12 Shocking Things That Are Way Dirtier Than Your Toilet

One does not have to be considered a neat freak in order to want to keep their home and the environment around them clean. But contrary to popular belief, even the cleanest men and women in the world have no clue about the germs and other things that live in the places that we touch and use on a regular basis. Of course, having a daily cleaning regime helps to eliminate most of the harmful bacteria and parasites that are too small for the naked eye to see. However, there is not a cleaning product available on the market to take away all of the things that most are not privy to. It has been a common misconception for years that the bathroom, and specifically the toilet in your bathroom, is the dirtiest place in the home. Yet we have come to find out that there are several places in our homes that are much dirtier than our toilets. The carpet that we walk on, the hand bags that we adore so much and grab when leaving out of the door, and even the seasoning that we use to create amazing meals, all harbor different forms of germs and bacteria that so many people are not aware of. Here is our list of 12 things that are way dirtier than your toilet.


12 Kitchen Sink

Let's begin by looking in one of the most frequently used rooms in anyone's home, the kitchen. As a cook or home maker, this is the room where “magic is made” in a sense. All of our families' favorite dishes are created here, not to mention we often set the table and enjoy classic homemade dishes here. But did you know that there is bacteria found in your kitchen sink that can truly cause a serious illness. Often we rinse off meats in the sink, or rinse off our bowls and plates prior to putting them in the dishwasher. Well, those food particles breed different forms of bacteria such as e-Coli and salmonella. Cleaning your sink thoroughly with bleach or sanitizing wipe will remove these forms of bacteria however.

11 Your Salt and Pepper Shakers


When preparing a meal in your kitchen, we often reach for different seasoning and spices to create a distinct taste for the meat and side items that we are preparing. More importantly, most people have salt and pepper shakers on the table that the meal is served on in order to accommodate the dinner party if things are not seasoned to taste. Unfortunately, the salt and pepper shakers that are so frequently used, harbor the same germs that are found in cold viruses. To combat this, you must wash your hands frequently when handling salt, pepper, and any other spices used for cooking.

10 Your TV Remote

We all enjoy nice quiet nights at home watching our favorite television shows and laughing or even crying with our favorite actors and actresses. What most people do not realize is that the same television remote control that we use to increase or decrease volume, and change the channel, is a haven for the germs that we often try to avoid living in our homes. Even if you live alone, when you sneeze, cough, or even rub your nose then handle your television remote, you transfer those germs to the remote control to reinvest in later. Of course the risk of spreading these germs increases if you have a larger family.

9 Your Computer Keyboard


Almost all tasks that are required by different jobs and even things that most people do in their leisure time are done through their computers. Because of this, we frequently use our computer keyboards to login to applications, compose emails, and even chat with friends on social media. Because our keyboards are so frequently used, the germs that become evident over the course of a day are transferred to the keyboard and picked back up over and over again, unless properly sanitized on a regular basis. There are some of us who often wipe our keyboards off with sanitizing wipes to combat this issue, and this is definitely the best thing to do.

8 Your Bathtub

When charged with the task of cleaning your bathroom, the main focus is generally the toilet. It is human nature to consider the amount of bodily waste that is moved through our plumbing system and think that this is hands down the filthiest portion of the bathroom. However, this is not the case, our bathtubs are actually a lot dirtier than the average toilet. Bacteria such as staphylococcus are found in our bathtubs. What is even more disturbing is the fact that when we activate our showers, we moves bacteria such as these to other places, even our skin at times.

7 Cleaning Sponges


When cleaning bathroom and kitchen areas we often use sponges to swipe away the nasty, dirty areas that we feel may cause harm to ourselves and our loved ones. However, few think about all of the germs and bacteria that these sponges hold. All of the things that you work to remove from surface areas, then live in the same sponge that is used to remove them. This also includes dish cloths. Therefore, it is important to clean the actual sponge or cloth each week by washing it in the washing machine or dishwasher. Another way to sanitize your cloths and sponges is to heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

6 Your Cutting Board

How often do we eat a salad or have fresh vegetables for dinner and cut them on our favorite cutting board? Some cooks even season and cut their meats on the cutting board in their kitchen. Well, because raw meats harbor fecal bacteria, when you place a raw piece of meat on your cutting board for preparation, often these small pieces of bacteria find a home in your cutting board. To combat the spread of bacteria, clean plastic cutting boards with dish detergent and wooden cutting boards with a small amount of bleach. It is not necessary to soak overnight, however, do clean thoroughly.


5 Your Pet's Feeding Bowl


If you are an animal lover, you adore your pet. Additionally, you make sure that their feeding bowls remain full and accommodate them the best way possible. However, what few pet owners know is that a dog bowl is the home of many forms of bacteria. Most pet owners simply rinse the bowl out when replenishing their pet's food. It is actually important to clean your pet's bowls with hot water and soap, or as an alternative, baking soda, warm water, and salt. All of these items are not harmful to your pet at all, but should still be rinsed thoroughly before replacing your pets food.

4 Your Carpet

There are a lot of home owners who prefer hard wood flooring in their homes or they would have never closed on their house. That is actually the best choice if you are concerned with bacteria that feeds on the dead skin cells from our feet as we walk on carpet. Also, things such as pet dander, particles of food, and seasonal things like pollen add to things stored in your carpet, regardless of vacuuming. The way to combat this is to hire a professional to deep clean your carpet on a regular basis. Traditional vacuuming does not reach the depths of your carpet where these things live, unfortunately.

3 Your Handbag/Wallet


Ladies, before we run out of the house it is common to reach for our favorite handbag or wallet without sanitizing our hands or the item that we are taking to carry our valuables with us. The handles of your most expensive handbag harbor more germs than your toilet, and we come in contact with these forms of bacteria several times a day. After handling door handles in public places and even in our cars, it is important to disinfect your handbag handles with sanitizing wipes regularly. Another big help is washing your hands frequently when out in public to minimize the germs that are transferred to your handbag or wallet.

2 Your Cellphone

We live in the technology era, therefore most of our lives exist through our cell phones and Because of this, our cell phones are also the breeding ground for the most bacteria. Why? Because we all drag our cell phones into restrooms with us in order to maintain a working knowledge of our emails and social media, and the germs and bacteria on most bathroom surfaces then relocate to your cell phone. Again, using sanitizing wipes and washing your hands frequently will combat this issue and lower the amount of bacteria on your cell phone. The next time you want to take a bathroom selfie, be mindful of where you rest your phone to fix your hair or adjust your clothing.

1 Your Toothbrush


The number one place that is dirtier than your toilet is your toothbrush! Most of us brush our teeth then place our toothbrushes in a holder that stands upright in order to allow it to dry. However, the issue with this is that all of the germs that were just removed from your mouth, now have a damp place to grow within the bristles of your toothbrush. Even more disturbing, each time you flush your toilet, small particles of water from the toilet bowl spray up into the air, and guess where they fall…in the toothbrush that you just used. It is recommended to dry your toothbrush after use and then replace it in a covered place or toothbrush holder to protect it from particles that often fly into the air from toilet flushing.


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