12 Of The Most Truly Shocking Celebrity Sex Scandals

Sex scandals can be expensive. Take Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger's multi-million divorce settlements following the outing of their extramarital activities. We may enjoy reading every detail, but are we really shocked (even if we throw in tales of Tiger and his threesomes)?

Sex scandals can also produce tabloid nirvana. Witness Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie's affair while he was still married to cute Jen Aniston. The publicity has been great for all of them. Still is. But shocking it was not.

You want real shocking? Try a sports star who is forced to admit he had been in a pay-by- the-hour motel room with three "female" prostitutes who were actually male transvestites. Or a major Hollywood heartthrob star who is fighting to stop a book about his rumored affair with a male pilot. Not to mention the rock star who reportedly had a thing for little boys. Without further ado, here are 12 truly shocking celebrity sex scandals.

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12 Rob Lowe And Under-Aged Girl


11 John Travolta And The Male Pilot


Rumors about Travolta and men go back to the 1990s, when The National Enquirer ran a cover story that claimed Travolta had had a 2 year affair with a man named Paul Barresi.   The story was eventually retracted. Then, one year (or so) ago, a couple of male masseuses claimed that Travolta had made "advances" or some such. Then, there's Douglas Gatterba, a pilot who worked for Travolta in the 1980s, who wants to write a book about what he claims was a 6-year "relationship" with the star. Travolta and his legal team claim the pilot signed a confidentiality agreement that prevents his legally writing such a book. Gatterba and his lawyers say not. And guess who wants to publish the book, none other than The National Enquirer.

10 Eddie Murphy And The Transvestite Hooker


In 1997, Eddie Murphy was one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Everything the star of Beverly Hills Cop touched, seemingly turned into box office gold. The news that a stop of his car revealed both Murphy and a passenger would have gone unnoticed, save for the fact it was at 4:45 a.m and the passenger was a hooker. Who looked like a woman, but in reality, was a man. What the heck? Murphy's story was that he was giving the hooker a lift. He was being a modern day good Samaritan. Sure. Did we mention that it was in the same notorious hooker pick up zone where Hugh Grant and Divine Brown had been busted a year before? At least Hugh fessed up.

In May of 2014, it emerged that a 24 year old transgender woman named Honeydip Ashton was claiming that she and Murphy had been involved for some 7 years. There was even talk of a law suit.

9 Ronaldo Luis Nazario And The Three Male Hookers

Nazario is true soccer royalty. Now retired after a brilliant career with clubs such as Barcelona and Inter Milan, he is considered by some to be the greatest striker in the history of the game. A super-celebrity in his native Brazil, he was linked to a number of beautiful and successful women. And then there was the year 2008, when he met three hookers in a Rio de Janeiro club, took them back to his motel, and discovered at some point that they were guys. People wondered what he had gotten up to with the trio. Sensing there was money in it, one of the men leaked the story to the media. Nazario was humiliated and his fiance dumped him. The story has gone quiet, but like Hugh Grant, Nazario has learned some things are just never forgotten.

8 Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) And Lewd Behavior In A Public Place


7 George Michael And The Lewd Act

In the 1980s and 1990s, George Michael and Wham! were hot. Hit songs like "Faith", made the boy group an international success. As a teenager, Michaels had proclaimed himself bisexual, but reportedly he gradually came to realize he was gay. Then in 1998, he was arrested in the "pretty policeman" sting operation by a male officer and charged with committing a lewd act in a Beverly Hills public restroom. And he was well and truly outed. His reaction? One of his music videos is said to have featured male policemen kissing. And reportedly, he has also freely admitted to cruising for anonymous sex.

6 Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, Maybe Bill Clinton And The Sex Slave


Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, has served jail time for soliciting under-aged girls for prostitution. Formerly the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, were chums. In 2014, a 30-something named Virginia Roberts filed a law suit in the U.S. (in Florida, where the legal age of consent is 18) claiming she had been recruited at the age of 15 to join Epstein's Florida-based sex slave "harem" and was "loaned out" to the likes of Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz. Buckingham Palace, Epstein and Dershowitz, have issued angry denials. But, in a bombshell revelation, Roberts' lawyers recently claimed that the FBI have video-tape footage that would prove her allegations. In early 2015, rumors circulated that Clinton, who visited Epstein's hedonistic private island in Florida, might be called to testify at what may be the trial of the century. Presidential wannabee, Hillary Clinton cannot be best pleased.

5 Stephen Collins And The Under-Age Girls


The 60-something year old actor starred in the long-running TV hit, 7th Heaven. But during a bitter divorce battle, a recording of Collins reportedly admitting to having sex with under-age girls was given to TMZ. His estranged wife, Faye Grant, who has set her sights on claiming some of Collins' fortune, denied being involved. There was great shock and outrage and Collins tried his best to disappear. Then he went into his contrition stage and granted confessional interviews to the likes of People Magazine. At the end of 2014, he was famously interviewed by Katie Couric. On a side note, Rosie O'Donnell, who seems to have a second career dissing other celebrities, has been very vocal in skewering what she called Couric's soft-ball approach to the session.

4 Colin Farrell Sex Tape


The bad boy Irish star of films such as Horrible Bosses and Saving Mr. Banks, has been praised by critics and fans alike. But in 2006, he was enraged when he learned that a tape of him reportedly having sex with his girlfriend and Playboy model Nicole Narain, was about to hit the Internet. He filed a lawsuit against Narain and the Internet Distribution Group to stop the public distribution of the 13 minute tape. Reportedly, he and Narain eventually came to a settlement. But if you Google Colin Farrell and "sex tape", there is a long list of hits. So, we wonder.

3 Bill Cosby And The Accusations


2 Woody Allen And The Daughters And The Son Who May or May Not Be His


Although they never married, Woody Allen had a ten year relationship with actress Mia Farrow (Hannah and Her Sisters). After they broke up, Farrow found nude pictures of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, that had been taken by Allen. Allen later married Soon-Yi, but some tried to cast him in the stepfather taking advantage of a stepdaughter role. Then in 2014, Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Farrow and Allen, went public with claims that Allen had molested her when she was a child. Allen has strenuously denied the charges. Then there's Ronan Farrow. He was reportedly the biological child of Farrow and Allen. But wait, Farrow says his real father might have been Frank Sinatra, which means she may have been cheating on Allen with her so-called former love. What a household. But we do think we see a bit of Frank in Ronan.

1 Michael Jackson


The King of Pop reportedly had a thing for young boys and chimps named Bubbles. One story claims that Jackson paid millions to silence some of the 24 young boys he reportedly abused over a number of years. Famously, the father of one of the boys, Jordan Chandler, went public with the charges in 1993, and reportedly was paid some $15 million by Jackson. Although, rumors that Jackson abused Macaulay Culkin are denied by the Home Alone star. Jackson's ex-butler, Philip LeMarque and his wife, claim that Jackson watched explicit adult films with young boys in the privacy of his bedroom. And, apparently, the FBI has compiled a file on Jackson's activities at his infamous Neverland Ranch. It goes without saying that many of the accusers who have surfaced since Jackson's death are suing his estate.

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