14 Careers That Will Shock You

Shows like “Dirty Jobs” have enlightened us to many unique, smelly, filthy, and downright gross careers out there. Let’s face it, some people get paid to do some weird stuff. While many are slaving away behind a desk all day, others spend their time on the clock giving electric shocks, riding water slides, smelling armpits, and pushing people onto trains… literally.

There’s way more that go into things than we realize. Mattresses need to be jumped on, gross foods need to be eaten before holding competitions, and adult toys need to be tested to ensure quality. So if you want to add some spice in your life and undo that daily dull routine, see if any of these careers spark your interest.

Here are 14 of the craziest careers that will leave you in bewilderment.

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14 Electric Shock Givers

Via: http://mamamiia.com

You can find some guys in Mexico toting around a “caja togues,” which is a battery operated box that dispenses electrical charges. Why you ask? Well apparently some people believe that these shocks can sober you up, while others feel that it heightens their buzz. Either way, you can find these shock-giving guys hanging around bars and nightclubs, offering a buzz for $2-$4 a shock.

13 Professional Ear Cleaners

Via: http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com

According to many this career is an art more than anything, one that has been passed down from generation to generation. Guys walk around the streets of India, cleaning people’s ears of “any foreign body, wax, and dust.” They do this by using a cotton covered needle and a pair of pincers. According to “dailymail.co.uk” professional ear cleaners are a dying breed, as younger generations are opting to use “ear buds” instead. With an average of 20 ears a day, the professional ear cleaners in India tackle the dirty lobes daily and depend on their elderly clientele to keep them going.

12 Professional Mourner

Via: http://photos1.blogger.com

For some being a professional mourner is a highly desired career. According to “The New York Times”, this ancient practice has been around since as early as 1877. It’s exactly what it sounds like: women and men get paid in exchange for their tears and vocal weeping. The main goal being to create a more mournful experience, and to often make the deceased seem more popular. According to “bbc.com” this is done by using long and drawn out sounds, somewhere between singing and crying. Professional mourners rehearse, usually in the morning, and are briefed on the life of the deceased so they can move about and talk among friends and relatives.

11 People-Onto-Train Pushers

Via: http://newsonia.com

We all know there are millions and millions of people who call Japan their home country. With there being so many people, Japan has decided to up their occupancy when it comes to trains by hiring professional pushers, called oshiya. These are people who are hired during rush hour to literally shove as many people onto the train as they can. Generally strong and intimidating, train pushers take their jobs rather seriously. According to many, it’s an incredibly helpful process, but terrifying at the same time. In fact, Tokyo commuters call the train-riding experience “tsukin jigoku,” which translates into “commuter hell.”

10 Mosquito Researcher

Via: http://ucanr.edu 

It’s got to be done, someone has to be bitten in order to conduct research using mosquitos. “Popularscience.com,” has listed a mosquito researcher as one of the “worst jobs in science”. Mostly done at night, researchers will find a nice bite-filled spot, and set up inside a Mosquito-netting tent which has a gap at the bottom. Mosquitos fly in and get trapped inside, leaving the researcher as their buffet. Veteran mosquito researcher, Helge Zieler, told Popular Science that he used to “put himself on the menu twice a week… averaging about 3,000 bites, or 17 per minute for around 180 minutes.” Anyone scratching yet?

9 Pet Food Taster

Via: http://www.wikihow.com

Pet food tasters are hired to make sure the flavors are just right in pet food. According to “Womensday.com” a group of “adventurous eaters” chow down on pet food, remarking on things from tartness to the texture. However, you won’t find these brace souls swallowing the chow. They typically spit out the pet food after tasting it and they keep a glass of water on hand as well.

8 Water Slide Tester

A water slide tester may be one of the most exciting and thrilling jobs ever! Slipping and sliding down a water slide sure does beat sitting in an office all day. The lucky folks who get to test water slides check for speed, height, water quality, fun, landing and safety aspects of the ride. In a way, this could be a pretty dangerous and stressful job as well, as they have to make sure everything is right. Being a water slide tester is the envy of almost every kid in the world, and according to WTOP, many sliders test on “biggest splash” and “adrenaline factor.” Talk about cool perks that come with the job!

7 Deodorant Tester

A deodorant tester may be the funkiest job on our list. As part of the “odor testing” industry, deodorant testers literally smell armpits all day long. It’s not for those with sensitive noses either as you have to use it to test the effectiveness of the perfume in a deodorant, among other things. According to “foxnews.com” many deodorant companies “fire people to make sure that their products will keep users free of funk.”

6 Mattress Jumper


Being a mattress jumper is a kids dream, and sounds fun and exciting, but according to those who actually do it for a living… it’s not a game, it’s hard work! Professional mattress jumper, Reuben Reynoso, tells “odee.com” that “it’s not for everyone. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it.” Mattress jumpers are trained members of a team created as one of the last step in mattress making. Apparently moderation is key with this job. Too many bounces and the mattress winds up either too compressed or punctured. Too few bounces and the mattress will not fit into the giant stitching machine for the final sewing.

5 Professional Grass Growing Watcher


So granted this may not be the most interesting on the list, but it’s sure one that will make you cock your head to the side and wonder. According to “theweek.com” our government spent $10,000 to watch grass grow. This was per former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who released the findings in his annual compendium “Wastebook 2014”. If you get a thrill to check it out for yourself, there are tons of online web cams set up to help you watch grass grow. For example, the aptly-named “Watching Grass Grow” cam site will do just that.

4 Professional Snuggler

Feeling lonely? Well in Japan, and more recently Rochester, NY, you can pay to snuggle. That’s right, they have “cuddle cafes” where you can snuggle up next to a real live woman. According to “thrilllist.com”, the trend has taken off in Rochester, NY, where for around $50 you can indulge yourself in a private cuddle session.

3 Gross Stunt Tester

Via: http://4.bp.blogspot.com

Shows like “Fear Factor”, “Survivor”, etc. have people do and eat some of the nastiest things ever. It’s the role of a gross stunt tester to prepare and try out the challenges and food to make sure it’s safe and to avoid lawsuits. Shows employ these brave people to prepare and then do the challenge to insure it’s safe, but still high in the gross factor. There is good news however. According to USA Today, “all of the gross stunts that involve food like spleens, reindeer testicles and deer penis- believe it or not- all are USDA-certified for human consumption.” So at least it’s all legal, but not quite sure how tasty…

2 Adult Toy Tester


Talk about interesting… and definitely not for the shy. It’s one of those jobs where everyone is an ideal candidate (to a certain degree). Those who have the honor of being an adult toy tester do just that… Put adult toys to work, helping decide what should be sold and what should be tossed. Just last year, AOL Jobs did an article about a woman who earned close to $40,000 a year as an adult toy tester. Also in the article it’s stated that some “sexperts” get a new toy each month from certain distributors to try. It’s definitely a stable and satisfying job, as over half of all Americans are using some sort of naughty toy.

1 Barnyard Sexual-Stimulator

You probably just did a double take once you read the title that made #1 on the list. Any job that requires being around an animal’s nether regions is uncomfortable, but to assist in pleasuring farm animals, well… that will just make you say “what?” Animal sperm is widely needed for research and fertility purposes, and there’s no other way around how to get it… According to “popularscience.com,” there are generally three ways this crazy, odd, disturbing, and downright cringe-worth job is done- 1. Put an electric probe up an animal’s rectum. 2. Place an artificial vagina onto an animal’s penis, and 3. simply do it the “old-fashioned” way.

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