13 Of The Most Disturbing Things Ever Found In Food

Going to the grocery store can definitely prove to be a chore, especially if you’ve got a lot of shopping to do. There’s also the price of groceries to consider, which is another reason why most people dread having to restock their pantries. So needless to say, it can be pretty annoying to find something in your groceries that isn’t supposed to be there.

Small creatures often find their way into fresh produce or packaged foods. When they are discovered, your first instinct is likely to take your groceries back to the store for a refund (after taking a few minutes to be completely disgusted, of course).

Why do crazy things find their way into groceries? Is it because farmers are careless? Is it due to the negligence of factory workers? Could it have something to do with the fact that humans aren’t the only creatures who enjoy a great meal? Is it a sign that you should develop a green thumb and at least start your own herb garden? Perhaps all of these are true, but that doesn’t change the fact that you pretty much want to get what you pay for when it comes to grocery shopping. Here are 13 of the craziest things ever found in food.

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13 A Cell Phone In Potato Chips

In 2009, Emma Schweiger found a cell phone in her bag of potato chips, which gave new meaning to the term “phone chip.” When Schweiger stuck her hand into the new bag of potato chips she’d just bought, she grabbed a Nokia phone instead of a handful of her favorite snack. The potato chips were Clancy’s brand, and Emma filed a complaint with Clancy’s after finding the phone. Maybe she thought it was necessary to at least let the company know that she’d found the cell phone. However, when you really think about it, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Sure, it’s weird to find a phone in your bag of potato chips, but it’s kind of like winning a prize that’s way more expensive than potato chips.

12 A Worm In Cake

When you’re going on a diet, it can be hard to stay away from some of your favorite foods. However, that may not be too much of a problem for Anna Jones anymore. Jones, who is from the UK, bought a Weight Watchers cake in 2011, and was enjoying a slice when she noticed a live caterpillar worm making itself at home in one of the pieces of the dessert. Perhaps this wasn’t the diet motivation Anna was looking for, but we’re willing to bet that this experience stopped her from eating cake for quite some time. Chances are she didn’t have much of an appetite for anything for a while after this incident.

11 A Tooth In A Chocolate Bar

When Sue Calhoun took a bite out of a Milky Way bar in 2010, she thought the crunchy thing her teeth encountered was a nut of some kind. Which is weird, because Milky Way bars don’t have nuts. It turns out that the “nut” was actually a human tooth! Looks like someone at the factory was testing the bars before the candy could get on the grocery store shelves. When Calhoun reported this incident to Mars Candy (the makers of Milky Way), the company simply offered her a coupon for another candy bar. It would seem that Sue probably didn’t want to try her luck and purchase yet another candy bar from Mars, since the company already proved that weird and gross things can sometimes be found in their products.

10 A Razor Blade In Ice Cream

Stephanie Granger was in for a huge surprise when she bought some ice cream from her local Wal-Mart in Texas. The year was 2011, and it’s likely a year Granger won’t soon forget. She opened her “peanut butter stars” ice cream to find way more than stars made of peanut butter in the creamy dessert. There was a razor blade in the ice cream! Naturally, Stephanie took the ice cream back to the store and explained the reason for the return. That’s when she encountered yet another surprise. The Wal-Mart associate’s response was “I’m sorry. I hope your day gets better.” Well, when you almost accidentally cut off your tongue due to a razor blade in your ice cream, the day can only get better from there.

9 Nails In Mac and Cheese


Rebecca Shorten was a bride-to-be in the UK in 2008, who just wanted to enjoy a little pasta. Some people like breadcrumbs atop their Mac and cheese, and Shorten may have thought that’s what she was eating when she got a little extra crunch in her store-bought pasta dish. Turns out that the crunchy bits were actually nails, and Shorten swallowed on of the three two-inch nails in the pasta. Rebecca went to the doctor after discovering she’d swallowed the nail, but the physician was unable to remove the nail surgically, so Shorten had to pass it naturally. Poor woman. All she wanted was some comfort food, possibly to ease her nerves about her wedding day. Hopefully she didn’t take the nail incident as an omen.

8 An Oven Glove In Bread

In Northern Ireland in 2010, a baker lost his gloves while preparing bread. This doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, except that the glove got baked into a loaf of bread. The gloves were also made of material that makes them look a lot like human hair, which makes this story even more strange (and by strange, we mean gross). Premier Foods, the company where the baker worked, released the story about the baker’s glove being accidentally baked into the bread, which probably eased the fears of several grocery shoppers. Usually when you see anything fuzzy on your bread, it’s a bad sign, and this was no different.

7 A Mouse In Curry

We’re not sure if curried mouse is a delicacy in any part of the world. However, a spiced and marinated rodent certainly wasn’t what Cate Barrett was looking for when she opened a jar of curry she purchased from the grocery store in 2009. The curry was Asda brand, and Barrett noticed the dead mouse in the jar almost immediately. It’s probably safe to say that Cate was afraid to eat anything curried for a long while. We’re hoping Asda was apologetic as well, since finding a mouse in your curry is a traumatic food experience that isn’t easily forgotten.

6 A Bullet In A Hot Dog

In 2004, California native Olivia Chanes, ate a hot dog from Costco. This doesn’t seem like newsworthy information, except for the fact that the hot dog had a bullet in it. Chanes got the prepared hot dog from Costco’s food court and bit into the hot dog to find something hard. She accidentally swallowed the bullet (or bit the bullet, if you’re into puns). Olivia’s hot dog was of the Hebrew National brand, which is the same brand you’re likely to find at baseball games. Looks like the “dogs” aren’t quite as kosher as we thought. Or, maybe things go on in food factories that we’d rather not know about.

5 A Frog In Frozen Veggies


Sure, some people eat frog legs. However, even those people would be shocked to find a frozen frog in a bag of mixed vegetables. The Hoffman family in Michigan found a little amphibian friend in their bag of veggies one evening in 2010, and decided to contact the authorities. They figured this was a better plan than simply letting the frog thaw out and offering it some peas, corn and carrots. However, it took the frozen vegetable company more than a week before they recalled the veggies. This means there’s a good chance that some other families in Michigan accidentally had frog for dinner as well.

4 A Rat In Salad

When a woman dining at her local Au Bon Pain in Minneapolis ordered a salad, she didn’t expect to get a “bonus” protein in her meal. Sure, if she’d gotten free grilled chicken strips in her salad, she’d count it as luck, and may have taken it as an omen that the rest of her day was going to go pretty well. However, the protein she encountered was a rat, covered in ranch dressing. To make matters worse, the woman had eaten half of her salad before she realized there was an ingredient there that she didn’t order. Now people who always have an excuse for not eating healthy can add yet another “explanation” to their list of reasons why salads are evil.

3 A Frog in Pepsi


Apparently, frogs like to hang out in food manufacturing plants. Fred DeNegri just wanted to enjoy a soft drink in 2009 in Ormond Beach, Florida. DeNegri was outside preparing some food on the grill and cracked open a Pepsi for refreshment. However, he encountered a rotting frog inside. It’s a miracle that Fred didn’t develop any sickness from the experience, but he may have a phobia of opening soda cans now. After all, he got way more than he bargained for the last time he opened a Pepsi, and he’s probably not willing to take that risk again. We can’t say we blame him.

2 A Tampon in Filet Mignon

When you dine at a prestigious place like Bull and Bear at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, you assume that the person in charge of purchasing the food for the restaurant is held to the highest standards. However, when Axel Sanz-Claus visited the restaurant in the summer of 2009, he got a pretty disgusting surprise that proved that even the Waldorf can make mistakes. Sanz-Claus took a bite of his filet mignon and found a used tampon. He washed his mouth out with brandy right away and went to the emergency room. The doctor confirmed that the tampon was used, and suggested that Sanz-Claus be tested for HIV. Repulsive.

1 A Condom In Clam Chowder

If you think it’s a challenge to grocery shop for your home, imagine how restaurant owners feel when they have to grocery shop for their business. Some items can be shipped if purchased in bulk, and some restauranteurs like to buy local to support the economy and serve healthy food to customers. Popular restaurant McCormick & Schmidt’s is known for its fresh fare, including the clam chowder. Laila Sultan certainly got an interesting bowl of chowder when dining at the Irving, California location. She asked to have her soup re-heated, and when it came back, it had a condom in it. Yes, you read that right. Looks like the waiter was sick of having “difficult” customers that evening. How gross.

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