15 Celebrities Who Have Said Bad Things About Kim Kardashian

Do you love Kim Kardashian, or do you find her to be an absolute atrocity in modern-day America? Some people think that Kim is paving the way for real people to have an esteemed, worldwide presence, while others think that Kim is the bane of their existence and the reason why our culture is rapidly declining. Whatever camp you belong to, we think that you will find these comments about Kim quite interesting. Both males and females, actors, comedians, and writers, people who have been in the industry for 10, 20, 30+ years...this is a list of celebs who have a thing or two to say to Kim K. So which statements and celebrities do you agree with?

To be fair, there is plenty that you could make fun of Kim Kardashian for. The woman got famous for a shameful and tasteless act, one that should not have been recorded for other eyes to see. But that was nearly 10 years ago and now the damage is done. Kim and her family have achieved a level of fame that most people did not know was possible, especially from something as inane as a sex tape! And yet, here we are, celebrating Kim K’s butt, obsessing over her fashion choices, the jewelry she wears, and the handbags she buys. And our list here includes 15 celebs who are super ticked off that such a thing is happening.


15 Sarah Michelle Gellar

While Kim Kardashian is busy promoting her butt on the front covers of magazines and whining about the struggles of being reality TV famous, actual actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is doing awesome things like supporting her friends with cancer and following up on some of her most successful acting projects such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions. In short, Sarah Michelle Gellar has morals, and she just had to do something when she spotted Kim Kardashian on the newsstand, gracing the cover of Vogue magazine. So what did Gellar do? She boycotted Vogue and took to social media to ask how the esteemed publication could put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on its front cover. Gellar even tweeted: “Well...I guess I’m cancelling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???”

14 David Cross


Now David Cross is one celebrity who knows how to make a living off of his wit and charm. Unlike Kim Kardashian, he has made a prolific career for himself with his stand-up comedy routines, as well as his work in television acting and writing. He is very talented and he is also a huge hater of Kim Kardashian. He even used the “wh” word on her. Yeah. David Cross referred to Kim as a w**re and in early 2015, the comedian took some major hits at Kim as he engaged in a hateful rant about the reality TV star. In his spiel, David Cross said that Kim is just famous for sucking a dude’s junk, and that’s how she helped her sisters get into the Hollywood game, too. David Cross even ragged on Kris Jenner (Kim’s mother,) saying that she was shallow and was using her children as a media lure. Whoa!

13 Edie Falco

The 53-year-old actress is at a loss as to how and why Kim Kardashian is famous. Please make it stop, she begs, and we hear her! Edie Falco is completely dumbfounded by the fact that Kim and her family have become as famous as they currently are. Before 2007, Kim was a nobody. After a sex tape, she was everything...everything that we hate about American affluence and luxury excess. Kim represents all of the evil in this world, which is why other celebs have likened her to the rot that is infiltrating the country. As for Edie Falco, she is just saddened and disturbed that Kim Kardashian is such a force in today’s pop culture scene. Just think about it, Edie Falco made a career for herself with iconic roles in Oz, The Sopranos, and Nurse Jackie. Any one of Edie Falco’s projects would be 1,000,000 times more important and impressive and meaningful than Kim’s 2007 sex tape.

12 Jeremy Renner


If you are American actor Jeremy Renner, you have just one word to describe Kim Kardashian: STUPID. Just plain stupid. The actor was adamant about the fact that Kim is famous for no reason at all, that she is talentless and maybe even brainless, and that she has nothing going for her except the brain-dead fans who follow her every move. Wow. Jeremy Renner definitely knows what true talent looks like; after all he has performed in countless acting roles as well as received distinguished awards and nominations for his career work. He has actual skills (Filipino martial arts and Muay Thai,) and he actually makes something of his life (besides acting in award-winning films, he runs a home remodelling business.) We think that Jeremy Renner has every right to voice his opinions on Kim K, and to be honest, they’re quite right. Keep it simple, stupid. But not Kim Kardashian stupid.

11 Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is one of the most respected public figures in the history of the world. Why on earth would she even comment about Kim Kardashian? Because it goes along with her job, unfortunately. Barbara Walters is responsible for interviewing and researching the people who become pivotal figures in our nation’s history, and sad to say, Kim Kardashian is one of them. So when Barbara Walters sat down with Kim K, what happened? She straight up told Kim that she was talentless. Ouch. Poor Barbara had to do a news journalism piece on the Kardashians, in which she described them as representing “trashy sex, upscale excess, and tabloid melodrama.” That’s a nice way of putting it, in our honest opinion. Kim Kardashian has become the poster child for brainless luxury and over-exaggerated trashiness. And it’s all thanks to that short sex tape that was leaked to the Internet. No Kim just won’t GO AWAY.

10 Sinead O’Connor


Sinead O’Connor was one of the front-runners in 90s music, and she is still relevant today. She worked incredibly hard to get to where she is now, both personally and professionally, and she continues to be a revered and admired singer today. Who hasn’t tried to recreate the emotion of “Nothing Compares to You”? Anyway, Sinead O’Connor absolutely flipped when she saw Kim K was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. It was as if the publication had sold its soul to the devil; Rolling Stone Magazine was now dead to Sinead O’Connor. The singer took to social media to rant about the madness of Kim Kardashian appearing in a music magazine, let alone the front cover of one of the most reputable music magazines! We feel ya, Sinead. It’s utter bologna that Kim K was featured, and we could have sworn that it was a sign of the impending apocalypse.

9 Frances Bean Cobain


8 Seth MacFarlane


You probably know of Seth MacFarlane from his role on South Park. As the brains of the operation, he has used his show South Park to make fun of celebrities, human folly, and current events. Obviously, Seth has used his position on the show to poke fun at Kim Kardashian, casting her in the animated adult series as a complete moron. Seth MacFarlane accuses Kim and her family of being partly responsible for the decline of America, and he may not be too far off. Somehow, Kim is constantly being lauded and applauded in popular culture and celebrity media. Whether she is posing naked saying she has “nothing to wear” (a lie) or she is uncontrollably sobbing over something stupid on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she has become a - gasp - role model to some people. Seth can’t be the only one thinking what the hell is going on here?!

7 Jon Hamm

45-year-old actor Jon Hamm has a wonderful professional career. Besides being an actor, he is a producer and director and has made a name for himself in productions such as Mad Men and Million Dollar Arm. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Kim Kardashian, a woman who is famous for no reason other than being a talentless and mindless reality TV zombie. In the words of Jon Hamm, Kim is an “idiot” and it is really sad that Americans are looking up to someone like her. Even worse is that it looks as though Kim’s public presence is here to stay, and that is going to spell major trouble for the values and morals of America’s future generation. Jon Hamm isn’t the only one who’s afraid of that; there are plenty of other celebs who voiced their concern about the Kardashians’ success and popularity. Will we be able to stop the madness?

6 Daniel Craig


Famed English actor Daniel Craig is definitely one of the more refined and distinguished men of Hollywood. We can totally see how Daniel Craig would not find anything in common with Kim Kardashian. The differences between them are extremely stark. Daniel Craig is a reputable and honored actor with years of experience and training. Kim Kardashian is a reality television star who got famous after her sex tape with Ray J was released. Daniel Craig expressed his feelings about Kim K when he said he was amazed and appalled that most of Kim’s success has come from being a curvy bimbo. That really does sum up Kim’s “career” in a nutshell. She cries about not getting her way, she had a 72-day marriage, she thinks that she can delve into business without any formal training...she’s just not the ripest banana in the bunch. Daniel Craig has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her.

5 Rebel Wilson

Comedienne, author, and actress Rebel Wilson is never afraid to speak up and voice her opinions. She is known for standing up for what she believes in, and more than once she has had to go head-to-head with gossip magazines and other publications. So it makes sense that Rebel would have an opinion about Kim Kardashian, and we would presume that Rebel’s opinion is not very good. The actress said that Kim goes against her values, so there’s no way that she could support the Kardashians in what they do. Rebel stands for confidence, diversity, and dropping the expectation that women need to look #perfect all the time. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Kim Kardashian is pretty much the antithesis of Rebel Wilson. Rebel is all about lifting others up, being her unabashedly real self, and working it with what she’s got right here, right now. She doesn’t need to make herself something she’s not, and we love that.

4 Janice Dickinson


61-year-old Janice Dickinson really doesn’t have that much room to criticize and judge Kim Kardashian, and yet she did. Janice once called Kim a s**t and wh*re, and there’s probably a whole lot of jealousy behind that statement. Come on, this is Janice Dickinson, a senior citizen who is washed-up and still claiming that she was the world’s very first supermodel. Hey, maybe she was, but the truth is that now she is scary looking - all inflated lips and fake breasts. On a similar note, Kim Kardashian is just as artificial and superficial as Janice. They may even be on an even level playing field. Like we said, it just seems that Janice said those things about Kim out of jealousy. Kim is young and still in good shape, and Janice is a has-been who tries to stay relevant by appearing on the plastic surgery reality show Botched.

3 Rob Delaney


Comedian, actor, and author Rob Delaney had an interesting and harsh phrase to describe Kim Kardashian and her family. He likened them to cancer that is rotting the United States away. That’s a pretty intense statement, but let’s deconstruct this a bit. First, Kim Kardashian is famous for being a talentless baboon. She tried to be an entrepreneur with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, but it wasn’t that grand of an endeavour. Kim also tried her hand at a singing career, and that was scary and nearly made our ears bleed. And then there is Kim’s tendency to whine and moan about nothing at all. Oh, she lost an earring in Bora Bora? Life must be so hard for her. By the way, that whole situation was staged and scripted by the writers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (as was Kris Humphries’ proposal to her,) which just shows the fakeness of Kim K.

2 Jonah Hill


The comedic actor reportedly finds it “disgusting” that Kim Kardashian is a revered celebrity figure. Seriously though, Kim is famous for showing off her naked body to the public in a risque homemade video that she made with Ray J. That isn’t exactly something that we want our children to aspire to, and yet there are so many young people who look up to Kim Kardashian and her family as though they were the best thing since sliced bread. What is going on here? If you ask Jonah Hill, it is just complete and utter madness. As sad as it is that this is what our society is now celebrating, the actor still finds it fun to make jokes about Kim Kardashian. If anything, he can use her stupidity and shenanigans to propel his own career. He is set to appear in the upcoming film War Dogs opposite Miles Teller.

1 Fabio

According to the gorgeous male model and international sex symbol, all Kim Kardashian cares about is fame and money. That’s true. But...that statement sounds a bit paradoxical considering that Fabio has pretty much made his career by taking his shirt off to sell “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” Granted, Kim Kardashian is probably far worse than Fabio. Remember when he guest starred on America’s Next Top Model and claimed he was a long-time virgin? That is much more than Kim can say! After all, she pretty much rose to fame thanks to a sex tape she made with Ray J. And rather than being ashamed of the sex tape leak, she used it to promote herself. Now that’s cute. So we have to side with Fabio on this one.

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