12 Of The Most Terrifying Celebrity Stalkers

If there are celebrities, there are celebrity stalkers. It's just the name of the game. There will always be creeps out there and no amount of money can make a celebrity immune to having a stalker. Stalkers can be delusional people that are mentally ill, even going as far as believing a certain celebrity is communicating with them telepathically. Stalkers can also be obsessed fans that want their idol all to themselves.

The worst of the worst are stalkers that want to harm or kill a certain celebrity. They'll often make up reasons in their head why this person needs to be harmed. Here are the Top 12 Most Terrifying Celebrity Stalkers!

12 David Letterman and Margaret Mary Ray


Margaret Mary Ray started following and writing to late night talk show host David Letterman. It went on for 10 years and was rather innocent until she crossed a line and broke into his garage and stole his Porsche. She was arrested while driving his car and she even had her 3 year old son with her! She claimed to the police officers that she was his wife and David was the father of the boy.

11 Taylor Swift and Timothy Sweet


Timothy Sweet sent over 700 text messages to Taylor Swift in the period of one year. He proposed marriage, threatened her life, threatened to kill anyone that got in his way, mocked her music, and attacked her exes.

10 Jennifer Lawrence and Han Cong Zhao


Han Cong Zhao repeatedly contacted Jennifer Lawrence's brother Blaine hundreds of times in an attempt to reach the star and offer his protection.

9 Uma Thurman and Jack Jordan


Jack Jordan began sending Uma Thurman's father emails that went from asking for help about his job to telling him he was Uma's future husband and that Uma's children weren't alive.

Jack was convinced that he should be Uma's husband. He parked his car near Uma's apartment and would ring her doorbell constantly. He eventually started sleeping outside with a rucksack. He told police he thought Uma would come to realize her love for him and let him inside. Jack was put in jail and ordered to take psychiatric medication.

8 Paris Hilton and James Rainford

James Rainford got within arms reach of his obsession, Paris Hilton, while she walked into a courthouse with her boyfriend, Cy Waites. James waited for the right moment and grabbed Cy by the back of the neck. He squeezed the back of his neck for a few seconds before Paris' security team tackled James to the ground. Paris and Cy were noticeably shook up after the incident.

7 Blake Lively and Sergei Milfe


Sergei Milfe began stalking Blake Lively around the set of Gossip Girl. He claimed he had a spiritual connection to Blake and was very concerned about her well-being. After sending hundreds of letters, the stalking intensified when he contacted her mother, Elaine.

He called Elaine Lively and asked for Blake's contact information. He became very threatening to Elaine. Blake petitioned the court for a restraining order which was granted due to fearing for her own safety, as well as for that of her mother's.

6 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dawnette Knight


Dawnette Knight started threatening Michael Douglas' wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, because she wanted her out of the picture. She believed Catherine was cheating on Michael and was no good. She sent letters, emails, and even showed up at their home. She told Catherine she wanted to 'feed her to the dogs'.

5 Justin Bieber and Dana Martin


Even behind bars a convicted murderer can be trouble. That's just what Dana Martin is for Justin Bieber. Dana Martin sexually assaulted and murdered a 15 year old girl in 2000 and was put away behind bars for life.

4 Brad Pitt & Athena Rolando


Athena Rolando climbed thru an open window at the residence of Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt. Brad wasn't home at the time and so she helped herself to his clothes. She hung out at the home for 10-12 hours snooping around his house and relaxing.

3 Sandra Bullock and Joshua Corbett


Sandra Bullock was home alone when she heard a strange noise. She went to her bedroom door to shut it and in the hallway she saw a person dressed all in black. She slammed the door shut and dialed 911.

2 Jodie Foster and John Hinkley, Jr.

John Hinkley, Jr. is the most notorious celebrity stalker. John became obsessed with actress Jodie Foster after seeing her in the film Taxi Driver. John decided that in order to get Jodie's attention he needed to do something big. He planned to kill President Reagan and he almost succeeded in his attempt.

1 John Lennon & Mark David Chapman


The most notorious celebrity stalker goes to Mark David Chapman. Mark became obsessed with killing John Lennon after hearing John say that the "Beatles were more popular than Jesus". Mark believed this was blasphemy and that he should die.

Mark started planning John's death 3 months prior to the actual killing. Mark staked out John's apartment for an entire day. He even talked with housekeepers, shook John's son Sean Lennon's hand, and even chatted with the doorman. Later that evening, Mark finally got to meet John and asked John to sign a record for him, which he did (and a picture exists of this eerie moment!). Mark waited in an alley for John and Yoko Ono to walk by when they returned. As John and Yoko made their way up his steps, Mark fired. John Lennon was pronounced dead. Mark sat down on the steps and began reading The Catcher in the Rye. He was quickly apprehended.


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12 Of The Most Terrifying Celebrity Stalkers