15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Blind People

Throughout nature, there are examples of living organisms that are born with, or develop some form of defect, disfigurement or disability, and humans are no different. Many humans are in fact born with some form of disability, and a disability can either be something which is physical or mental. Some of the more difficult disabilities that people have to live with, whether they are born with them, or develop them later, are deafness and blindness.

Blindness is a disability in which one is unable to see things with their eyes, and it is considered to be an extreme form of visual impairment. Visual impairment is a disability that actually affects a large number of people around the world, as according to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 285 million people who deal with some form of impairment, with around 39 million people around the world being completely blind. People who are blind, have to live their lives in different ways compared to those who can see, but when you disregard their disability, they are ordinary people just like everyone else. With that being said, there are some things about blind people that are worth knowing about, so here is a list of things you might not have known about blind people.

15 They Might Not Have Heightened Senses

14 It Is Okay To Ask Them Questions

13 They Do Not Always Need Help From People Who Can See

12 Not All Of Them Use A Cane

11 They Like Being Spoken To Normally

10 They Feel Insulted With Unwanted Help


9 They Visualize Numbers In The Opposite Direction

8 They Engage With Their Environment Like Everyone Else

7 Their Success Depends On Us

6 They Understand Colors In Different Ways

5 They Are Not Ashamed Of Being Blind

4 Not All People With Visual Impairments Are Blind

3 They Dream

2 They Slowly Lose The Ability To See In Their Dreams

1 They Have More Nightmares

Continuing down the dream route, is quite possibly the most shocking thing that you might have not known about blind people: that they experience more nightmares than people with sight do. For anyone who remembers their nightmares, they can truly be terrifying experiences, especially if they revolve around any sort of phobia you have. Blind people experience nightmares that are tied closer to their own reality, which is why their nightmares mainly deal with things like getting lost, falling into a ditch, losing their guide dog, or getting hit by a car. The reason why they have more nightmares than people who can see is because they find it more difficult to avoid certain stressors in their daily life, which is why many of them suffer from higher levels of anxiety than the rest of us. This should come as no surprise to us however, as the stressors and anxiety they do feel on a daily basis, are directly linked to the types of nightmares they have, because the examples of nightmares mentioned earlier are legitimate things that blind people do fear and stress over everyday of their lives.

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15 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Blind People