and it shocked her fans to know that she was a cheater. Kristen and Robert promptly broke up, as did Rupert and his wife, Liberty Ross.

1 Michelle McGee (Jesse James)


Jesse James married actress Sandra Bullock back in 2005. The two had met because of Sandra’s godson (he wanted to meet the famed motorcyclist Jesse James in person.) So, they all met and that was when the sparks started for Sandra and Jesse. However, 5 years into their marriage, they were hit with a bombshell when Jesse was caught in a string of extramarital affairs, including a tryst with stripper Michelle McGee. Maybe that did not come as a surprise to some people, given that one of Jesse’s ex-wives was a porn actress. Still, it really shook Sandra up, and in late June 2010, the couple had finalized their divorce. We think that Jesse made a huge mistake and that Sandra was the best woman that he had in his life: classy, intelligent, gorgeous, accomplished. His loss! Now Sandra is dating Bryan Randall, a professional photographer. Jesse is now married to a drag racer, Alexis DeJoria.

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15 Celebrity Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded