12 Stars Whose Achievements Are Overshadowed By Scandal

No matter how famous a person becomes, a simple bad decision or involuntary scandal can taint their reputation in a heartbeat. While sometimes a scandalous headline can help someone’s career, many times it can ruin it as well. The ones who have survived often find themselves always associated with their mistakes while others faced serious downfalls. Some of the biggest legends of film, television and music have fallen victims to unflattering and unwanted publicity. These big names worked hard for their success and have built careers that many can only dream of. But in a matter of moments, it can all come crashing down. From drug abuse, sex scandals, racist rants and physical violence, here are a few heavy hitters whose achievements are often overshadowed by scandal.

12 Charlie Sheen

11 Lindsay Lohan

10 Woody Allen

9 Mel Gibson

8 Michael Richards

7 Robert Downey Jr.

6 Bill Cosby

The latest comedic legend caught in the middle of a scandal, Bill Cosby was part of the most loved television families in The Bill Cosby Show. His other successes include Kids Say the Darndest Things, Fat Albert, Ghost Dad and Jack. Cosby has been a legend in comedy and an inspiration for several African American comedians and actors. Sadly his legacy is slowly fading - over 50 women have come forward accusing Cosby of sexual abuse and battery. Several of his projects have now been cancelled due to this scandal and Cosby has spent more time in court than on camera. He was officially charged in December 2015 and his reputation will be forever tarnished. Cosby is no longer seen as one of television's favorite father figures and instead viewed as a sexual predator.

5 R.Kelly


4 Marilyn Monroe


3 Chris Brown

2 Roman Polanski

1 Michael Jackson

No list of legends in the music industry would be complete without Michael Jackson. Multiple awards, memorable hits such as “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” and record-breaking album sales, Jackson is no doubt one of the most recognized and loved artists. The whole world mourned his sudden death in 2009 but his music is still continuously played and listened to. Fans everywhere were looking forward to his comeback and never gave up on him. With all his success however in the music business, it’s difficult not to mention his personal struggles and allegations of child sexual abuse. First charged in 1993 then again in 2003, the trials became media circuses. He was acquitted on both counts. With his questionable actions such as dangling his newborn baby from a window and childlike attitude, Jackson’s fans still continued to support him through tough times.

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12 Stars Whose Achievements Are Overshadowed By Scandal