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13 Celebrities In Their Unbelievable Birthday Suits

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13 Celebrities In Their Unbelievable Birthday Suits

If there is one night a year when you can get your party on, it’s your birthday! The alcohol is typically flowing, you are prepared to get your dance on, and you hopefully have your wing-man by your side.

Hopefully, your friends can help you out in case you get drunk, but drunken mistakes are even more of a pivotal thing to avoid if you are someone of prominence. Getting drunk and taking your top off to ride a mechanical bull? Definitely an embarrassing moment, but if you’re someone famous, you better believe that night is going to be all over social media. As you’re going to see with the people on this list though, sometimes the biggest mistake can be what they chose to wear. In other cases, what they chose to wear is enough to make their birthday perfect.

The pressure is definitely on because when you’re famous one of the most important parts of your night is also going to be what you decide to wear. Are you going to try and go ultra sexy, but not practical? Keep it casual? Or, if you’re like Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey, are you just on a mission to prove that you still got it going on?

These are some of the most unbelievable outfits that celebrities have worn on their birthday, ranging from the scandalous, to the shocking, to the super cool (here’s looking at you, Ciara).

Let’s just hope you aren’t planning on drawing any inspiration from Jodie Marsh or Miley Cyrus the next time you are planning your birthday outfit because, err…

13. Jodie Marsh



Do you know who Jodie Marsh is? She may not be as popular in North America, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have herself a fan base. Marsh is a model from England who was clearly not afraid to step out and let it all hang loose. She was even smart enough to put tape on her nipples for the eventual wardrobe malfunction.

This was all done for Marsh’s 30th birthday, which can be a tough age to turn, so maybe she just wanted extra validation about how she looked. Keep in mind that it was also freezing out so the outfit took more courage than brains!

Her arm has ‘NOT OK’ tattooed on it. Maybe “not ok” was a thought she should have had when considering wearing this out of the house.

12. Kim Kardashian

BeFunky Collage214


Kim Kardashian has been no stranger to provocative outfits over the years. In fact, as you continue to get through this list, you’ll see that people who are related to her obviously agree with styling it up on birthdays.

The above photo is fun, partially because it is just a different side of Kim. For her birthday that required sobriety (damn, pregnancy), Kanye surprised her with friends, family and of course that delicious looking cake. Kim K rocked a tight, nude dress because not even pregnancy is going to keep Kim from being fashionable.

11. Ariel Winter


Did you know that Ariel Winter is now 18?! Ariel emerged as one of the stars on the hit TV show Modern Family, and while she was younger when she was cast, she’s clearly growing up as one of the most beautiful and confident women in Hollywood. The outfit was inspired by the Moroccan theme of her party, which included belly dancers and ‘Aladdin guys’ – her words. No matter what the occasion, you can imagine her fans are hoping she’ll have more reasons to dress up in the near future.

10. Mariah Carey


The biggest accomplishment of the night may be that Mariah Carey looked this amazing, despite turning 46 years old. The second biggest accomplishment is that her breasts somehow managed to stay in her dress the entire night, especially when you combine alcohol into the mix. Her birthday, dubbed her ‘anniversary’ also included a special fireworks display in her honor. One thing is for sure, her new fiance, James Packer, has to be ecstatic with how amazing his new partner will probably still look in 10 years.

9. Blac Chyna



Blac Chyna is clearly an incredibly attractive person. Does that make her worth being as famous as she is? No, but since she is engaged to a Kardashian, one should expect to see her face pop up on occasion. The above outfit showed off all of her legs and her tattoos, while the halter top let the world know that she also has a chest. Given that her friend donned a lime green skirt, you can imagine all eyes were on them for the duration of the night.

8. Paris Hilton



Oh, Paris… seriously?! Paris decided to go all out on her 33rd birthday and given that she is often compared to a Barbie doll, why not really commit to the look? I mean, especially when you can accessorize with a tiara.

Paris attended the Greystone Manor Supperclub in West Hollywood, where there was also a birthday cake with her picture on top of it. The dress was created by fashion designer Alon Livne and was bought by Paris after she was blown away by it on the runway.

7. Miley Cyrus



Do you know that Miley Cyrus likes to party? Rumor has it she even likes to be in super bright clothes, in order to make sure everyone knows just where they should be looking.

For her 22nd birthday, Cyrus donned the outfit in the above photo and headed out to Factory Nightclub. I hope those that were at the nightclub took a good look at the outfit while it was on because she was apparently topless by the end of the night. The party also contained sex toys spread about and a mechanical bull that she ended up riding. There’s no word on if she was topless for that part of the party.

6. Jennifer Lawrence



For all the celebrities on here who clearly used their birthday as an opportunity to wear less clothing, it is extra fun to put in a funny image, and who else would provide it but ol’ Jennifer Lawrence? When the star, who is admittedly obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, turned 25, she was surprised at her birthday party by Kris Jenner. Lawrence had a fantastic birthday and didn’t even need protective tape over her nipples like Jodie Marsh! Perhaps, you can have fun without letting it all hang out!

5. Kylie Jenner

BeFunky Collage Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner decided that she wanted to don a blonde wig for her 18th birthday. On top of that, she had herself two outfits to prance around in (both in the above photo). She needed to look her best, especially when Tyga gave her a Ferrari worth $320,000! Clearly, Jenner has also learned by the age of 18 how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, as she wisely covered up before emerging from her new birthday gift. Jenner and friends partied it up at Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles and also spent time at the hotspot, The Nice Guy.

4. Nicki Minaj

blogspot minaj


There is no doubt that Minaj‘s outfit took some work to put together, so let’s hope you think she looks amazing! For her 26th birthday, Minaj donned an outfit that was covered in Swarovski crystals. The outfit featured over 4,000 crystals and required a team of 5 people, who worked over 200 hours to put the entire outfit together. This isn’t the sexiest outfit on the list but it definitely is the one that required the most effort, even if all Minaj had to do was put it on and let her body do the talking.

3. Ciara



What do you do to make your 30th birthday party unique? Well, if you’re Marsh, you clearly wear no clothes. I am a much bigger fan of what Ciara did: A superhero-themed bash.

Included was her as Catwoman, Russell Wilson as Batman and the party even featured Beyoncé as Storm. Ciara thought she was just going out for a night with her girls, when she was met by Wilson who was donning the outfit, maybe the first sign that something was up. Her 17-month-old son was also in attendance. He was adorably donning a Superman costume.

2. Rihanna



Does Rihanna know that it’s cold outside? She posed for a picture in a white bikini for her 26th birthday. She took the event to Aspen, Colorado, for what was definitely a more subdued party in comparison to some of the other candidates on this list. The birthday also included two cakes that were made by Debbie Solomon, her close personal chef. We’re not too sure if Rihanna was cold outside, but surely there are plenty of people who would offer to help warm her up for her birthday.

1. Jennifer Lopez

BeFunky Collage

via and

If you thought Mariah Carey was the most attractive lady on this list who was turning 46, you were wrong. J Lo clearly set out on a mission on her 46th birthday to prove that she is still very much able to catch people’s eyes, just like she could when she was Jenny from the Block. Lopez’s outfit is all the more impressive when you consider that she is the mother of two children. Clearly that didn’t stop her from prioritizing her health, body image, or her sense of fashion!

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