13 Cutest Teacup Puppy Breeds In The World

Rhianna, Miranda Kerr, Demi Lovato, Kelly Osbourne, and Blake Lively are just a few who have or have had amazingly adorable Teacup pups. One look at these teeny, tiny, teacup size puppies and you are likely to fall in love. The big question is are they the cutest things you’ve ever seen or are they some weird science experiment where a sketchy breeder mixes small dog breeds together to get miniature dogs that fit into a teacup?

The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize the Teacups and there are many findings that state that teacup puppies are too susceptible to injury because of their tiny size. They can also have health problems that are inherent to their kind, but then again, a lot of dog breeds have different medical issues and certain breeds are more susceptible to certain ones than others.

For example, Bulldogs often have respiratory problems because of their small snout and the shape of their face. Pugs can have eye problems with their bulging eyes. Labrador Retrievers are prone to obesity and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels often have heart problems. In fact, all breeds seem to have certain health issues that are common to their particular breed, not just the Teacups.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous breeders exist in the world of Teacups and it is because of them that Teacup Puppies are considered taboo in some circles. However, there are also unscrupulous breeders in the world of the American Kennel Club’s approved breeds. It is up to the customer to weed out the sketchy breeders and not do business with them so that they cannot succeed in their unethical practices.

Here is a list of the most adorable puppies you will ever see. Even though they require extra careful handling due to their tiny size, there is no denying that they are the cutest science experiments in the world.

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12 Teacup Boston Terriers

Teacup Boston Terriers have cute little squished up faces, which causes them to make funny endearing hurrumphs, snorts and snuffling sounds. They are very smart and they can also be very stubborn. Teacup Boston Terriers are very attentive and have big expressive eyes. They can be black or brown with white fur that is short and they have big pointy ears. They are loyal and friendly when trained and they are typically good family dogs. In fact, Teacup Boston Terriers work well with families with older children and they work well as companion dogs to solitary people. Boston Terriers are very playful and get along well with other animals but sometimes they forget their size and they might test a bigger dog when walking by. You can also count on Teacup Boston Terriers to bark whenever the doorbell rings.

11 Teacup Papillon

Teacup Papillons are loving, smart and playful. Their coat is shiny, long and silky and can be many different colors. Their ears can be droopy or pointy and they are covered in long fringe hair. Their ears have a very distinct look, some say they look like a butterfly and in fact, the name "papillon" means butterfly in French. Their snouts are pointy and they are fine boned and petite looking. Teacup Papillons need to be brushed but their hair rarely gets matted. They are not child friendly and they are also not very fond of other dogs. They can bark but usually do well in apartments if they are well trained. Teacup Papillons are loved for their unique appearance and affectionate disposition, as long as you do not bring them around kids and other dogs.

11. Teacup Labrador Retriever

Teacup Labs have the sweetest little faces with big brown eyes that seem to take it all in. Labs are great companion dogs and they are great for families with older children. They are fun loving, loyal and active. Labs can be black, yellow or chocolate and all Labs shed... a lot. They are very trainable with a patient consistent trainer. These adorable little pups are sweet and cuddly and want to be around people all day long.

10 Teacup English Bulldog

The Teacup English Bulldog is lovable, playful, relaxed and loyal. They are also quite stubborn. They snort, drool and grunt and they can be a challenge to train. They have a short coat, small floppy ears and they have a mean looking, grumpy face, in an adorable kind of way. English Bulldogs have wrinkles on their head, neck, shoulders and throat and they can be many different colors. The more you brush their hair the less they shed. They do not require much exercise and as they get older they become very laid-back and mellow. English Bulldogs do not bark very much, probably because they are so relaxed. Bulldogs are often misunderstood as lazy or unintelligent but they are really just deciding if it is worth their effort to preform the task at hand. Once the bulldog determines it is worth the effort, he is all in.

9 Teacup Pug

A Teacup Pug is a fun loving, happy puppy with an amazing wrinkly, flat face and a short snout, floppy ears, big eyes, curly tail and often times a tongue that just won’t stay tucked into its mouth. They are lovable, sweet and friendly with varying shades of short tan, black or gray fur and a black mask around their face. Their fur sheds a lot. When bathing a pug, you have to be careful to get in between all of those wrinkles. Teacup Pugs are good with other pets and older kids, making them good family dogs. They do not need much exercise but they love to be with the people and will go anywhere you're willing to take them. Pugs snort and snore and make all kinds of funny noises. They are very trainable. Pugs were originally bred as companions for Chinese nobility and they have been the preferred choice of rulers such as King Louis XIV, Josephine, empress to Napoleon and Queen Victoria.

8 Teacup Cocker Spaniel

Teacup Cocker Spaniels are gentle, playful and sweet, however, due to unscrupulous breeders and over breeding, there have been instances of badly tempered Cocker Spaniels who are snippy, nervous and unhappy. It is recommended that you work with an experienced reputable breeder when dealing with Cocker Spaniels. In fact, when working with Teacup pups, it is always especially important to thoroughly check out the breeder, the parents of the pup and the living conditions.

Cocker Spaniels have a soft wavy coat in varying colors, long floppy ears and soft, dark expressive eyes. They are very trainable and they like other dogs and cats. Their coat sheds a little bit and they must be brushed to keep from getting matted. Cocker Spaniels are good companion dogs and they do not like to be left alone very often or for long periods of time. If they are left alone for a long time, they may show their unhappiness by getting into mischief while you are away.

7 Teacup Maltese

Teacup Malteses are very playful, gentle and smart. They aim to please and therefore are very teachable. They are very trusting and very loyal. Teacup Malteses have adorable faces with dark expressive eyes and long white silky hair with lemon, tan or black markings and their coats have little shedding. Their hair can be kept short, which makes them look like puppies forever. They are very difficult to housebreak but they respond well to an indoor litter box. They can also be on the yappy side. They love to be spoiled. They make dog friends and people friends easily although they are a little bit stubborn. Malteses were known as the ancient dog of Malta for more than 28 centuries.

6 Teacup Cockapoo

A Teacup Cockapoo is a very smart, loving, happy dog. They have the intelligence and coat of a Poodle and the easygoing and loving nature of a Cocker Spaniel. They are easily trained, overly affectionate, snuggly and eager to please. Teacup Cockapoos are good with families, other dogs and strangers. They are also good companion dogs. They shed very little and need their hair trimmed occasionally. Cockapoos are not considered to be purebreds because they are cross bred with two breeds. Because of this crossbreeding, their appearance, size and temperaments are not as predictable as purebreds. They have characteristics from both breeds so it is impossible to tell which characteristic will show up in a specific dog. Teacup Cockapoo’s have loose curly hair that can be many different colors and should be trimmed occasionally. They have floppy ears, bright eyes and a scruffy appearance. They are love bugs and just want to be around their people all of the time.

5 Teacup Maltipoo

Teacup Maltipoos are undeniably adorable with their playful affectionate puppy-like looks and behavior. They are a cross breed between a Poodle and a Maltese. Maltipoos, like Cockapoos, are not considered to be purebreds because they are cross bred with two breeds. Also like Cockapoos, because of this crossbreeding their appearance, size and temperaments are not as predictable as purebreds. Their coat can be curly or scruffy and can be different colors. Maltipoos can look very different from each other and their parents. Their hair needs to be brushed often or kept short in order to keep it from becoming matted and tangled. Maltipoos have expressive eyes, small snouts and floppy ears. Maltipoos are smart, friendly, sweet, and highly trainable. However, they do tend to bark a lot if not properly trained. Maltipoos are great companion and therapy dogs. They are sweet with families but it is recommended they only be with older children who understand that because they are so small, they must be handled carefully.

4 Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

The Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is spunky, smart and inquisitive. A Yorkie will crawl into your lap for a snuggle and they are willing to cuddle all day. They love to be spoiled and pampered. A Yorkie can be very teachable or stubborn and willful depending on the particular Yorkie. They can also forget their size and be bossy and snippy with other dogs and they like to chase birds, butterflies and anything else that flies.

Yorkies do not always appreciate the noise that comes from young children playing and sometimes can become overwhelmed or nervous by all of the activity. Yorkies bark a lot if not trained and are very hard to housebreak. Yorkies have long straight fur that looks like hair, with little shedding. They must be groomed often or their hair gets tangled and matted easily. A Yorkie’s hair can also be kept short which looks adorable and takes away the need for frequent grooming. They are fine-boned and graceful and they do not need a lot of exercise. Yorkies have a cute little face with a small snout, dark expressive eyes, small pointy ears and their hair is varying shades of brown, black and white. Most puppies are born black and tan and gradually turn lighter as they grow. Yorkies are very adaptable dogs.

3 Teacup Pomeranian

Teacup Poms are very smart, spunky, inquisitive and self assured. They know they are fluffy and beautiful and they like it. They like the attention, the oohing and aahhing and the pampering. Teacup Pomeranians can come in orange, brown, black or white fur. They have big fluffy long fur and a fox-like appearance with a pointy snout and pointy ears. Pomeranians require a lot of grooming to keep all of that fur looking and feeling beautiful and consistent grooming will help to cut down on the shedding. Pomeranians are very trainable, alert and aware of their surroundings. They are full of energy and they like to run and play. Pomeranians are great companions. They came from sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. Depending on the source, some say Pomeranians can be very good family pets and some say they are not a good choice for homes with children.

2 Teacup Shih Tzu

Teacup Shih Tzus are very sweet natured, a little bit arrogant, attentive and playful. They do not need much exercise and they love to be pampered and spoiled. Teacup Shih Tzus will cuddle and snuggle on your lap, in your bed, on the couch and on your pillows. They are great with families and great as companion pets for the elderly. Shih Tzus are trusting, friendly and eager to please. Most Shih Tzus get along with other pets and they are not as yappy as many other Teacup breeds. Teacup Shih Tzus have amazingly cute faces with dark expressive eyes, a short snout, floppy ears and lovable crooked under-bite. They have long hair that needs frequent grooming or it will become matted and messy. Shih Tzus look adorable with short hair too, which keeps the need for brushing down to a minimum. Their fur can be varying shades of brown, black, red, white and gold. They can be slightly stubborn and difficult to housebreak but their unbelievably happy and amusing personalities outweigh their minor issues. Shih Tzus are said to have come from Chinese Royalty, more specifically The Ming Dynasty and if you watch the way in which they carry themselves now, you will see hints of that royal lifestyle.

1 Teacup Chihuahua

Teacup Chihuahuas are very loyal. They can be cute, quirky and very fun to have around or, they can be feisty, nervous, stubborn and mean. A Chihuahua's temperament depends on his parent’s temperament. The good news is with training, socialization and love a Chihuahua with not-so-nice genes will be able to learn good behavior and still be a great pet. They do not need a lot of exercise so they are good apartment or city dogs. Chihuahuas are sturdier than their petite appearance would seem, and they are very smart and easily trained. Chihuahuas come in many colors and some have long coats and some have short coats. They have large pointy ears, big expressive eyes and are sassy little cuties.

Many Chihuahuas have very famous moms. Some celebrities that have or have had Chihuahuas are Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Madonna. Teacup Chihuahuas have starred in movies and have become celebrities themselves. A Chihuahua played a character named Bruiser in the movies Legally Blonde and its sequel. There was a famous Chihuahua on the TV show The Soup and a Chihuahua starred in many Taco Bell commercials, just to name a few.

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