12 of the Most Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

Tupak Shakur and Suge Knight

Like it or not, death is an inevitable part of life. Whether you are tall or short, rich or poor, famous or not, each of us will die. We leave behind friends, family and whatever legacy we created for ourselves and hope we did enough to be remembered. When it comes to celebrity deaths, there is no question about their legacy being remembered, especially when their death is surrounded by mystery.

It is always heartbreaking, however, when your favorite celebrity passes away. What is even sadder is when there is mystery and shock surrounding the death, making it that much more painful. When celebrities are concerned, mysterious deaths aren't all that uncommon, and when a celebrity dies, details of the death become public knowledge. Some of the following celebrity deaths have been the topic of discussion for years following these tragic events. The world has lost numerous legends in mysterious and heart-wrenching ways. The following celebrities not only impacted us with their talent but also with their surprising and tragic deaths.

With countless overdoses every year, it is sometimes hard to rule out what is suicide, what is an accident and what is murder. Most of the celebrities on this list had drugs found in their systems but not all of them where suicides or overdoses. Some of the following deaths were mistakes by doctors and some were possibly even murders.

The following 12 deaths surprised people around the world and left fans heartbroken. Although some of these cases have been declared "solved," there is still mystery surrounding each of the following deaths.

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12 Heath Ledger

Before winning his Academy Award, Heath Ledger passed away. On January 22, 2008 at about 2:45 pm, Ledger's masseuse Diana Wolozin and his housekeeper Teresa Solomon found him unconscious in his bed. Both Wolozin and paramedics, who arrived seven minutes later, tried to revive him, but were unsuccessful. On February 6, two weeks later, a report was released concluding that Ledger died due to his abuse of prescribed medicine. An investigation surrounded his two physicians, however they were never convicted because they were not seen as viable targets. Ledger's death still remains somewhat of a mystery, yet his legacy and talent still live on.

11 Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is known as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart received many awards for this record and set many other records along with writing a best-selling book about her incredible flying experiences. During her attempt to fly around the globe, Earhart disappeared. This disappearance happened in 1937 over the central Pacific Ocean somewhere near Howland Island. Earhart’s life and disappearance are still talked about to this day. She is one of the rare people whose life was as intriguing as her death. Earhart’s passing will always be seen as one of life’s most mysterious celebrity disappearances.

10 Kurt Cobain

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9 JonBenet Ramsey

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JonBenet Ramsey was probably the most famous child beauty queen of all time, although a good deal of her fame had something to do with her murder. JonBenet, who was only six years old when she died, was found approximately eight hours after her family had reported her missing. The body was located in the basement of her family home during a search executed by the police. This case, which occurred in 1996, still gains attention from media around North America because it remains unsolved. At first the police suspected the parents or victim's brother Burke, but evidence proved otherwise. Ramsey’s death was tragic and created uproar throughout the country.

8 Marilyn Monroe

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7 Jim Morrison

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6 Jimi Hendrix

It was September 18, 1970 when the world lost one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of the 1960s and all time. Jimi Hendrix passed away in London at the age of 27. Details of his death have been disputed for years. Hendrix spent most of his final days with Monika Dannemann, a German figure skater and his girlfriend at the time. She found him the morning of September 18th unresponsive in her apartment and called for an ambulance. Hendrix was taken to St. Mary Abbot’s Hospital where they attempted to resuscitate him. Sadly the attempts were unsuccessful and Hendrix was pronounced dead at 12:45 p.m. The post-mortem examination concluded that he aspirated his vomit, dying from asphyxiation. The coroner found no evidence of suicide and lacked evidence of a murder, leaving his death a mystery.

5 Michael Jackson

4 Whitney Houston

On February 11, 2012, legendary singer Whitney Houston was found unconscious in the bathtub in suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and was later pronounced dead. The cause of her death was claimed to be an “accidental drowning” since there were no “obvious” signs or criminal intent. Toxicology results revealed numerous drugs in her system including Benadryl, marijuana, Xanax and cocaine, ruling her death as an “accidental” suicide. Two days prior to her death, Houston visited singers Monica and Brandy along with Clive Davis for their rehearsal for Davis’s pre-Grammy Awards party and made her last public performance as she joined Kelly Price on stage. Houston sang a stunning version of “Jesus Loves Me” and two days later, she was gone.

3 Princess Diana

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2 John F. Kennedy

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The assassination of John F. Kennedy has countless theories. The event took place November 22, 1963 and shook America to its core. Everyone who was alive at the time can still remember where they were the day JFK was shot. Since this event, many Americans believe it to have been an organized conspiracy and not the plot of a single gunman. Countless members of the FBI and other federal organizations have reviewed John F. Kennedy’s death and no definitive conclusion has ever been made. Losing John F. Kennedy was an American tragedy because not only was he a great president but also an amazing man.

1 Tupac Shakur

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Tupac’s death is one of the most controversial deaths of our generation because many believe the rap legend to still be alive. On September 7, 1996 the rapper was shot multiple times in Las Vegas. Tupac passed away September 13, six days after the drive by shooting. Suge Knight, who was in the drivers seat of the car the night of the shooting, has claimed that the legend is still alive, also claiming that he is on some island somewhere smoking Cuban cigars. Although his fans don’t want to admit it, there is a strong chance Tupac is dead. However, if he is still alive, it would make one hell of a tell-all book one day.

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