12 Of The World's Most Unusual Dining Experiences

Going out to eat is a favorite pastime among people, whether you want to celebrate a birthday or professional milestone. Eating out is also a go-to date activity, and has been for years. As a matter of fact, some women determine how much a man cares about them by the amount of money he spends on dinner. A restaurant can also serve as a sentimental landmark for couples and families. For instance, a couple may have gotten engaged or had their first date at their neighborhood eatery. A restaurant can also serve as the place where friends and family toast to a loved one’s retirement, and show appreciation for his/her years of hard work.

The restaurant industry has certainly changed over the years, since restaurant owners are realizing that eating out should be a complete and fulfilling experience. Adding entertainment, award-winning beverages, and a breathtaking ambiance can make a big difference in a restaurant’s popularity. If you’re a fan of having a completely entertaining experience each time you go out to eat, you’ll definitely want to see what these restaurants have to offer. Whether it’s the scenery, the menu offerings or the location of the restaurant, these eateries take the cake as some of the most bizarre in the world.


12 Hajime

This restaurant is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and is like something from a science fiction movie. The eatery is actually run by robots! If you’ve ever seen an episode of the now-cancelled Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat, you may remember the restaurant on the show that had robots who took customer’s orders and brought out their food. That’s pretty much what you can expect when you visit Hajime. Lapassarad Thanaphant, the owner of Hajime, invested almost $1 million dollars in the eatery, and that was just so she could purchase four robots for her business. In addition to serving Japanese fare to customers, the robots also dance.

11 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

If it’s your dream to have dinner underwater or dine with the sharks, Ithaa Undersea restaurant can make your dreams come true. Of course, the restaurant serves seafood, and you can be pretty sure that the fare is extremely fresh, since chefs won’t have to go far to prepare your meal. Depending on the tides, you could be dining anywhere between three and six feet below sea level when you visit Ithaa. Ithaa translates to mean “pearl,” and the restaurant is around two tons heavy, so you don’t have to worry about drifting off to sea when you’re enjoying the seafood and wild game the eatery has to offer.

10 Lainio Snow Village

This ice restaurant, located in Finland, is perfect for tourists who love enjoying the beauty of the winter season. The restaurant is located near the Arctic Circle, which means the winters are cold enough to keep the solid ice tables and chairs intact. The structure of the restaurant is also made out of ice. Lainio Snow Village is known for serving fare like reindeer, which has been cooked to be especially tender, and cream of potato soup with salmon that has been cold-smoked. There are also meatballs made out of wild game on the menu, a delicacy served with vodka lingonberry jelly.

9 Dinner In the Sky

If you’re not afraid of heights, or you’re trying to get over your fear, enjoying a meal in the sky could be an unforgettable experience. The experience is rather expensive ($40,000) though, and you’ve got to bring 21 friends along with you, so this will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. The restaurant is mobile, so you can dine 150 feet above the ground near your city. Dinner In the Sky also makes dining arrangements over golf courses. Lavish dishes like beef foie gras and top-notch champagne are part of the menu, and you and your friends are fastened securely in your seats before the dinner “takes off.”

8 Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

This Auckland, New Zealand eatery was a temporary yet sophisticated nod to the treehouses you may have enjoyed as a kid. The architects for this restaurant used resources from the Yellow Pages to create a pod-shaped dining space. Diners had to trek 180 feet on a treetop walkway to get to the actual restaurant. There was room for 18 people to enjoy a meal in the treehouse, and fare consisted of entrees like lamb loins and salad with mandarin and caramelized garlic. There are still lots of impressive photos of the restaurant floating around, so travel enthusiasts won’t completely feel that they missed out.

7 Modern Toilet

This restaurant is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and has a toilet theme. It’s pretty entertaining for people who have always wanted to have dinner in the bathroom. Surprisingly, there are more people than you may think who are fascinated by the idea of a commode-themed eatery. The seats in the restaurant are actually toilet seats (that aren’t connected to plumbing), and the noodles are served in bowls that look like toilets. The wait staff can also add a comfy pillow to the toilet seats to make your dining experience more comfortable. Looks like this restaurant’s theme is just weird enough to work.

6 Mars 2112

This Mars-themed restaurant is perfect for anyone who is interested in life on other planets. The warm red lighting in the restaurant immediately gives the illusion of being on Mars, and is a popular tourist attraction for people visiting Times Square in NYC. The eatery got its name from the NASA prediction that by 2112, humans would be able to make commercial flights to Mars. When guests enter the eatery, they are guided to their tables by friendly Martians. The menu consists of tasty fare like the Martian Seafood Platter, which is a combination of entrees like squid, mussels and exotic shellfish, served with a one-of-a-kind seafood sauce.


5 Solo Per Due

Solo Per Due is a restaurant located in a 19th Century building in Italy. It is the smallest restaurant in the entire world. If you’ve ever wanted to have an intimate dinner with your significant other, this is the place. Only two people per night are allowed entry into the eatery. There’s an opulent menu, and you’ll be waited on hand and foot by the staff. However, the waiters aren’t too overwhelming, and you’ll need to summon them with a bell if you need them. There’s also the option to spend the night, which makes for one interesting restaurant experience. If you’re willing to shell out $325 for this one-of-a-kind date package, you can start packing your bags now.

4 Alcatraz E.R.

Believe it or not, some people are fascinated with the idea of being in prison. These are just the type of people who dine at Alcatraz E.R. when visiting Tokyo, where the restaurant is located. The eatery gives diners a pretty accurate idea of what it’s like to serve time in a medical prison. Patrons are handcuffed upon their arrival, and are taking to eating areas or “cells.” The wait staff are dressed like hospital orderlies, and diners can order beverages that are served in blood transfusion containers. It’s kind of interesting, and somewhat creepy, but it definitely makes for an interesting dining story.

3 Le Refuge des Fondus

French restaurant Le Refuge des Fondus takes bottle service to an entirely new level. The eatery serves beverages in baby bottles, and apparently, this is part of the reason they have such an impressive foodie following. The restaurant, located in the Montmarte area of France, is also a popular spot for tourists. Originally, Le Refuge des Fondus served patrons wine in baby bottles to avoid having to pay the tax associated with serving wine in the appropriate glasses. In addition to getting some quality wine in a baby bottle, diners can also enjoy their choice of a savory fondue made from either beef or cheese.

2 s Baggers

This fascinating restaurant is located in Nuremburg, Germany, and provides roller coaster service. That is, roller coasters are used to transport food to tables. This futuristic restaurant doesn’t have a wait staff, and guests use a touch-screen computer at the center of the table to place their orders. The restaurant is also a favorite among locals and tourists because the food is made from mainly local and organic ingredients, and is cooked with a minimal amount of fat. Winding tracks are located near each of the tables, so when the food is ready, it is delivered directly to the patron.

1 Ninja New York

Ninja New York is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat if you’re a fan of Japanese war movies. The restaurant was made to look like an ancient Ninja castle, and the wait staff’s uniforms match the décor pretty well. The waiters are also acrobats, and after (or before) taking your order, you’re likely to get a pretty impressive show. One of the most popular dishes is the teriyaki-marinated steak for $50. Ninja New York also offers “smoking” fruit that has been flavored with Pina Colada and vanilla ice cream that “vanishes” in a pool of pineapple and coconut. The restaurant is likely to be a go-to spot with your friends and family if you live in the New York area.



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