13 Most Bizarre And Unusual Wedding Themes

It is wonderful month of July, and people are getting married by the dozens. What a beautiful time of year to say your vows! People are spending thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, in order to create their dream wedding and brides are not sparing anything when it comes to living out a childhood fantasy. But what happens when the groom gets involved? Do you think he wants all of the flowers and the fancy church to pronounce his nuptials? Maybe he had something to do with some of these wacky wedding ideas. Here is a list of thirteen of the craziest wedding themes that have been found throughout the world, from getting married in a shark cage to just walking down the aisle at a TJ Maxx. Hopefully some of these will either give you inspiration of what you would like to create on your perfect day, or maybe it will show you what not to spend all that money on.

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13  13) Have Your Wedding In A Department Store

What happens when you find your favorite shoes at a department store? Or perhaps the perfect tee-shirt? You buy them. You leave. You go home and wear them, or save them for a later date. This couple decided that they would get married there, instead. A couple from Mount Pleasant, Michigan regarded TJMaxx as one of their perfect spots to shop and decided that they would say their vows in the shoe section at the retailer. Yes, the store was open, and yes, there were shoppers involved in the wedding. No details were mentioned if they received a discount on bridal supplies but chances are, they most likely saved a lot on the wedding cake.

12 Your Entire Party Can Be Superheroes

Perhaps Sharin Wetherwell always dreamt of being WonderWoman, or maybe her husband always thought that Batman should be married to a female superhero. Or maybe the couple just wanted a larger than life ceremony and wanted to embarrass all of their relatives, by having them dress up as superheroes. Either way, that is exactly what they received when the England couple got married at the end of July. The families of the couple even went along with the theme, dressing as the Incredibles, Lara Croft and Iron Man.  The Joker was even in attendance, but did not cause any trouble during the wedding.

11 Super Mario Brothers Can Smash It Up At Your Wedding

Have you ever tried to plan a wedding when your fiancé just will not stay away from video games? Why not incorporate that game play into the wedding preparations, and have a Super Mario Brothers-themed wedding? It comes complete with the mushrooms, plumbers and a few evil characters following you around while trying to walk down the aisle. This is perfect for the bride who always dreamed of being Princess Peach, as long as the groom does not have an issue being a plumber who tries to rescue her.

10 Just Show Up Naked

If you cannot afford the dress that you have always had your heart set on, why not just go without any clothing at all? You can have your fiancé go in full nudity, as well. A couple in Australia won a wedding ceremony from a local radio station, but they were required to get married naked. The bride wore only a veil and a few things to cover her “lady parts,” while the groom simply wore a hat that he used to protect his “belongings.” The guests were fully clothed, so it was only inappropriate for the children, assuming there may be a few present. This would be a terrific idea for a nudist colony, but maybe not so much for the conservative type.

9  9) A Roller Coaster Of A Wedding

Some couples get together and find out that they have a lot in common, and a lot share a few passions. One of those passions may be roller coaster enthusiasts, and they want to share their love of the experience, by getting married on a ride at the theme park of their choice. Many amusement parks even offer marriage ceremonies for a hefty fee, including extra costs for guests (plus the price of admission for each). They can get married before they ride, after they ride, or some even say their vows while they are in the middle of the ride. Nothing says “I do” like “Ahhhh!” as you go screaming down a ninety foot drop.

8 Go Jump Off A Bridge While Saying “I Do”

If you are more into the extreme side of marriage ceremonies, try bungee jumping. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart. You will be lifted sixty feet off the ground before jumping off of a platform, but you must say “I do” before jumping. Couples can have the entire wedding party, along with guests, lifted onto the platform (in select areas) to see the two tie the knot.

7  7) Make It So

Are you a die-hard Trekkie? Does the thought of going throughout your life without being married to Captain Picard, make you sick to your stomach? Maybe you cannot actually marry the fictional character, but you can marry the (other) love of your life on board (or at least, what looks to be) the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise. Many have married their significant others in a Star Trek-like fashion, by having the bridal and groom parties dress up as characters from the beloved series and if lucky enough, can find someone who can marry them in the Captain’s suit. Hopefully no Romulans will attack on your perfect day.

6 It’s Not Easy Being Green, Unless You’re Having A Shrek Wedding

If you are a fan of the Dreamworks production of the movie, Shrek, you may want to paint yourself green and have a beautiful wedding in the ides of Scotland. Or you could just have it in your backyard, whatever would be easier. You will be green, so it probably doesn't matter where you are, everyone will have their eyes fixated on nothing but you. But it’s your wedding day; chances are, you would like everyone to have all eyes on you, anyway, right?

5 Get Thrown Into The Shark Cage


Some people do not know if they are ready to get married, so they believe that if they get into a shark tank and survive, then that person must be the one. What they do not understand is that they actually cannot say “I do” until they come up for air. It is possible to get married (at several places, actually) underwater, while battling sharks. Whatever floats your boat. Or sinks it, in this case.

4 It’s Yabadabadoo Time!

If old cartoons are your style, try dressing up as Fred and Wilma Flinstone and try getting the rest of your wedding party and guests to do the same. There was one couple who did just that. They created an area to look like Bedrock, had their bridesmaids dressed up like Betty and had everything from Pebbles to cavemen to the car, which hopefully, was not the one that the couple got “whisked” away in. It was powered by foot.

3 Try To Find Middle Earth For The Wedding Of Your Dreams

2 Rocky Horror Picture Show Wedding

If you remember going to the movies at midnight, and dressing up in ridiculous outfits and dancing out the scenes, chances are you were probably a part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a movie that was simply terrible when it was first released, but eventually created a following of epic proportions and turned into a one-of-a-kind adventure for teenagers, looking for a place to get away from their parents, and express their individuality. Now these same people can have a wedding themed from the cult film, specifically at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where they can make all your Rocky dreams come true. For a hefty fee, of course.

1 Zombie Wedding


The number one wedding theme at the moment is the undead. The bride does not necessarily spend time making up her face, as she is trying to actually look dead. This probably takes a lot more time than a simple blush-and-lipstick combination. She also has to take into account the fact that the groom, along with everyone else, has to take time to do their makeup as well. One of the biggest television series, The Walking Dead, has made zombies extremely popular in our culture at the moment, and even brides-to-be want a part of the action. This is probably the easiest of the weddings to plan; since there are so many books, movies and even internet sites that have inspiration for your big day.

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