13 Celebrity Hotties With Shocking Criminal Backgrounds

When people think of criminals, often the image in mind is a large tattooed man who is scowling at a camera. However, we all know in the back of our minds that anyone could be a criminal. The sweet old lady next door could rob you, the cashier at your local grocery store could be stealing TVs and selling them out of his car, your coworker could wake up in prison tomorrow after too much drinking. It doesn’t matter who they are and it doesn’t matter who they look like - but you know that.

Some of the most famous criminals are pretty women. After Orange is the New Black opened up the world of female prisons to normal society we all started to think about what it would be like to live there. Well, these 13 sexy women could give you a real life account of it.

13 Lil' Kim

12 Lindsay Lohan

11 Remy Ma 


10 Winona Ryder 

9 Naomi Campbell

8 Taryn Manning

7 Kumari Fulbright 


6 Rebecca Gayheart 

5 Monica Bedi 


4 Khloe Kardashian

3 Casey Anthony 


2 Hope Solo 

1 Michelle Rodriguez 

Michelle Rodriguez is a strange story. The Fast and The Furious star has been arrested a number of times for a list of reasons from speeding to assault to violating her probation. She has been to jail multiple times, but is always released soon after due to “overcrowding.” We’ve spoken about overcrowding above so we won’t get into it, but if you’ve been released for it twice, obviously the rule isn’t working. She wrote on her blog that she didn’t mind the jail time and if she had to, she’d do it all again, which is the opposite of what jail is supposed to do… It’s been some time since she’s been in any legal trouble so we hope she learned her lesson, but we will never truly know.

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13 Celebrity Hotties With Shocking Criminal Backgrounds