12 Shocking Face Tattoos That Make Us Think "Really"?

Face tattoos fall into the extreme side of the spectrum when it comes to tattoos. Tattoos in general are still seen by some as a bit of an extreme mood, likely due to ties between tattoos and criminals or thugs. In Japan, a nation which is still a bit behind socially, any tattoo is seen as socially unacceptable in a lot of places due to their strong connection to the Japanese mafia members. That connection has permeated even modern society, where the Japanese mafia is still a very real thing in the big cities.

Still though, even in countries more accepting of the tattoo culture, face tattoos are still something frowned upon. Maybe there’s just something primal about damaging the face you were given at birth. It’s not clear, but what is clear is that there are some very bad face tattoos out there ruining any chance the classy ones have at surviving. There are misspellings of words, racist musings, way too many colors, and many other odd kinds off tattoos that will just make you sit there and think "really”? Well, whether you agree with the general concept or not, here are twelve face tattoos that will really make you feel bad for these poor souls and their decisions.

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12 The Hello Kitty Metalhead


This guy here looks more like Hello Kitty’s undertaker than a devout fan. But I guess fans can come in all shapes and sizes. Some fathers love Hannah Montana. Some crazy men, or shall we say boys, in their college years seem to really love My Little Pony. But at least they aren’t dressed up like they’re preparing for their own funeral. It’s probably the whole undertaker thing that gives this its ultimately creepy vibe. It just seems like this is the kind of guy you’d see standing over you with a knife breathing heavily at 3 am on a weekday.

11 Strange But…Wait, What’s That On His Eyelid?


This one is a little strange. The man must have had this tattoo forever, and it seems to be alright on the surface. I mean, there are certainly classy face tattoos, and this seems like it could’ve been one of them back in the day. It appears like a nice tribal design. Perhaps it’s expressing the deepest recesses of his soul, exposed for the world to see. But if you look on his eyelids, you then see it reads: “pure sex.” Okay, suddenly this somewhat alright, though still odd, tattoo has just become creepy extremely quickly. It’s always in the details.

10 The Tribal Businessman


How can this guy possibly get any work? I mean he’s wearing a dress shirt, tie and a nice coat, right? But how does he get work looking like that? He must be in business for himself because no one is going to hire someone with a severe case of extreme clown face. He does look friendly, though. Come to him, and he’ll set you up with the best used car in the business. He’s got one of those smiles that says “trust me, I’m your buddy.” But then the rest of his face says, “I’ll kill you when you’re sleeping.”

9 This Honest Man


This man’s tattoo says everything you would ever need to know about him. Getting a tattoo like that, especially on your forehead for all to see, is pretty stupid. But who knows what he was thinking. He may have been thinking that he could use this tattoo to call people reading it "stupid", but if that’s the case, he didn’t do a very good job. It may have been better for him to write “you’re stupid” instead. Not that that’s much better, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe he’s just a really seriously self-hating guy.

8 This Dude Who’s Clearly A Genius


This dude is such a genius, he just had to bare it for all the world to see. So, he went to his tattoo artist and told him: “Hey, Mack. I need a tattoo that shows exactly how much of a genius I am.” We’ve all seen these misspelled hilarious tattoos by now, right? I wonder how it happens. Do the artist and the customer seriously not know how to spell the word? Or is more like the customer comes in with it written down, the artist just shrugs and starts tattooing, and he clearly just doesn’t care enough to point it out? Seriously, how can two people miss out on something like this? Oh, maybe it’s a prison tat. That explains it.

7 Just… Stop. Please.


No more “body art” for this guy. He’s banned. At some point, it just goes too far and just becomes ridiculous. Just look at this guy. He’s got all sorts of tattoos, none of which can actually be discerned. Then, he’s got two giant gauges in his ears and what seems to be his nose as well. He’s got a huge stone age-style nose ring and an entire jewelry box on his lips. Don’t kiss him ladies. It’s bound to cause some pain and discomfort. And what are those tats on his neck? They look like some kind of alien markings or something out of a bad Sci-fi movie. Who knows?

6 The Human Checkerboard


Some people love something so much that they just can’t help but to show it off. In some cases, this happens to be a girl or a TV show or something like that. In other cases, it happens to be an extremely old but still popular board game. Maybe it was checkers, but it could have just as easily been chess (perhaps). Either way, this tattoo is odd. It looks like it belongs in the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. Maybe he’s a huge Alice fan. It’s not as weird as some of them out there, but still this guy is more than a little strange.

5 I’m Sure This Has Some Purpose


There’s so much wrong with this picture that it’s hard to know where to begin. First, she’s a mother. So one has to simply pray that her kid doesn’t decide it’s a good idea to emulate mommy when they grow up. Then, you have to look at the life choices of the woman. She decided it was a grand old idea to go out and have a giant circle with lines extending out of it tattooed over her eye. Does this have some kind of special meaning to her? One must pray for some logic in this. It must be there.

4 A Head Full Of Horns


Some people just idolize the devil so much that they really want to style themselves like demons. Luckily, we live in an age where this is more than possible. We have access to all kinds of surgeries and strange implants that give our faces that crazy inhuman look we so desire. Oh, wait. That’s just this guy. Yeah, the implants are off-putting enough, but the tattooed eyebrows and chin thingy just add to the strangeness of it all. On the plus side, he achieved his goal of looking like something straight out of hell. Hopefully some scared religious devout doesn’t send him back there in fear.

3 The Evil Voodoo Master


We’ve all seen those adventure movies like Indiana Jones or TV shows like Scooby Doo, with the crazy witch doctor villain. They claim to have powerful control over forces we can’t understand, and they all have a certain look about them. That look is hard to describe, but it comes off as something kind of like a demonic tribal look. This dude here fully embodies that essence. With the crazy demonic tattoos everywhere, shaved eyebrows, gauges, and lizard-looking eyes, he’s achieved the look that he was likely going for. Hope to see you in the pictures soon. Grab the popcorn.

2 He Wears His Beliefs On His Face


And in the most appropriate background for a picture ever, the award goes to this guy. If this guy doesn’t look like he belongs in prison, I don’t have any idea who possibly could. There’s so much fun stuff tattooed on him, it’s hard to focus on it all. The obvious ones are the “skin head” and really badly-drawn Nazi swastika on his brow. But if you look above, you’ll see “property of Jolene.” Oh, yeah baby. Jolene is one lucky girl.

1 And The Most Famous One

What face tattoo list would be complete without the one that rocked the foundation of society. It’s certainly not the stupidest or the most interesting, but the man it’s on is certainly enough to make up for it. The great boxing legend Mike Tyson decided to get a tribal tattoo on his face and everyone said “Sure.” No one’s going to stop him. He’ll kill them. But the world did quietly have a few snickers about it wondering why he decided to do something so silly to his face of all places. It really raised a dialog about face tattoos that made most people realize they aren’t comfortable with them. Maybe it’s just because so many of them are ridiculous, or perhaps it dates back to the war paint days of tribalism. It’s not clear, but it is clear that Tyson is number one.

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