12 Scientific Facts That Are Actually Myths

It’s amazing that in such a short time, our species evolved from wild monkeys into knowledgeable beings. But to do so, many great minds spent all their lives to create great technologies and theories that would make our lives easier.

Remember the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and many other dedicated people who worked for decades to help us by eliminating hard physical tasks, saving time and making new ways to have fun. They did so for us without caring how hard they needed to work to help today’s scientists continue building our society.

However, now science discovery numbers skyrocketed to such a rate that most people don’t find time to hear about what’s new in the science world. This leads many people to miss important news about the findings that have destroyed mistaken scientific myths. Yet, the problem is that now there are lots of myths people still believe, and because of that could make wrong decisions that could even cost a life.

To know the truth and help yourself and your friends, I strongly implore you to learn about the most mistaken scientific myths that most of society still believes.

12 Lightning Never Strikes The Same Place Twice


If you believe that the best way to protect yourself from a lightning strike is to go to the spot where you saw it hitting, then remember this fact! Lightning can strike at the same places more than two times and have a bigger chance to do so than to strike different places.

Lightning prefers areas that have big objects like trees and skyscrapers, because taller objects are closer to the sky and have a higher chance of being hit. Also, water and metal attract lightning so it’s good to keep yourself away from places that have these substances. The best way to protect yourself from lightning is to be in a dry, low height position under a roof with no metal objects around you.

11 Dropping A Penny From A Skyscraper Can Kill A Person


This myth became popular because of movies, but has nothing related to reality. The idea is that if a person drops a penny from a skyscraper, it’ll pick up enough speed to become as dangerous as a bullet which can kill a person standing on the ground.

The aerodynamics of a penny can’t allow it to go fast enough to make it dangerous to life. In the worst case, a person would only feel a pain. How much of it? It depends on the penny's weight, shape, materials, and the person in question.

10 Brain Cells Can’t Regenerate


This myth became popular because it was (and in some places still is) taught to many people. But in 1988, the researchers discovered that no matter age and other factors, your brain cells can regenerate!

Before, scientists believed it impossible because they thought that brain cell creation would disrupt brain activity. However, the study discovered that brains can create cells. This is beneficial to those who suffer from mental diseases and have a brain injury.

9 Humans Use 10% Of Their Brain Power


You use your entire brain at different activity levels. Brain activity fluctuates through the day, but is higher than 10% even while asleep. It’s because your brain has many different centers that are responsible for different things you do.

For example, the hearing center is active when listening to music and when there is a silence; the hearing center stops to receive signals from the ears and is inactive until you hear something again. But through the day, you do many activities which require you to use different brain centers which combined require more than 10% of your brain's power.

8 Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive


Some parents avoid buying kids food containing sugar as they think that after eating it, kids become hyperactive and won’t listen. But how sugar affects behavior depends more on personality.

Sugary food gives lots of energy in a short time, but if a child doesn’t want to do activities, sugar won’t make a change. The same is with adults. Some can become hyperactive after eating sugary food while others will go to sleep.

7 Hair and Nails Continue Growing After Death


Fingernails and hair require cells to stay alive and use nutrients from food to grow, but as you know, dead people don’t eat so it can’t happen. The reason why people believe this is because skin starts to dry out post-mortem. That results in retracting and pulling away hair and nails from the hair shafts and nail beds, which create the illusion of growth.

6 Antibiotics Kill Viruses


The first thing you should know is that viruses aren’t recognized by science as alive, so you can’t kill them anyway. But to believe that antibiotics can destroy viruses is also wrong.

Antibiotics are created to fight against harmful bacteria. If you use antibiotics when unnecessary, you have a higher chance to catch the flu due to weakened immunity. This happens because good bacteria that live inside you and protect you from hazardous microorganisms die after prolonged antibiotic use.

5 It Takes Years To Digest Chewing Gum


There’s nothing much to digest in chewing gum. Everything you absorb is tiny amounts of sweeteners and flavorings while everything else goes out of the digestive system in less than two days.

It’s because most of chewing gum is made from rubbery polymers, vegetable oil ingredients, and glycerin that keep gum soft. But you can’t digest these ingredients so they leave the digestive system with other food residues. However, you shouldn’t swallow gum for fun because too much of it can cause constipation, which isn’t the most enjoyable thing.

4 Polaris Is The Brightest Star


Another star called Sirius is brighter than Polaris and is the brightest star you can see from the Earth! Many are mistaken by this myth because Polaris is super popular for also being called the “North Star” that has helped travelers in the past and today to navigate northward.

While Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor and will be visible as the “North Star” for many years, scientists say that it’s going to change because of the Earth’s axis fluctuations.

3 There Is No Gravity In Space


There is a considerable amount of gravity in space! The fact that astronauts seem to have zero weight is because they are in the Earth’s orbit. Astronauts are falling all the time towards the Earth but, by moving sideways, they avoid being attracted.

Gravity isn’t only close to our home planet. There are billions of bodies in space like planets, asteroids and stars that create smaller and bigger gravitational effects on other objects. This leads to the fact that almost all areas in space have at least a bit of gravity.

2 Bats Are Blind


Why should bats have eyes if they can’t see? All bat species see with a different quality of view. Some bat species use such senses as vision and smell more than echolocation!

For example, fruit bats (yes, they love fruits) use smell more often than echolocation because it helps to find fruits. Another misconception about bats is that they see only in the dark. Researchers found that bats have cells with which they can see in daylight.

1 Evolution Is Necessary To Survive


While most organisms evolve and some (like microbes) can become a completely different species in a matter of months, evolution isn’t necessary. Take a look at such organisms like sharks, fungi and mosses. They didn’t change for millions of years and have no problem surviving among always changing organisms.

If the organism's living environment doesn’t change, they have no reason to evolve because no new challenges and dangers occur. Also, evolution can make surviving even harder. Think of a small dog breed. Without humans, these little dogs would have lots of problems in protecting themselves against bigger enemies, surviving cold climate and finding food.

Sources: IFLScience, Time 

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12 Scientific Facts That Are Actually Myths