15 Bad Moms In Action

In honor of the movie “Bad Moms,” let’s get to know some of these real bad moms in action. It’s already a tough world for celebrity moms living under the spotlight 24/7. As you know, paparazzi is always out there to capture every moment while these celebs are just trying to live as normal as possible with their family. However, it gets even more controversial when she’s caught not being such a good parent after all. It’s one thing to be photographed innocently spending time with your toddlers but it’s another when you’re being photographed doing something inappropriate with your own child.

It’s not just celebrity moms getting blasted on media for bad parenting. Non-celebs also get the boot when the media somehow catches them. Take Jessica Marie Reger, 29, who was just arrested for placing her two kids in the trunk of a muscle car. She is now facing two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children and another person.

Unfortunately, there have been more in the public eye, celebs and non-celebs, getting caught in the act of bad parenting. There’s been so many that there’s even a movie about it right now, “Bad Moms,” starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate. Don’t forget about reality TV shows. They highlight some of the most controversial moms out there such as MTV’s “Teen Mom” and TLC’s “Kate Plus 8.”

With that being said, not all mothers know best. Below are some bad moms whose bad parenting skills were unfortunately seen by millions. Take a look at the following 15 photos of bad moms, celebs and non-celebs, in action.

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15 Linda Hogan

Via viprumor.com

Back in 2012, the Hogan family were one of the most popular celebrity families out there. They had their own reality TV show on VH1 which was doing well but just like the usual reality TV fame eventually hits rock bottom, the Hogans went from a tight family bond to falling into a bunch of betrayals. In particular, Linda Hogan, the mother of Brooke and Nick Hogan, was the leader in all the drama they were going through. In an interview, Brooke spoke about how disappointed she was with her mother’s decisions, from divorcing from her dad, Hulk Hogan, to dating a 20-year-old and more. “I don't know what's wrong with mom, dad and brother are doing good. I'm staying straightforward,” she said. As we witnessed at the end of their reality TV series, Hogan Knows Best, we watched how Linda went from a nurturing mother to a self-absorbed TV personality.

Brooke had pointed out how she wasn’t a fan of her mom’s new boyfriend, who was a former schoolmate. “He's getting suicide doors for his Mazda and getting ski trips to Big Bear and getting new clothes from Hurley and Roxy and Quicksilver and stuff,” Brooke said about her mom’s boyfriend using her for material gain. “I don't know why my mom would even fall for it. I personally don't like him.” Aside from her dating life, it was also alleged that Linda was using illegal substances which she denied. As a reality TV personality and mother, you should know you’re going to be watched and judged for your bad parenting skills.

14 Anonymous Long Island Mother

Via dailymail.com

Last year in 2015, a mother was caught beating a woman over a parking spot in front of her children at a Long Island mall. The event took place after the 49-year-old victim tried parking at a spot where a man was standing which seemed like he was saving it for his wife. She then went to park somewhere else. Apparently though, the 49-year-old decided to exchange a few words with the attacker as she was heading for the entrance. Unfortunately, the verbal exchange turned to a physical brawl which was witnessed by the attacker’s children. The two were going at it for a while as everyone just stood there and watched. They were both eventually separated, and the two parted ways, with unknown identities. The attacker did speak to PIX11 insisting she was the real victim which her husband stood by as well yelling at the 49-year-old saying, “You got knocked on you face for running your f***ing mouth. Now go home, Brooklyn style b****.”

13 Jenelle Evans

via jungmama.fotosbank.de

Another teen mom out of control, Jenelle Evans has two kids and on her way to giving birth to another one. The reality TV personality hasn’t had the best past and being on TV doesn’t really help her case. Evans consistently gets backlash on Twitter over her poor judgement and decisions. From her two custody battles to a bad relationship with her ex-fiancé to an ongoing assault case, the 24-year-old struggles to be a better role model for her children. “It's just a lot of butting heads right now," Evans told People about her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith. "I think he's really not putting all personal issues aside, he's not making it just about Kaiser." Evans juggles both her ex and her current boyfriend, David Eason, whom she believes Griffith is jealous of. “I think he's really jealous of David," Evans said. "He's claiming I'm letting Kaiser call David 'Dada,' but Kaiser knows David by 'David.’ I would never do that to Kaiser and I would never do that to Nathan because that's unfair.” Whatever the case may be, it looks like Evans isn’t really making any progress and continues to bump into messy situations.

12 Leah Messer

Via starcasm.com

Teen Mom should just be called Bad Mom or Trashy Mom. Cast member, Leah Messer, got into a messy situation when she was caught yelling at her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. Just when fans were starting to gain hope for the teen mom for improving her act after being released post-rehab, Messer yet again failed to be a good mother. The blondie was seen yelling at the girls, refusing to feed them breakfast. She even admitted it’s hard operating so early in the morning. “Since school starts at 7:15, it’s been really hard waking up early enough to get out of the door,” she said. On their way to school, the girls continued to ask their mother to feed them and one of them decides to call her out. “But I want something,” Aleeah yelled. “I don’t trust you, take me back home. You’re always worrying about everything else except for going to pick us up and giving us lunch. I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat,” she said as she went on to compare her mom to her dad and his girlfriend. “You never get us up for breakfast. Daddy and Miranda do.” In January, she won 50/50 custody of her twins.

11 Nadya Suleman

Via washingtontimes.com

Nadya Suleman managed to have 14 children and use them to benefit herself all in front of our eyes on reality TV. The Octomom reportedly neglected her children while she fed her own personal needs. In 2013, Suleman was finally getting the punishment she deserved when the landlady of her house decided to evict her due to unpleasant conditions. “I have had problems refinancing the building myself because of her," said the landlady, Lana El-Joy. "That's one of the things why we have to ask her to leave. The bank refused to support the loan. She is said to have left her houses abused and everything and it worried the bank.” However, she tried proving to everyone she was doing her best to provide her children but it wasn’t in the most traditional way. Prior to her financial troubles, the Octomom decided to pursue a solo sex tape and cash in from gigs as a stripper. She also starred in a dating reality TV show, and other poor choices. Like a lot of other moms here, we got to watch all of the nonsense unfold and it’s not a good look.

10 Kate Hudson

Via youtube.com

While six months pregnant, Kate Hudson was spotted drinking a glass of wine for dinner in Argentina back in 2011. The media started going ballistic and attacked the actress for not following through with pregnancy guidelines. Considering that Kate was open about how she takes care of herself while pregnant and in general, it was a surprise to see her kicking it like no big deal while drinking some red. Hudson was also outspoken about not settling down anytime soon even though she was pregnant with Muse singer Matt Bellamy’s child. “I am 31 I already have one child and have had one divorce so it is not necessarily the golden ticket. I just want to be happy,” she explained. With that being said, Hudson wasn’t taking any backlash or nonsense from anyone who wanted to ruin her fun. “People tell you so much about being pregnant. It drives me nuts."

9 Brooke Mueller

via www.hollywoodtake.com

Being involved with one of Hollywood’s most wanted, a.k.a. Charlie Sheen, will eventually bite you in the behind especially if you’re misbehaving. For example, Brooke Mueller, has two twins with the Anger Management actor. While pregnant, she checked into rehab so that explains pretty much everything. As Sheen lost the privilege of seeing his two boys after accusations of domestic violence spread, Mueller wasn’t getting away too easily either. The actress lost custody of her twin boys, Bob and Max, because of her drug abuse issues and not just any drug, but more along the lines of crack. She wasn’t playing. As if that’s bad, the 38-year-old lost her boys to another one of Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards. Fast-forward to 2014, the actress won back custody of the boys, who turned out to be trouble-makers themselves. The ultimate clue of bad parenting is when your kids follow your corrupt footsteps, too.

8 Sienna Miller

Via celebitchy.com

Actress Sienna Miller was spotted in Italy drinking wine while pregnant with baby, Marlowe. In the past, Miller is known to have a good time so it wasn’t really a surprise when she was still living life while pregnant. Still though, we would think she can hold back for a few months. She was expecting her first child with fiancé, Tom Sturridge, after splitting from her high-profile relationship with Sherlock Holmes star, Jude Law. Miller explained she wanted to have a good time and enjoy life as much as she can before heading out to Portofino, Italy and so she did. “I’ve made sure my schedule is quiet. I’ve been doing a little bit of yoga and I want to take time to look after myself,” the 34-year-old actress said. “I’m going on holiday soon, which will be lovely; it’s a pre-baby, last hurrah trip.” However, there wasn’t much backlash when she was spotted enjoying her wine, but people were definitely wondering if stars were setting a new drinking trend while preggos.

7 Gwyneth Paltrow

via kenlevine.blogspot.com

In 2006, actress Gwyneth Paltrow was caught drinking a Guinness while pregnant with son, Moses. She was out and about with then husband, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, in New York City. Unsurprisingly, people were outraged and started attacking the Iron Man 3 actress. This wasn’t the first time Paltrow has been chastised for her parenting ways. Sources have pointed out that the 43-year-old is a strict parent, but not in such a good way. She’s been called “stuck-up” and overprotective of her children. Oddly enough though, it seems like while she is pregnant, she's more loose because apparently she likes to sip on beer and indulge in ice cream. “I was very strict for a while, I was macrobiotic for a couple of years, then I got pregnant and just ate ice cream,” she explained in an interview. Although she got backlash for her beer tasting in NYC, others were chiming in saying that beer is actually beneficial for you. Whether they were die-hard fans of Paltrow or just people who like to do their research, drinking while pregnant isn’t exactly popular to do and not recommended.

6 Britney Spears

via www.hollywire.com

Britney Spears is generally a likable person by the audience. The mom of two isn’t shy about displaying her love and affection for her kids whether it’s on social media or in a paparazzi photo. However, she got caught once not being such a great parent when photos of her and her son surfaced the internet. The several images consisted of Britney driving with her 4-month-old baby son, Sean Preston, while sitting on her lap. The pop star then took initiative to speak up for herself and her actions, explaining she was just trying to protect her son from the aggressiveness of the paparazzi. While it seems like she was doing the complete opposite, Britney insists she was just trying keep her son from any possible harm. “I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm’s way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us,” she said. “I love my child and would do anything to protect him.”

5 Dina Lohan

Via celebitchy.com

Dina Lohan is not the kind of mother you would want. Your mom is supposed to back you up unless there’s a valid reason to draw the line. However, for Lohan, she wasn’t feeling motherly when it came to defending daughter and infamous celebrity, Lindsay Lohan. The wannabe momager has gotten backlash not only for letting her daughter behave the way she does, but for also exploiting her. Even celebs were jumping on board, whether it was to give advice to Dina or let her know where she stands as a mother. “If my baby girl got that screwed up I would NOT allow her to make her own decisions. I'm sorry!” said Liv Tyler’s mother, Bebe Buell. “Anybody can think what they want. But I would abduct my child and I would make sure that I didn't leave her side until she didn't have those problems anymore.” It seemed like Dina was more a part of Lindsay’s group of girlfriends whom she would go out with at the club and we all watched it get exposed on our screens.

4 Farrah Abraham

As one of Teen Mom’s most unpopular cast members, Farrah Abraham has undeniably made a name for herself in the category of “bad moms.” The 25-year-old has one daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham, whom we all witnessed on MTV’s reality TV series, “Teen Mom.” The world has watched the poor manners of Abraham as a mother to her own, innocent daughter. The reality TV star has obviously been trying to balance the responsibility of another person’s life while still living her life by still pursuing such career choices. The brunette first lied about a sex tape being made, however, when Vivid Entertainment came knocking on her door for a possible paycheck, she was all for it of course. What a great way to be a role model for your baby daughter; you can be anything as long as you’re getting some type of monetary value.

3 Kate Gosselin

via filebox.ece.vt.edu

TV personality Kate Gosselin has had her share of bad behavior as a mom. With eight kids, you kind of want to give her a break but it’s impossible with her bad decisions in the past, like letting her kids play under a van as seen here. From the very beginning, or at least from the beginning of her TV career, Gosselin has shown to be less of a role model to her kids time and time again. In 2009, during an Access Hollywood interview, the kids were just being kids, getting impatient and asked for water. “I want a drink!” one of the kids said. “I haven’t had a drink all day.” The reality TV mother then responded with, “Neither have I!” Well, let’s fast-forward to December in 2010, when Gosselin went to visit former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin at her Alaskan home and started crying because she was the whiny one this time. The 41-year-old started balling because there wasn’t food and she was freezing in the cold weather. “I’m freezing to the bone,” she said. “I have 19 layers on. My hands are frigid. I held it together as long as I could and I’m done now. I’m HUNGRY.” She was putting on such a scene while the kids were playing.

2 Michelle Duggar

Via starmagazine.com

The 49-year-old mother of 19 has been caught in a few battles that can’t compete with others. You may recall how outraged people were when the saw the youngest of the toddlers, Josie, playing around near a gun. “It's quite scary how open Michelle is about letting the kids play with and use guns," an unknown source said. "It's a miracle nothing terrible has happened yet.” Michelle Duggar allegedly knew about the whole Josh Duggar molestation of his younger sisters and allegedly helped cover him. Along with the poorest of decisions, police reports surfaced that Duggar beats her kids with a rod whenever they’re misbehaving. Things were just getting out of control for the family. It was all bad news for each of them and the family was a whole other level of reality television. While the father of all the kids, Jim Bob, refused to go easy on Josh’s disgusting behavior, Michelle was willing to keep him around despite knowing not all her kids were okay with having him present. We get it’s just a mother doing her job, standing by her son but there comes a time where you have to draw the line. In this case, this is an understatement.

1 Casey Anthony

Via buzzpo.com

On July 16, 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. It’s been five years now since the unpleasant event took over our screens. Many took action once they found out about the unpopular decision of letting Anthony go by protesting outside of the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Florida. The release of the Florida resident came after three years of finding out about the missing of Caylee. Friends and family spoke about the event including describing Anthony in their own words. One of the friends mentioned how Casey would be disrespectful to her own mother and relied on her for the caring and nurturing of Caylee. Unsurprisingly, when Anthony walked out as a free woman, she was bombarded by an angry group outside, yelling things such as “Casey, rot in hell!” and “Casey, you killed your daughter.”

Today, the 30-year-old lives as casual as possible, while residing in South Florida. Although it has been five years, her name still sparks negativity and titles such as “baby killer” and “the most hated woman in the world.”

SourcesTheStir.com; Dailymail.com

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