14 Famous People Who Married A Family Member

Money and fame usually go hand in hand with family. If a guy finds success, he wants to help out the people he loves the most, and those he knows he can trust. You see it all the time in Hollywood. One Hemsworth brother got famous and pretty soon the other one did too. Or look at the Coppola family: there’s director Francis Ford Coppola of Godfather fame, then there’s his nephew Nicolas Cage, daughter Sofia Coppola, and another nephew, Jason Schwartzman. Would Solange have ever gotten that record deal without Beyonce helping out? And let’s not forget the altruism amongst the reality-TV booty sisters, the Kardashians.

It’s great to share wealth within the family, but wedding vows, that’s a whole other story. In many parts of the world, marrying a cousin is considered unthinkable. It’s legal in Canada, but in most US states, when you go to the courthouse for a marriage license, they ask you if you’re related. It’s not good for the gene pool, there are birth defects involved, not to mention blows to the IQ level. It’s widely socially unacceptable and creepy, a negative taboo reserved for rednecks and hillbillies.

It’s a shock to discover how often marriage within the family still occurs. And some famous figures on this list aren’t as backwards as you would expect. There are some highly esteemed citizens who may have accidentally partnered up, and there are others who fell in love at the family reunion and didn’t care. Either way, it is still pretty odd. If you found out you were related to your girlfriend, would you still propose? Let’s hope not. There are plenty of other girls out there.

14 Kevin Bacon

13 Henry VIII

12 Franklin Roosevelt


11 Woody Allen

10 Thomas Jefferson

9 Rudy Giuliani

8 Greta Scacchi


7 Einstein


6 Jerry Lee Lewis


5 Saddam Hussein


4 Edgar Allan Poe


3 Jesse James

2 Charles Darwin


1 Queen Elizabeth II

First question is: How old is this royal old lady? She’s 89. To most people, she has ruled the UK their entire life. In September of 2015, the queen broke the record for the longest reining monarch in world history, with over 63 years on the throne. She has ruled during the rise of technology, including space exploration, the popularization of television, cellular phones and the internet. She saw the decolonization of Africa, and met with the Pope after a 450-year England-to-Rome hiatus. She has seen so much and met so many people, including her husband, second cousin, Prince Phillip.



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14 Famous People Who Married A Family Member