14 Celebs You'd Be Shocked To Learn Went To Rehab

It seems like there are new celebrity rehab stories every day. It feels inevitable though. When you see famous singers and actors falling out of clubs and posting slurred SnapChat stories, a rehab stint just seems like the logical next step in their lives. It has become the new norm for the stars to hit rock bottom in a very public fashion, publicize their rehab entrances, and then have a million interviews about being a changed person once they are released.

Everyone loves a comeback story and that route has become sadly formulaic for troubled entertainers who want to turn their careers around. But that's not how it's always done. There are some exceptions. Believe it or not, there are still some celebs who prefer to keep their private lives private and take their medical treatment very seriously. There are actually plenty of celebrities who secretly went to rehab.

That's right, they did not use their stint for social cache or for some positive PR. They quietly went away to work on themselves and it is ironically shocking. You'd actually be pretty surprised by the stars who went to rehab on the low. A lot of them are people you would never expect to need rehab to begin with, let alone be able to keep such a big secret with their level of fame— still, it does happen.

Sure, some of them just checked into rehab to innocently relieve exhaustion, but there is a good amount of celebs who you would be surprised to know were fighting some pretty serious demons.


14 Zac Efron - For Alcohol Addiction

Usually the only headlines you read about Zac Efron revolve around him being shirtless in movies. Other than that, there were just innocent headlines about teenage girls crushing on him. So it was pretty shocking to hear that the former Disney darling checked into rehab. There weren't even crazy stories about him partying! In September 2013, Zac revealed that he was in rehab for alcohol five months prior. And now there are rumors that Efron had an issue with cocaine. The actor is pretty private so we will never know the truth, but he seems to have things under control as of now.

13 Selena Gomez - For Lupus


This is probably the most shocking name on the list, but it's probably not what you think. Selena Gomez actually checked herself into rehab because she needed a break after receiving chemotherapy to treat Lupus. So for once a rep's statement of being in rehab "not for substance abuse" is actually true.

12 Jon Hamm - Alcohol Abuse

Jon Hamm secretly checked into rehab for alcohol abuse for thirty days in 2015. It seemed like a major stretch for known nice guy Jon Hamm to play hard-drinking Don Draper on Mad Men, but it seems like there might have been a case of life imitating art on this one.

11 Daniel Radcliffe - Addicted To Cigarettes


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the guy who played Harry Potter being an adult muggle, so the fact he has any sort of real issues throws me off. Daniel Radcliffe went to rehab in 2014 to cope with an addiction to cigarettes— which I have never heard of anyone else doing. But hey, if rehab helps, so be it. Good luck.

10 Samuel L. Jackson - Addicted To Cocaine

We never hear any negative things in the press about Samuel L. Jackson, but that's because he had his secret rehab stint before we actually knew who he was. He was 41 and he still didn't have a breakthrough role so he turned to crack cocaine and that's what landed him in rehab. And as luck would have it, Jackson landed a role in Jungle Fever right after rehab and ended up becoming a major star.

9 Gerard Butler - Addicted To Painkillers


Gerard Butler started taking painkillers after he was injured on the movie Shattered in 2007 and then he started to have back problems in 2010 during another shoot. Butler said it "never reach the point of full blown addiction," but he was in rehab for three weeks. Interesting wording with that one. We haven't seen too much of Gerard in hit movies for awhile. Let's hope he gets back on track. And soon.

8 Eva Mendes - Reasons Unknown

Eva Mendes went to rehab in 2008 and eight years later, no one really knows why. There were rumors that she relied on alcohol in order to feel comfortable filming sex scenes in her work. She's been filmed a few times in the nude. Not only was she able to go into rehab under the radar, but she was able to keep the reason for going under wraps. Props to her. But let's hope she doesn't feel the need to drink alcohol for the purposes of career advancement.


7 David Duchovny - Doing The Deed A Little Too Often


Well, this is pretty ironic. The actor in Californication, a show about an alcoholic womanizer, ends up going to rehab for a sex addiction. The only thing worse about David Duchovny being a sex addict in real life is that he was married when this down low rehab stint went down.

6 Pink - Likes To Party Hard

This is a pretty odd story. Pink thought that she was an alcoholic so she secretly checked herself into rehab in 2008. After spending time with a therapist, Pink just realized that she likes to party hard every once in awhile. So, good for her I guess? But she did waste money for nothing on that therapist...

5 Demi Moore - For Reasons Unknown


In 2012, Demi Moore checked into rehab after her split with Ashton Kutcher, but no one really knows the details. There are plenty of rumors though. One piece of gossip is that she was hospitalized after doing whip-its (inhaling nitrous oxide). Other reports say that she suffered from anorexia and a prescription pill addiction. As of now, the real reason for her stay has remained pretty covert. Whatever it was, I don't think she has it anymore as she's looking pretty good these days.

4 Heather Locklear - Drugs And Alcohol

Heather Locklear took her breakup with Jack Wagner pretty hard in 2012 and she went into a downward spiral of abusing alcohol and drugs. Luckily for Heather, her family helped her keep the stint private. Well it no longer is. So there's that.

3 Eric Dane - Prescription Pills


Eric Dane developed an addiction to prescription pills after a sports injury and didn't reveal that he went to rehab until two years later so the stint was pretty scandal free. Following his success on Grey's Anatomy, Dane hasn't been able to reach the same level of success. With the addiction supposedly behind him, let's hope we see more of Dane.

2 LeAnn Rimes - Was Bullied Online, Went To Rehab

This one throws me for a loop. LeAnn Rimes went to rehab after experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of online bullying. I had no idea that this was something people could go to rehab for, but I guess it happens? LeAnn, you know you can delete your Twitter account, right? Facebook, too!

1 Kristen Davis - Wasn't Sober Before Becoming Famous


This doesn't necessarily qualify as a celebrity who "secretly went to rehab" because Kristin Davis checked into rehab before she was famous, but it's still pretty shocking to know that someone who seemed like such a goody-goody has such a tough past. Kristin revealed in 2008 that she was "sober the whole time [she was] famous."

Just when you think the celebrity culture has become too invasive, you find out about some pretty big celebrities who have been able to keep rehab stints under wraps.


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