15 Bizarre Phobias That People Actually Have

Webster defines a phobia as an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. Everyone is afraid of something, but some people fear more than others. A few common phobias are fears of closed-places, heights, needles, and spiders and that's just to name a few.

Phobias can evolve from basically anything, usually stemming from childhood incidents, traumatic events or just plain bad luck. Normally people with phobias know that what they're feeling is indeed irrational, but they can't help but feel anxious and are unable to stop the thoughts and feelings that are involved with their particular phobia.Phobias can be debilitating, in that most people who suffer from them will do everything in their power to avoid coming in contact with their specified fear. Some common symptoms people experience include panic attacks, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, trembling, dry mouth, chest pain, dizziness, and nausea. Phobias are very common, but some of the objects that people are fearful of are just plain ridiculous and weird.Here is our list of 15 of the most bizarre phobias that people actually have:


15 Selenophobia

Humans have been fascinated with the moon for years now, but some people do have selenophobia which is fear of the moon. Perhaps it has something to do with the superstition that revolves around the moon - some people act differently when there is a full moon. Rationally speaking, the moon has no supernatural features yet the moon is still feared. Normally when someone has selenophobia they won't leave their house at night time. Some symptoms associated with this phobia are dry mouth, anxiety, nausea and crying.

14 Scriptophobia


Most writers take pride in the words they choose to share with the world, but for some writers the idea of someone else reading their work is terrifying. Whether it's because they are scared of a brutal critic ripping apart their masterpiece or because of shyness, they can't stand the thought of others reading what they've written. Scriptophobiacs tend to be fairly secretive about their writing. Symptoms with this phobia are usually paranoia, fainting and trembling. So next time you run into your favorite celebrity and get denied an autograph, perhaps they have a bit of scriptophobia.

13 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666 and despite its ridiculously long name, it is actually quite a common phobia to have. It's almost like triskaidekaphobia which is the fear of the number 13. Both phobias stem from superstition that causes bad luck from these "unlucky" numbers. Most people that have this fear won't live in houses that possess the number and in general avoid 666 like the plague. People usually tend to become delusional with this phobia and it can be a symptom of more severe psychological problems.

12 Samhainophobia


Thanks to quite a few horror movies, the fear of Halloween, a.k.a Samhainophobia is fairly common these days. People who have this fear stay indoors on October 31st and do not partake in any of the holiday festivities. They are scared of costumes, decorations and loud noises that are associated with Halloween and usually become very anxious and at times suffer from panic attacks. It's safe to say there won't be any tricks or treats for people who suffer from Samhainophobia.

11 Consecotaleophobia

Consecotalaeophobia is the fear of chopsticks. Most people with this fear avoid eating at Asian restaurants because they are terrified of using chopsticks. Even if they love the food they will avoid it because either they are terrified by the prospect of having to use these 2 sticks to try and maneuver their food, or they've had bad experiences in the past with them. Usually they become stressed if put in a situation where they have to use chopsticks and will do everything in their power to use silverware instead.

10 Peladophobia


Peladophobia is being scared of bald people. Fears usually begin from traumatic events, so people with this phobia usually are usually scarred by a trauma that involved a bald person, whether they realize it or not. People that suffer from peladophobia stay away from baldness as much as possible, and even go as far as avoiding buying products like Mr. Clean. We can only imagine the horror a peladophobiac experiences when he realizes his hair is beginning to thin... And what do they do around babies?

9 Linonophobia

Linonophobia is the fear of string. String is used for many useful things, whether it's to repair things or secure objects, but some people are absolutely terrified of it. Most likely people who suffer with this phobia associate string with being tied up or constricted on some way. Some people will avoid shoes with laces and buttons that have string holding them in place. And forget flossing, that's totally out of the question. Symptoms usually include loss of control, sweating and nausea.


8 Ergophobia


Ergophobia is the fear of working. Yes, for all of you out there that have "lazy" friends that don't want to work, perhaps they actually have ergophobia. A lot of times, people with this fear have had awful experiences in the past usually involving losing previous jobs, or being humiliated while working. Most of the time these people spend their days watching TV, or roaming the streets looking for money and aren't too concentrated on looking for work because of their fear.

7 Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia is the strange fear of having peanut butter stick to the roof of your mouth while eating it. People with this phobia stay away from peanut butter on all levels, from smelling it, to tasting it and making sure they are nowhere near peanut butter and even peanuts. Arachibutyrophobia sufferers usually have high symptoms of anxiety when encountering peanut buttery situations and at times feel silly for their thoughts but can't help it. Treatment for this phobia is done through digital reality to desensitize the person from the "dreaded" object.

6 Philophobia


Philophobia is the fear of falling in love or being in love - yes, it really is a thing! So perhaps some of your single friends out there actually suffer from this phobia. This fear usually comes from genetics, or a broken heart, and is fairly common. People that have this phobia generally try to stay away from social gatherings and avoid meeting new people for the fear that they might fall in love. When placed in situations that may make them uncomfortable they become shaky, nauseated and unable to articulate words at times.

5 Omphalophobia

This one may seem odd but, Omphalophobia is real and is the fear of belly buttons. It can stem from the irrational ideas that puncturing your belly button can kill you. In some cultures, cleaning your belly button is forbidden. Some people are fearful because of the dirtiness of it or the look of the belly button. People with Omphalophobia will not touch their own belly buttons and even put plastic over it as a protective shield, they even stay away from public places where belly buttons might be seen like the beach.

4 Decidophobia


Decideophobia is the dreaded fear of making decisions, so for everyone who knows an indecisive person perhaps they have this phobia. We make decisions every day without even realizing most of them, from waking up to deciding when to drink, eat, sit, stand and many other things throughout the day. However, making decisions for some people is very difficult, especially life-changing ones. Many times this fear comes from being responsible for other people and how your decision will affect others' lives. Lack of self esteem is also a contributing factor for this phobia and sufferers usually rely on others to make decisions for them, mainly people with authority.

3 Chiraptophobia

Chiraptophobia is the fear of being touched by other people as well as being close to someone. Usually sufferers feel like their personal space has been invaded and usually end up becoming distant to everyone around them which can affect their social lives. This phobia usually comes from past experiences where the person has endured sexual or physical abuse and it can make it extremely difficult to develop a physical relationship with someone.

2 Tocophobia


Tocophobia is the fear of pregnancy or childbirth and rightfully so, it can be an extremely painful process. This fear may very well come from stories from friends or family members who have shared their pregnancy and childbirth stories. Some people with tocophobia also may tie this fear to the fear of hospitals and procedures as well. This phobia easily sways women away from social events where the opposite sex may attend to avoid any kind of relationship that may lead to childbirth. Tocophobia sufferers usually experience shortness of breath, tremors and emotional detachment.

1 Nomatophobia

Nomatophobia is the fear of hearing certain words or phrases. This phobia seems to be one of the most bizarre ones out there. Many people claim they are bad with names, but in actuality they may very well be afraid of your name! Most people with this phobia relate a name to an unfortunate event to their past. Quite often when hearing a name that they are fearful of, nomatophobia sufferers react with uncontrollable responses, feel dread and panic, and become paranoid.



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