15 Absolutely Disgusting Food Items Once Offered At McDonald's

McDonald's is one of those places that people can't agree on, but it seems like everyone knows. Some people love it and eat there all the time, other people think it is the worst place in the entire world and would not be caught dead at one. Then there are others like me, that know it is not good for me to eat at McDonald's, but still wind up there every once in awhile. Because let's face it: sometimes food that is bad for you tastes really good, and if you are on the run, killing a hangover, have a car full of kids or just have a hankering for some nostalgia, then McDonald's can still fit the bill. Add the fact that the bill won't be very big, and plenty of people stop there every, single day, all day long.

Not only that, but you have to give them some mad respect. I mean, that place has been around forever, and still makes billions of dollars every single year, and last time I checked my bank account, I don't make that much, so who am I to judge?

Still though, sometimes they mess up. Sometimes they make mistakes, and when they do they are rather big ones. Sometimes they pick out menu items that are so ridiculously bad that people take notice and call them out. Here are 15 McDonald's menu items that totally failed. Don't worry, though- once you're done reading this you're allowed to go grab a Big Mac and some fries and feel better about the whole thing.

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15 McSoup 

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Oh hey, McSoup! Man does that sound good. I mean that is the whole reason I go to a place like McDonald's, is to get some soup... Okay, this was a seriously bad idea. It was literally just some Campbell's soup that they put into some sort of paper cup, and somehow they thought that people were going to buy it? And eat with a McSpoon? Didn't they know about Cup of Soup?  It just did not happen, and while originally only around in the winter months, now McSoup is not around at all.

14 McPizza

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This also makes absolutely zero sense. No one goes to McDonald's to get pizza. I know this sounds crazy but both me and everyone else I know actually goes to a pizza place for that.  There were also a few problems; one it took 11 minutes to cook a McPizza, and ain't nobody got time for that at McDonald's.  It's supposed to be fast food people! Also, they did not fit through the drive-through window. I mean, seriously? So yeah, this was not a good idea. Not at all.

13 McJordan Special

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12 Onion Nuggets

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Yeah, let's just make a promise to each other and  agree to never say the words "onion nuggets" ever again. Can you picture the ad company that came up with this one? "I know, lets call them Onion Nuggets!"  There is literally nothing whatsoever even slightly appealing about eating something called onion nuggets, and even if there was, onion rings already exist.  This item obviously did not last for long and will never, ever be coming back.

11 Fajitas and Burritos

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Most people like fajitas and burritos so it was not that bad of an idea, except for one thing- McDonald's is a burger place. Just like I don't want to get a cheeseburger at a Mexican food place, I also don't want to get a fajita at McDonald's.  I know this may sound simple, but apparently it was not that obvious to McDonald's executives.  You apparently can still get the chicken fajitas in Canada (they probably put mayo on them), but they are long gone from American franchises.

10 McSpaghetti

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This just screams out colossal mistake. Can you imagine going to a McDonald's under any circumstances and sitting down and eating a plate of spaghetti? Why in God's name would anyone want to do that? Why, I ask you?  I can think of no earthly, good reason.  Apparently, there still are a few places where you can buy this abomination, but I am not going to try and find out where they are, and I suggest that you don't do so either. It just seems safer that way.

9 McHotdog

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Hot dogs are okay. I mean they are not anything that awesome, but they sure are cheap. I could certainly see someone getting a hot dog and a small fry if they were broke and starving. But while I could see someone getting a hot dog, I can not under any circumstances see someone getting a McHotdog. In fact, I think I would rather starve then walk up to a counter and say " Can I have a McHotdog please?" That is a fate worse than death.

8 McLean Deluxe

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This is just a mistake in every way. Hey McDonald's, I have a pro tip for you. No one, and I mean no one, goes to McDonald's because they want to eat healthy. Not even healthy people go there for that... We all go there because we want to shove something greasy down our throats that tastes good. Not to mention this burger, that was meat and seaweed extract was absolutely terribad as far as taste goes. It died the quick death that a seaweed extract burger deserved.

7 McSpicy

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The McSpicy was not a horrible idea, and it did not taste all that bad, but this is another one where the marketing team totally blew it. Let's face it, the name McSpicy, is totally McStupid. Just like the McHotdog, going up to the counter and saying " I want a McSpicy" was just something that no one wanted to do, and I mean ever. The whole thing sounds like something that you could get arrested for if you were underage.

6 Hula Burger

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This was just plain old stupid. A franchise owner in the '60s was in an area where there were a lot of Roman Catholics, who don't eat meat on Friday, so on that day sales were slow. So what did he do? He made up a burger that had a pineapple on it instead of meat. This possibly was one of the very worst ideas of all time; so bad in fact that here I am making fun of him 50 years later, so at least he left a legacy, even if it is because he will always be mocked.

5 Angus Burgers

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This is an idea that does not sound so bad at first, until you really think about the whole thing. The angus burgers were supposed to be more high end and made from "Pure angus beef". Which of course makes me wonder what they're regular burgers are made of. "Un-pure" beef from really horrible cows? Anyway, the burger cost more and tasted about the same, so of course, no one bought it. Who needs pure anyway? This is McDonald's, after all.

4 Mighty Wings

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We have done this song and dance before, but here we go again. No one goes to McDonald's to get wings. No one. It is a burger and fries place.  And although not calling them the McWing, was a good idea, calling them Mighty Wings really was not that much better. Mighty Kids Meal? Yes. This? No. While these wings were popular in other countries, presumably ones that had never seen chicken wings before, in America they died a very quick death.


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The McDlt was just weird. First of all I don't know what the "D" in  DLT stands for, and I don't even want to know. Second, the whole point of the deal was that they put the burger in one side of the box, and the lettuce and tomato on the other side so it doesn't get soggy. So wait, I get to put my burger together all by myself? Wow! How exciting!  This was obviously a total fail of epic proportions, and I am sure that whoever thought of it was soon walking the unemployment line.

2 McRib

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The McRib is a product that lives in infamy. Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, people tell stories of McRib sightings, but it is not clear if anyone has actually eaten or even seen one. If you do not believe me, then just check this out. This is the McRib locator, which will allow you to track down any MCRib that is out there. Personally, I have never tried one of these, but just like many others on this list, the thought of ordering a McRib is by itself enough to keep me from doing so.

1 McAfrica

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This is the absolute worst. The McAfrica burger? Are you kidding me? Why stop there, what about the McEurasia? This was so stupid that it almost seemed like a joke.  The burger supposedly was "dressed with an exotic African sauce  of mayonnaise and spices." Okay, what? Does that say Africa to you? A blend of mayonnaise and spices? Well, it did not say Africa to anyone else either and the burger died the quick death that it deserved.

Sources: msn, foxnews

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