12 Shocking Things That Are Way Dirtier Than Your Toilet

One does not have to be considered a neat freak in order to want to keep their home and the environment around them clean. But contrary to popular belief, even the cleanest men and women in the world have no clue about the germs and other things that live in the places that we touch and use on a regular basis. Of course, having a daily cleaning regime helps to eliminate most of the harmful bacteria and parasites that are too small for the naked eye to see. However, there is not a cleaning product available on the market to take away all of the things that most are not privy to. It has been a common misconception for years that the bathroom, and specifically the toilet in your bathroom, is the dirtiest place in the home. Yet we have come to find out that there are several places in our homes that are much dirtier than our toilets. The carpet that we walk on, the hand bags that we adore so much and grab when leaving out of the door, and even the seasoning that we use to create amazing meals, all harbor different forms of germs and bacteria that so many people are not aware of. Here is our list of 12 things that are way dirtier than your toilet.

12 Kitchen Sink

11 Your Salt and Pepper Shakers

10 Your TV Remote

9 Your Computer Keyboard

8 Your Bathtub

7 Cleaning Sponges

6 Your Cutting Board

5 Your Pet's Feeding Bowl

4 Your Carpet

3 Your Handbag/Wallet

2 Your Cellphone

1 Your Toothbrush

The number one place that is dirtier than your toilet is your toothbrush! Most of us brush our teeth then place our toothbrushes in a holder that stands upright in order to allow it to dry. However, the issue with this is that all of the germs that were just removed from your mouth, now have a damp place to grow within the bristles of your toothbrush. Even more disturbing, each time you flush your toilet, small particles of water from the toilet bowl spray up into the air, and guess where they fall…in the toothbrush that you just used. It is recommended to dry your toothbrush after use and then replace it in a covered place or toothbrush holder to protect it from particles that often fly into the air from toilet flushing.


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12 Shocking Things That Are Way Dirtier Than Your Toilet