13 Starlets Who Left Their Beauty In The 90s

When it comes to the '90s, we all look back on the decade with a great sense of nostalgia. The clothes, music, and a world before the internet. With today's high tech and fast paced lifestyle, the '90s were a more free and even simpler time. As well as that, hotties were everywhere, lighting up our lives on both the small screen and the big. Without the internet and social media that we have today, these stars were a lot more elusive and inaccessible, making them so much more desirable.

As the '90s drew to a close and a new century started, a lot of these 90's icons faded from the public. As the years went by, some stars embraced their age and like a fine wine, they got better with age. There are some '90s stars however, that didn't have as much luck. Whether it's plastic surgery gone wrong, years of binging on the celebrity life or just mother nature taking it's toll - some stars only got uglier with age.

Some of these stars seem to have become just regular people and "let their looks go" as they are not in the limelight anymore.  And some of these stars have tried every desperate measure to keep the faces and bodies that helped make them famous in the first place. Regardless of what happened, here are 13  hotties from the'90s that got uglier with age, so much so that some have become unrecognizable from their former glory days.

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12 Lil' Kim

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Lil' Kim is probably one of the most dramatic transformations in Hollywood. The rapper rose to fame in the mid '90s when she worked with The Notorious B.I.G and then joined the group Junior M.A.F.I.A. A successful solo career soon followed and the sexy music star became the hottest thing in rap.

Today, however, Lil' Kim has changed so much that if you saw her in the street, you would probably walk right by her. The once soft and sultry features that made Kim so desirable are long gone. What we're left with is a distorted face and even the tone of her skin has changed. She denies the allegations of her changes, but the evidence is hard to ignore. Surgery and lifestyle have ruined this once sexy star.

11 Kate Moss

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Being discovered at only 14-years-old, Kate Moss very quickly became one of the most famous supermodels in the world. During the '90s the British model graced many catwalks and magazine covers. With her small frame and glamorous looks, Moss was a desirable sex symbol that most men wanted a piece of.

However, years of partying, smoking, drugs and the traditional Rock 'n Roll lifestyle have all taken their toll on Moss's appearance. The once flawless complexion and sultry sex appeal have all been replaced by wrinkles and she has a dull shade to her. Although Moss has managed to keep her figure, the once glorious model looks closer to sixty these days than her actual age.

10 Tori Spelling

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We all remember Tori Spelling as Donna Martin in Beverly Hills 90210. The sweet and sexy starlet stayed on the show for its entire run in the '90s. The innocence of Spelling's character, for which she was a virgin for most of the show's run, pushed her into most teens' desirable wish list.

Today not much of that sweet hotness remains. Apart from her trademark blonde hair, Spelling has gone under the knife so many times that her hair is the only thing we recognize about her. Now being a veteran of the reality TV circuit and having several autobiographies, we yearn for the days when Spelling was quieter and more reserved and of course, before all the surgeries.

9  10. Jenna Jameson

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From the mid to late '90s, every young man in the world wanted one woman, and that woman was Jenna Jameson. Throughout the '90s, Jameson's name was not only synonymous with 'adult movies,' but she was the adult industry. With a body that most men would kill to get close to, Jameson is the reason that many teenagers lost days locked in their rooms.

After retiring from the industry, Jameson's appearance went the same way as her career - downhill! Now looking 'skeleton' thin, tired and saggy even though she's still very young. She looks closer to 60. Spending your prime in the adult industry obviously takes its toll.

9. Katie Price (Jordan)

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This sexy British star took the world by storm in the '90s when she appeared topless in the tabloid newspaper The Sun. Using her new found fame as a Page 3 Girl, Price adopted the pseudonym Jordan and began many successful years as one of the world's sexiest glamour models.

Starting out with a boob job, Price started to get a taste for plastic surgery. Over the years, Price has had just about every part of her body 'nipped and tucked,' which has turned this once sexy model into nothing but a plastic doll.

8 Meg Ryan

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In the early '90s Meg Ryan was the true queen of the romantic comedies. With her sweet and classic all American looks, her golden locks and innocent smile, Ryan lit up the screen and became an attainable dream girl that all men wanted a shot at.  With movies such as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, Ryan, along with Tom Hanks, became a bankable movie star.

As the '90s drew to a close, the movie roles started to dry up for Ryan and it wasn't long before she had to change her style in order to keep up with the younger competition. Unfortunately, Ryan didn't just change her acting style, she also changed her face. With several plastic surgery procedures, Ryan's face has completely changed. Going from the fresh face beauty, she has now become a distorted shadow of herself.

7 Courteney Cox

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Another case of plastic surgery going too far. In the early '90s Courteney Cox was starting to make a name for herself in a few movies, but it was as Monica Geller in Friends that Cox really found her break. Co-starring with fellow hotties Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, the three women soon became sex symbols. Cox, who was often over shadowed by Aniston, had a natural beauty that her co-stars didn't have.

However, over the years Cox started to 'nip and tuck' to hold back the years. Even on her ten years on Friends we can start to see the changes in Cox. The once sweet and sexy Cox is today nothing more than Botox and facelifts. It's also been reported that Cox and her former co-star Matthew Perry are dating. Although that seems to be news to her; maybe that's why she looks so surprised all the time, or is that the Botox?

6 Pamela Anderson

via nbcnews.com

At the start of the 1990s, Pamela Anderson was probably one of the most desirable women in the world. The former playmate of the month was soon showing us her curvaceous body on both the small screen and the big. Whether that was running on the beach in slow motion, in the now infamous red swimsuit from Baywatch or kicking butt in a tight leather outfit in Barbwire Anderson was every young man's fantasy.

Today the years have taken their toll on Anderson. With her celebrity lifestyle, relationships with rockers such as Tommy Lee and Kid Rock  and her love of plastic surgery; Anderson certainly hasn't aged gracefully and she barely resembles the former sex symbol she used to be.

5  5. Lara Flynn Boyle

via eonline.com

As celebrities get older they begin a never ending battle. With younger stars emerging all the time, the older celebrities do everything in their power to compete with them. Some grow old gracefully and let their talent shine through; others however, use plastic surgery. Sometimes plastic surgery can be a celebrity's magic cure, but other times it can completely destroy them.

With Lara Flynn Boyle, the later is true. The sexy star of the iconic Twin Peaks TV series, has had enough surgery to make Michael Jackson cringe! Although Boyle has never come out and admitted to her procedures, experts have come forward to point out several reconstructive procedures she has undergone. What a shame!

4 Lark Voorhies

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Lark Voorhies will always be remembered as the stylish Lisa Turtle in the original Saved By The Bell. With her fellow female cast members Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, the three hotties lit up the small screen in the '90s.

Fast forward to today and Voorhies is almost unrecognizable. Unlike Thiessen and Berkley who have aged nicely, Voorhies went wrong. With reports of her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a possible love of plastic surgery, the once stylish and hot Voorhies is nowhere to be seen.

3 Sarah Jessica Parker

via redbookmag.com

For anyone that doesn't remember the late '80s and early '90s then this may come as a shock to you. Sarah Jessica Parker was hot! If you don't believe us then check out her early roles. In particular her small part in the movie Flight of the Navigator and as one of the witches in Hocus Pocus. Parker was stylishly sexy.

Fast forward a few years and all that sexy promise from the young star disappeared. As Parker became an international star in the TV show Sex and the City, her sex appeal went down fast. Pushed as a style icon in the show, which we're sure she was, this just hides the fact that Parker had lost her looks. With her thin frame and long face, Parker today doesn't come close to her '90s self. We'll just have to re-watch Hocus Pocus to remember her hotness!

2  2. Renee Zellweger

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In the late '90s, Renee Zellweger was the world's favorite sweetheart. With her roles in such films as Jerry Maguire and Bridget Jones, Zellweger quickly took the crown of the romantic comedy darling. Zellweger is well known for changing her appearances for her roles; for Bridget Jones she reportedly put on 30 pounds, for which she then quickly lost it for her next film.

Even knowing that, the world was shocked to see the 'new' Renee Zellweger. After taking a short break from the movies, Zellweger emerged to show the world her new look. Looking like a completely different person and admitting to having surgery, Zellweger's haunting new look is many steps down from the sweet and subtly hot Zellweger of the '90s.

1 Yasmine Bleeth

via www.thesun.co.uk

Following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson before her, Yasmine Bleeth splashed her way into every man's dreams when she put on that red swimsuit. With all of us rushing to the TV set in order to see Bleeth running in slow motion along the beach, she quickly became the star of the show and made Anderson a distant memory. Often being voted in many magazines as the sexiest woman in the world, Bleeth was a true sex symbol of the '90s.

After being 'let go' from Baywatch  (it was reported that she was fired over drugs), Bleeth slowly started to disappear from the public eye. With a few movie cameos in the late '90s and early '00s, Bleeth soon disappeared completely. Recently making a public appearance after almost a decade, Bleeth is unrecognizable. The years have not been kind to her and if it's all the same, we'll stick with the Baywatch re-runs and enjoy Bleeth at her sexiest.

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