12 Shocking Things Airlines Don't Tell You

There’s no denying that air travel has definitely changed over the years. It’s been years since smoking was banned on flights, and there are meals available now for individuals with allergies and food intolerances. Even before you get on the plane, there are extreme security precautions to adhere to so that you’re not considered a threat to the other passengers.

Even though most people don’t have a problem complying with some of the new regulations that come with flying (for the most part), there are still so many things you may not know about airlines. For instance, do flights really have to be that expensive? Can’t you get a more elaborate meal, considering the price you paid for your plane ticket? Why is it so hard to get a refund? What’s so special about the first class section of the airplane, anyway?

Some of the things that the public isn’t privy to when it comes to airlines may be better left unsaid. But, like all businesses, there are some secrets that aren’t public knowledge because the information could be bad for an airline’s cash flow. Want to be more informed the next time you book a flight? Here are 12 shocking things airlines don’t tell you.

12 Sanitize Everything

11 There’s a Fee For Price Comparison

10 Call If Your Flight Gets Cancelled

9 Know When to Switch Seats

8 Ask About Your Non-Refundable Fare

7 Tickets Aren’t Guarantees

6 Buy Your Tickets One At A Time

5 Report Missing Luggage Right Away

4 You Should Pay More Attention to the Flight Attendant

3 The Fuel Levels Are Usually Low

2 Pilots Aren’t Allowed to Eat Together

1 Never Accept the First Voucher

When you’re offered a flight voucher, never accept the first one. The airlines will typically keep upping the value of the voucher until there are enough passengers who are willing to give up their seats. If the airline has to bump you to another flight and you didn’t agree to it, you can insist on getting a cash voucher. A number of airlines will even write you a check while you’re at the airport. Depending on how long your flight is delayed, or how much your original ticket costs, you could get up to $1,300 in vouchers, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.


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12 Shocking Things Airlines Don't Tell You