15 Celebrities Who Are Scary Skinny

Pressure in regards to body image surrounds modern day society. It's hard to escape the pressure of being thin when everywhere you look there are models, actresses and singers that are beyond thin. Wh

Pressure in regards to body image surrounds modern day society. It's hard to escape the pressure of being thin when everywhere you look there are models, actresses and singers that are beyond thin. Whether Photoshop is involved or not, society's portrayal of body image has raised criticism from people all over the world. Beauty should not be defined by your weight, it should be defined by the way you live your life and the way in which you take care of your health.

Being in the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure. Many women in Hollywood find it hard to maintain that perfect body without going overboard. With the amount of pressure put on female celebrities in today’s society, it comes as no surprise that many pass the point of being fit and begin to look sick. Eating disorders are extremely common in show business and some stars find it hard to lose weight fast enough in a healthy way.

This unrealistic and unhealthy body image which is portrayed by many celebrities sends off a negative impression in regards to how women should look. Eating disorders have become an increasingly serious problem over the last few years and the fact that many celebrities are abnormally thin has something to do with it.

Girls idolize celebrities and strive to look like them at all costs. Hollywood should begin pushing healthy body images or the problem will continuously worsen. The following 15 celebrities are famous for all kinds of different things, however, they are all known for being scary skinny. Love them or hate them, the following thin celebrities all need to sit down and eat a burger or pizza or both because looking at them is enough to make anyone hungry.

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15 Denise Richards


Denise Richards has been in the spotlight for years. Actress, mom and ex wife to notorious bad boy Charlie Sheen, she has always been known as one of Hollywood’s sweethearts. Denise is an undeniable talent and classic beauty, however, in recent photographs her dramatic weight loss overpowers her stunning face. Perhaps she is under a lot of stress, but for the past two years her weight has been a topic of discussion in countless gossip magazines. Richards who was once known for her incredible body should put some weight back on and get her perfect beach body back on track.

14 Selma Blair


Selma Blair is famous for being a secondary character in epic movies like Cruel Intentions and The Sweetest Thing. In her older films, she has a plump face and natural body, however throughout the years, this mother of one has gotten scary skinny. Blair and baby daddy Jason Bleick, who is a fashion designer, broke up in 2012 and her weight has been drastically going down ever since. The gorgeous star’s health has been in debate throughout the tabloids since then and fans are curious to see how she will look in her upcoming films this year. Hopefully she didn’t loose her talent along with all that weight.

13 Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton is under a lot of pressure. After marrying into the royal family and becoming a mom, she must be extremely busy and looks like she doesn't even have time to eat! Her thin figure caught the attention of the world at her lavish Royal Wedding to Prince William. Although many women lose weight before their weddings, Kate’s weight loss was extreme. Even when she is pregnant, the Princess keeps her skinny frame. Either Middleton has extremely slim genes, or she does not eat enough because she is beyond thin. Whatever it may be, we have confidence that this poised beauty has control over her life and will seek help if she sees her weight as problematic.

12 LeAnn Rimes


This American singer has slowly been becoming thinner and thinner with time. This pop country star has been involved in the tabloids for many things in the past few years. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian had an affair, breaking up two marriages. Although that should have been the tabloids' main focus, somehow the stories always went back to her weight. Her borderline sickly appearance alarmed America and forced them to question her health and eating habits. The singer and her new husband tried to star in their own reality show and failed miserably. Hopefully now she will focus on her weight and get back to looking healthy.

11 Julie Bowen


Everyone loves Julie Bowen on the incredibly hilarious television show Modern Family. This busy and talented mother of three is said to be somewhat similar to her amazing character Claire. Although she is great at her job and loved by all her fans it is undeniable that Bowen is beyond skinny. Many have commented and criticized her for her body. Bowen claims to just be a working mother who enjoys working out, however many find that hard to believe. Julie Bowen is a great talent and a charismatic woman but her body is way too thin.

10 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus has alarmed a lot of her fans with her recent extreme weight loss. Cyrus, who is a self proclaimed party girl, seems to keep getting thinner and thinner. Miley has always denied having an eating disorder but many of her loved ones feel like her whirlwind lifestyle may be the end of her. She is known to be up all night partying and smoking and dancing until the break of dawn. Cyrus is a great talent and we hope that she does not lose herself too much, and of course we also hope she doesn’t loose too much weight. Fans who have recently seen her have all been saddened by her freakishly skinny appearance.

9 Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth won the heart of America when she starred in the hit film Blue Crush. After this film aired, every boy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her. With her stunning face, unique two-toned eyes and her smoking hot body, she was known as the perfect girl next door. Her once athletic body slowly began to diminish and she has been skin and bones since about 2006. The once effervescent starlet has lost her appeal to many due to her frightening figure. She will be appearing in a few films this year and we are looking forward to seeing if she has put some meat on those bones!

8 Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling is as close to Hollywood royalty as they come. Daughter of Aaron Spelling the filmmaker and his longtime wife Candy, Tori is a Jack-of-all-trades. The author, actress and reality star made her mark in Hollywood when she played Donna Martin in the 90s hit television show Beverly Hills 90210. Although she is known as a pure and sweet woman, this wonderful mother has been criticized for her weight on many occasions. Spelling has admitted to struggling with eating disorders and has claimed to have sought help. Although she has put on a few pounds in the past few years she is still one of the thinnest celebrities there is.

7 The Olsen Twins


Although Mary Kate has always been the one under scrutiny, both her and her twin sister Ashley have seemed to struggle with eating disorder. The Olsen Twins literally grew up in the public eye, born into sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the 90s hit series Full House. Since then, the duo have created an empire and at the same time earned university degrees. Although the sisters appear in fewer productions than they did when they were kids, they are still super famous. Both Mary Kate and Ashley’s weight have gotten the attention of tabloids around America for numerous years.

6 Kate Moss


Kate Moss is one of the world's most famous and renowned supermodels. Although she insists she was never anorexic, Moss is not known to be the healthiest of stars. Her extremely thin figure has been linked with her use of drugs such as cocaine. Moss has always been criticized for her weight, the 5 foot 7 model has been as thin as 100 pounds, not the most healthy image. Although Moss has made herself famous from being extremely thin, she has now been said to have added a few a few pounds to her body. Let's hope she continues to do so.

5 Bethenny Frankel


It comes as no surprise that the creator of the term Skinny Girl has an obsession with being thin. Friends, family and fans have all been alarmed by Bethenny Frankel's  extremely thin frame and although many loved ones have expressed concern, she continues to shed the pounds. Frankel has been put down countless times for her obsession with being thin and yet it does not seem to phase her. She is obsessed with being skinny and many think it is what will kill her. The ex Real Housewife has defended herself on numerous occasions, however, with her weight continuously dropping, fans are beginning to call her bluff.

4 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is better known as Posh Spice from the iconic girl group The Spice Girls. However, after The Spice Girls split, Victoria remained a household name. The fashion designer, businesswoman, model, singer, mother and wife, has managed to remain in the spotlight. Victoria and her gorgeous husband, soccer star David Beckham, are the definition of Hollywood glam. Although Victoria has everything going for her, her weight is and has always been alarmingly low. She emphasizes her slim figure with form fitting outfits and has apparently collapsed on more than one occasion. Her extremely thin body has caught the attention of people everywhere and it comes as no surprise that she has made this list.

3 Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie is the daughter of iconic singer Lionel Richie. This hilarious and charming celebrity is married to musician Joel Madden from the band Good Charlotte. Richie became known to America when she starred in the hit reality show The Simple Life with her then-BFF Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie was not as thin once upon a time, however now the reality television star is known for her petite frame. Although her boho style masks her frame, when she is photographed in bathing suits she is noticeably skinny. Nicole has been confronted on numerous occasions in regards to her weight and denies any accusations of eating disorders, but American is not so convinced.

2 Rachel Zoe


This fabulous stylist made her mark in Hollywood after dressing some of Hollywood’s hottest stars like Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and the sexy and stunning Sofia Vergara. Rachel Zoe has been in the fashion industry for almost twenty years and has now become a designer. This mother also stared in her own reality show The Rachel Zoe Project that aired on Bravo, allowing the cameras into her home and showing viewers and fans on a weekly basis how thin she really is. Although she is never seen in tight fitting clothes, her figure is so small it cannot be masked. Zoe is extremely skinny and has admitted to having struggled with eating disorders in the past but claims that is all behind her… should we believe her?

1 Giuliana Rancic


Giuliana Rancic has undoubtedly had a stressful few years. The wife and television personality publicly struggled with being diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. Although this American Italian beauty has always been thin, after the death of the legendary Joan Rivers, Rancic has continued to shed the pounds. Both fans and friends have been alarmed in regards to Giuliana’s extremely thin frame. Rancic has publicly defended her thin figure and denies any sort of eating disorder. Although she is known as being an honest celebrity, many are skeptic towards her claims of being healthy.

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15 Celebrities Who Are Scary Skinny